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I Ching message

2016 Oct 29 – I Ching Message of the Day

These 3 hexagrams are Jie Gue, Kun Gua, Shi Ke Gua.

After lying low and letting things flow naturally yesterday, you will be receiving the help and support today. Hooray! Take this opportunity to get out of the adversity today.

Reach out to seek for help and support from others. As you are still weak from what have been going on, time to build up your confidence again and make your choices. No matter what you choose, be sure to move forward with determination.

Thank you for following us so far, please let us know if this resonates with what’s going on in your life.

I Ching message

2016 Oct 28 – I Ching Message of the Day

These 3 hexagrams from I Ching are, Ge Gua, Bi Gua, Sui Gua.

Some of you may have some reflections to do, time to reconsider your options and transform them. Look on the bright side and follow the flow. Relax and let the universe guide you to your next step. Time for you to take the back seat.

For others, it may be time for you to change your route and lie low. Wait for the right opportunity. Take a break at controlling what you want your life to be, and let universe take the lead and guide you. Follow the flow and relax. Watch your life unfold before you.

I Ching message

2016 Oct 27 – I Ching Message of the Day

This Feng Gua, the 55th hexagram of the 64 hexagrams. This signifies great achievements like the thunder and lightning. Be careful of things going the other way round, as good and bad are not predictable. It is important to stay vigilant.

The divination message: The work of thunder and lightning, an impressive display of power. The phenomenon of grand power.

Overall Luck: Best of luck. This is the time of harvesting from your hard work. Do not be insatiable, and stay contented. Prevent gossips, loss of wealth and fire adversities.

Career Luck: At your heyday. Things are going smoothly in all matters. Great achievements. But pay attention to the declining symptoms. Avoid complacency, and at the same time, do not pursue unrealistic things blindly. Work on extending the current status instead.

Love Luck: Can be successful and happy. If any one party has any doubts due to status changes, then it could lead to adversity.

I Ching message

2016 Oct 26 – I Ching Message of the Day

This Xian Gua, the 31st hexagram of the 64 hexagrams.

The divination message: Young female and Young male coming together, sensing each other telepathically. This represents marriage and interaction between the two.

Overall Luck: Auspicious goodwill. Be careful not to get distracted by improper feelings.

Career Luck: Harmony brings prosperity. It is important to treat others with sincerity and to move them with sincerity. Make friends extensively with modest comity. Establish your ambition, and adhere to your idea. Do not follow the crowd blindly. When in unfavorable situation, lie low and stand by for the opportunity to strike.

Love Luck: The chances of success are great. Both parties have feelings for each other, but the motive must be pure in order to have a happy and permanent marriage.

Lin Gua

2016 Oct 25 – I Ching Message of the Day

This Lin Gua, the 19th hexagram of the 64 hexagrams. It represents arrival. This usually signifies the arrival of help and support.

The divination message: The water from the reservoir is nourishing everything on earth. Complementing each other and growing prosperous together.

Overall Luck: Everything will be going smoothly and a successful future can be anticipated. Note to be patient and not get too hasty.

Career Luck: It is an excellent opportunity to achieve success. Be sure to pay close attention, do not lose the opportunity. Do not be satisfied with this luck, as it will soon disappear. There must be a long term plan and pay attention to lessons learned. Unite with others to explore new areas.

Love Luck: Time to step up and go all out. Both parties will treat each other in good faith, perfect and harmoniously.

I Ching 1 - Qian Gua

2016 Oct 24 – I Ching Message of the Day – Qian Gua

This first I Ching Hexagram Qian Gua, represents Heaven. In Chinese culture, this refers to heaven, celestial bodies and denotes supreme power that creates and dominates the world.

This is a good I Ching hexagram and the first of the 64 I Ching hexagrams.

The divination message: A healthy Heaven running endlessly. If you have this message, you should follow the Law of the Heaven and continue with self-improvement.

Overall Luck: It signifies that lady luck is smiling at you now, and be sure to seize the opportunity and strive for great results!

Career Luck: Good luck. All wishes coming true. Singing the song of triumph. Beware that good luck is at its peak and may decline from here. Be vigilant and careful, do not go overboard with arrogance. Maintain a peace of mind and manage things calmly. If you are able to display your full potential, success will be guaranteed!

