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Tulipa Xanadu

Energy Healing Image for Peace and Tranquility

This image is infused with Unconditional Love Healing Energy for Peace and Tranquility for anyone who is open to receive. Just breathe, sit back and relax.

Energy Healing
Tulipa Xanadu

Energy Healing Video – Heal as you watch

This video is used as a channel to transmit Energy healing to anyone who is open to receive. During the process, it is normal if you experience any tingling sensations, vibrations, a little heat or cold, peace, less stress, or even feel sleepier, etc. Even if you do not feel anything at all, the energy […]

Tulipa Xanadu

Fate – Feng Shui, Bazi and Heavenly / Divine Timing

Do you believe that you can control your fate by preparing yourself with adjustments of your environment through Feng Shui knowledge, and adjustments of your personality through understanding of your Bazi, for the heavenly divine timing of your gifts? Find out how each of these factors can affect your life destiny, and how you can […]

Tulipa Xanadu

Observe behaviours and events around you

It is not what you did that is causing the events happening to and around you. It is that they are going to happen and the universe is trying to warn you through the signs and symbols around you which you may not be aware. This is synchronicity. Below are 3 examples for your references: […]

Auspicious day to start work 2017
Tulipa Xanadu

Auspicious day to start work 2017

The first day of work after Chinese New Year is especially important to the Chinese, as they believe the day will determine if the rest of the work year will be a good one. Thus, an auspicious date is usually selected to start off the first work day after Chinese New Year. You may wish […]

Feng Shui tips for 2017
Tulipa Xanadu

Feng Shui tips for 2017, the year of Rooster

What the year of Rooster signifies As it is the year of the proud Rooster, note that impression counts and this means that you may want to look your best and be clear on your intentions. Roosters are also filled with integrity and efficiency, so hard work will be the key to success this year. […]

Tulipa Xanadu

Geography is the theoretical basis of FengShui

It was mentioned in I Ching, the book of changes, “Raise your head for astronomy and look downwards for geography”, Fengshui is derived from observing geography. It can be also said that in ancient China, geography is an important foundation of the Fengshui theory. Basic Fengshui geography is reflected in five areas: topographical maps, hydrology, […]

Dream about dogs
Tulipa Xanadu

Dream about dogs by Dream Experts

Dogs are characterised to be loyal to its master and fierce to its enemies. Dogs are often used to represent moral, loyalty, self-restrain, self-discipline and self-expectations. According to psychoanalysis, the superego. Polices, are the social behaviors law defenders of society and dogs in the dreams are your moral defenders within your heart. A good police […]

Shoes Feng Shui
Tulipa Xanadu

Shoes Feng Shui: Stop throwing your shoes around!

Taking off shoes and changing them into slippers for home has become a habit of many friends. One reason is to relax the feet that ran the whole day, and secondly to maintain the hygiene and health of the home. Although it is a good habit to remove your shoes upon stepping into your home, […]

Good Luck 2017
Tulipa Xanadu

3 Zodiac signs with all wishes coming true in 2017

Time flies! 2016 is soon going to be over and a new year will be coming soon. In this coming 2017, which are the Chinese Zodiac signs having the best of luck and have their wishes coming true? Are you one of them?

Tulipa Xanadu