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Marriage prediction by date of birth

Marriage prediction by date of birth

Marriage prediction by date of birth

Most women want to marry a man who loves and dotes on them, and only them. Most would want mature men and they do not care about how much older the man is, as they just think that older men can give them a sense of security. Such ideas will be clearly reflected in the birth chart of the woman. Let us find out below with our marriage prediction by date of birth, on which type of birth charts will have women fall in love with older men.

Direct Officer and Seven Killing at the Year Pillar of the Birth Chart

Direct Officer and Seven Killing represents boyfriend or husband. The Day Master represents the person in questions and the earthly branch under the Day Master represents the Marriage palace that represents the married couple.

In Bazi Numerology, it is favorable if the star of the spouse sits on the Day Master’s earthly branch or the month pillar, as both the day’s earthly branch and month pillars are very close to the Day Master and being near represents of similar age, but it also represents that the point of marriage view is constrained by traditional customs. If the star of spouse is not on the day’s earthly branch or month pillar, but far at the year pillar, then the spouse is far away in a foreign land, indicating a poor marriage age combination and also she will marry someone of a much older age and have a wider age gap.

Seven Killing in the Birth Chart

Seven killing is the opposite polarity of Direct Officer in the Bazi numerology. For women who have Seven Killing in her birth chart, they are stubborn, refuse to admit defeat and likes freedom. They do not like to be restrained by marriage. If she has a boyfriend of the same age, she will find that she is not well taken care of by the boyfriend, and she, herself is not the “attachment” type, women with seven killing, are strong-willed and they hope to have more mutual respect and mutual understanding in the marriage. These are not given by boys of the same age, she will change this way of thinking and will grow to like older men more and more as time goes.

Hurting Officer in the Birth Chart

Women with Hurting Officer in their birth charts are unreasonable great actresses by nature. They are aloof and arrogant, and tend to be smart Alec easily. Hurting officer is smart and knowledgeable, they love to compare and compete. They also emphasis on self-image and love dressing up. They usually look down on others.

In marriage, they are rebellious no matter how the man treats her, she will suppress him to make herself look good. They tend to be impulsive, emotional and will seek a balance from love and marriage. These type of women are best suited to marrying older men, as older men can meet all her demands.

When your decade luck meets Eating God and Hurting Officer

In Bazi numerology, when a woman meets the Eating God or Hurting Officer in her decade luck, it means that she has the luck of “controlling” the spouse. Direct Officer and Seven Killing represents the husband for women. If they are into the decade luck of Eating God or Hurting Officer, they tend to be impulsive easily, willful and acting strangely. If they meet men of the same age, they are usually lack of tolerance and at this moment, they will find that only older men will accommodate to their demands and willing to do anything that they are not supposed to, if she wants them to. That is why these type of women will choose to marry older men.

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Hi my name is Dora Lim Heng Boon, born 15/09/1961 at 21.45 hours.
My question is will I get marriage again?
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