Love Luck: Too many Yang over Yin. But toughness and gentleness complements and form a perfect ending. If the female is gentle, this would be value-added.

moles meaning

Moles meaning and mole astrology

Moles meaning and their locations. Everyone will have some moles on them, be it on their faces or bodies, big or small. Do you know that all the locations of these moles determine your fate in life? Some girls have chosen to remove moles on their faces for vanity and this has in turn change their overall luck. For example, they could have very good wealth luck, but after removal of the mole, the wealth was remove altogether.

Moles, to a certain extent, indicate peoples’ weals and woes. Below, we will share analysis on facial moles for your reference.

We must first determine whether it is a mole: A mole’s color is dull, deep black, light black, gray, brown, red and other colors, some slightly protruding moles, some flat. If it is flesh-colored, then it is considered as large warts and may not be a mole.

In physiognomy, there is a lot of stress on the nevus. In addition to the location, there is the obvious level of the mole, color, and size of mole, convex equality, etc. In Physiognomy, it is believed that a good mole, should be radiant, light and pure color. If a black mole is pure black like ink or pure red like cinnabar, or pure white as jade, then it indicates great wealth. A pure black mole like the color of ink, or a pure red mole like the cinnabar, represents kindness.

For a not very good mole, the mole color is generally dark, cloudy brown colored and other dry dark gray and dull mole. Mole that carries red color, belongs to the tongue category, which indicates fighting and competition. Moles with white, are mainly worriers and those with yellow, are often lost and forgotten.

Everything should not be judged based on only one perspective, it should be viewed on the whole. If the mole is really not pleasing to the eye, you can cover it up with face make up, or find a doctor to remove it.

Auspicious mole

A big black mole is very good for both men and women. This is the cause of good luck, good wealth, with no worries about food and clothing. Women, however, should pay attention to avoid having, too strong a sense of professionalism, as this might affect marriage.

Controversy mole

If the mole is on the brow or near the temple location, it represents a lot of villains and back-stabbers, easy to provoke a war of words as well as gossips!

Avoid water mole

Mole at the location of the eyes’ belly, indicates that you should avoid water. You may easily drown in water and have difficulties to learn swimming! Your properties are more often affected by flooding, leaking, or water dripping problems, and in addition, this mole is located in the children palace, thus you often have to worry about your children.

Toiling mole

This is the mole in the corner intersection of the vertical line and the horizontal line, it is said that they would have to toil and will have a hard life, they are prone to get sick and usually related to feet as well as water disasters. They will not be able to accumulate good fortune easily.

Poisoning mole

If there is a mole underneath the lower lip, it means you are susceptible to damp damages, especially poisoning, so do not be too greedy.

The charismatic mole

Like Marilyn Monroe, Cindy Crawford and Gong Li, it represents charisma other than good blessings. Easy to attract the opposite sex, but be careful to provoke bad “peach blossoms” love luck.

Tear mole

Many people know that it is bad to have a mole under the eyes, it represents emotional, sentimental, and therefore easy to affect work and career, and may lost both relationship and career!

Wife-controlling mole

Mole between the two eyes for men, would affect the fate of his wife, especially the body. If a woman has the mole between the two eyes, then it is simply to avoid water, and are not suitable for water sports, as it tends to be dangerous for her.

Cautious when traveling mole

Having a mole at the end of the eyebrow tail, you should be careful when you travel. Because this grain mole means that you tend to have travel disasters, do not forget to buy heavy travel insurance!

Sneezing superstition

Sneezing superstition

The accuracy of Sneezing superstition

Sneezing superstition originated from the ancient folklore and there is no scientific basis. For most people, it usually means to pay more attention to health care or should not be too nervous. But, we can not exclude perception of certain things from people with very strong sixth sense.

Medical definition of Sneezing

Sneezing is usually caused by nasal allergies or itching, and depth heretics by involuntary eruption released.

Sneezing is a way to exclude the body from the nasal tract irritant or foreign objects.

There are four reasons people sneeze. When they caught a cold, they sneeze, this helps clean up the nose interior.

When suffering from allergic rhinitis or hay fever, they sneeze, this will discharge allergens from the nasal passages.

People with vasoconstriction rhinitis, a typical symptoms of nasal mucus flow will often cause sneezing. These swollen nasal blood vessels stems from allergies from the humidity and temperature, or even spicy food.

