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Ten Gods: Hurting Officer

Feng Shui Bazi Ten Gods

Ten Gods: Hurting Officer

Hurting Officer – Descendant of Day Master

Characteristics of Hurting Officer: Quick-witted, ability to understand things, strong desire to perform, Bold way of working things. Draw clear lines between Likes and dislikes, will not cater to others or compromise in everything, easy to make critical and rhetoric comments, and dislike people easily.

Hurting Officer as Favourable

Quick-witted, ability to understand things, strong desire to perform, Usually leave an impression of being quick-witted. Strong personality, tend to get attention easily, ability to talk things through, very confident, will not admit defeat. Do not believe that there are things that cannot be done. Egoistic and unwilling to lose to anyone.

Hurting Officer as UnFavourable

Narrow-minded, pretentious, nosy, will not consider the views of others. Due to being overconfident, sometimes, they will accept things that exceed the scope of their ability and fail miserably. Unconscionable, it is difficult to adapt to social practices and habits, and thus, sometimes others will think of them as stubborn, arrogant and eccentric. They will only consider their own interests, regardless of the loss of others, and will achieve their goals by any means.

Hurting Officer grid analysis (large proportion of Hurting Officer within ten God in Birth Chart)

Quick-witted, draw clear lines between likes and dislikes

Psychological Analysis: Strong self-esteem, Quick-witted, ability to understand things, strong desire to perform, bold way of doing things. Draw clear line between Likes and dislikes, Will not consider others or compromise in everything, tend to make critical and rhetoric comments and dislike others easily. Often Upset because their ideals and reality can not balance, unhappy in many ways and dissatisfaction in many things. Do not like ordinary lifestyle and hate to be bound by others, can be very extreme on relationships. Therefore, you should choose a career that allow freeplay.

Suitable jobs for Hurting Officer: Lawyer, critic, brokerage, health care, acting, technician, dance, teacher, reporter, television show host, career that requires eloquence and strong personality.

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