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What should my career be based on Ten Gods of Bazi

What should my career be

What should my career be based on Ten Gods of Bazi

Wonder what should my career be based on Ten Gods of Bazi? If any of the ten gods has the highest number of appearance in your Bazi, then select a corresponding career will ensure easier and better success.

Direct Officer: Political, military, civil servants, administrative staff, corporate executives, members of the judiciary, journalists, salaried administrative staff, management, organisational, control, leadership roles;

Seven Killing: Military, police, athletes, surgeons, leader, Commander, specialised roles, exploration, adventurous, challenging or destructive jobs, Seven killing has excellent qualifications in literature, athletic ability, and decisive judgment.

Direct Resource: Instruments, personnel, administrative, cultural, academic, religious, literary, philosophy, astronomy, divination, astrology, teachers, priests, foster home, nurse, stewardess, etc., and because of the snobbish personality, suitable for guiding others, such as consultants or use our abundant knowledge, academic writing, publishing work. Can also be engaged in the production of manufacturing industry, and less suitable for business, have no place in politics or places with too much changes.

Indirect Resource: Research, invention, creation, planning, technology, medical, religious, medical divination, astrology, design, martial arts, staff belong to the intellectual, creative work. Due to the strong flexibility and ability to play by ear, suitable for investigation, interrogation, spy, detective and other types of work.

Friends: Freelancer, services, partnerships, lawyers, accountants, necessities, and so on. Easy to get friends to help and success, politicians, singers, actors. In addition, it is also suitable for electrical, mechanical, metal trading industry, athletes, sports equipment, rough goods, industrial instruments manufacturing plant, aquatic industry, martial arts, defense, escort, Explorer, Manager, and those belonging to military or heavy labor work.

Rob Wealth: Wine business, export, mining, food, electric, machinery, hardware, service provider, professional athletes, sports equipment, crude goods package contractors, industrial instruments manufacturing plants, aquaculture, offshore fishing, the military, the police, the Commander, Explorer, and so on-demand labor or competition more intense work, often engage in speculative work.

Eating God: Services, diplomacy, business, hospitality, art, recreation, art, beauty, costume design, religious family, lawyers, musicians, aesthetic, economic, video songs, such as use of its artistic, literary talent and interest. Because the food is quite talented, very suitable to be a chef or restaurant will be able to receive enormous profits.

Hurting Officer: Acting, singing, painting and other literary and artistic works. Or use articulate hosts. Not very repetitive, monotonous work. Should be lively, varied, challenging nature of the work.

Direct Wealth: Development of business or in the business world, appropriate financial, securities, finance, Commerce, Foreign Affairs, agency, retail, management, medicine, and other money-related industry. Due to the lack of the spirit of adventure, so not suitable for engaging in speculative, high risk, more suitable for static stores, Department stores and other cash nature of the industry.

Indirect Wealth: Sales, diplomacy, mediation, and management, lobbyists, trade, manufacturing, real estate, investment, stock investment, finance, financial, stock, factory. Or adventure, complexity, risk, and lively, pioneering, challenging nature of the work. Rather rigid, static work.

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