The fourth most common reason for non-sneezing allergic rhinitis, as eosinophilic rhinitis, or called NARES. Patients with chronic rhinitis symptoms, but the response to various allergens are non-positive. And an unknown reason, they seem to release the body to produce histamine allergy symptoms like sneezing.

Define divination

Define Divination of I Ching

I Ching, the “Book of Changes” define divination as the awareness of unexpected development and prediction of the future, stressing the wisdom in “to be forewarned is forearmed, without pre-empting is a waste”, and it is not to forecast a person’s fate and future, nor a fortune teller’s superstition. It is the most mysterious part of the “Book of Changes” (I Ching), and this is the part with all the research content of wisdom and knowledge of the universe.

The holographic principle is the basic principle of prediction of I Ching, “Book of Changes”. Holography is a method of understanding things, it states that there is an overall entity within a small portion, and a small portion within an overall entity.

So, what is holographic prediction?

You can peek into the past, present and future of everything, from its small portion or layer. For example, in I Ching, the “Book of Changes”, “Kun” Gua, the second hexagram of the 64 I Ching Hexagrams, “Treading on hoar frost ground, leading to strong ice” is the first holographic principle, which means that the hoar frost ground that you are stepping on, indicates that snowing days are coming. Another example, the ninth hexagram of the 64 I Ching Hexagrams, the “Xiao Chu” Gua, has a saying of “The clouds gather without rain, you must be prepared”, it means that when the clouds gather, even if there is no rain at the moment, you must still be prepared for the rain and to consider the direction in which the rain will come from.

Why is the “Book of Changes”, I Ching all-inclusive and holistic? Why does it always have an analogy to everything? The reason is that I Ching, the “Book of Changes”, is a large holographic book with definition from the 64 hexagrams, and three hundred eighty-six lines as the small holographic windows of information.

Why is it that I Ching, the “Book of Changes” can be used to attain good lucks and rid of the bad lucks?

First, to be able to grasp the transformation of things and situations, you would be able to convert dangers to safety. The “Tai Ji” in I Ching, the “Book of Changes”, contains the conversion law of things, everything that thrives will decline and everything that are in dumps will improve, which revealed the existence of turning points in everything.

Second, to be able to foresee the development of things, you can be well prepared. The 2 main entrance Hexagrams of the I Ching 64 Hexagrams covered the rules of the transformation of things. I Ching, the “Book of Changes”, highly stressed on the awareness of development of unexpected things, such as “When you are in peace, do not forget about dangers, and when you are surviving, do not forget about death”, this is the principle of “preventive measures” and “to be forewarned is forearmed, without pre-empting is a waste”.

Third, to be flexible and adaptable, and you can then gain good luck and avoid bad luck.

Fourth, I Ching, the “Book of Changes”, has many Hexagrams that teach us how to gain good luck and avoid the bad luck. For example, the famous “Dun” Gua, the 33 Hexagram of the I Ching 64 Hexagrams, “Evade”, and “Recluse”, contains the wisdom of avoiding trouble. It is mentioned in I Ching, that “A good escape, auspicious for the Gentleman, inauspicious for the villain”. It means that when it is time to evade, you must escape, when it is not the time to escape, you must not evade, when you should evade, and whether you can get a good grasp of the time and degree to evade, this is the distinction between Gentlemen and Villains.

The “Kan” Gua, 29 hexagram of I Ching 64 Hexagrams, warns people that once you fell into traps or danger, you must master a few principles to get away: First, you must avoid falling deep; Once you fell into the trap or danger, you must wait for opportunity, that is to analyse calmly and look for solutions to get out of danger, and grasp the best time to escape.

The highest level of prediction, is to master the transformation law of things, and to grasp favourable timing of opportunity and from there facilitate the renewal and creation of things.

eye twitching

Causes and Meanings of Eye twitching

Eye twitching forecast prediction is folklore, whether is it good or bad luck when your eyes twitch. Is it a disaster or a celebration? The auspicious and inauspicious saying of eye twitching came from folklore and there are no scientific basis. For most people, it usually means they should pay more attention to health care, and not get too nervous.

Eye twitching in Science

Eye twitching is split into upper eyelid and lower eyelid. In life, many people have the experience of eye twitching. The twitch usually appears more on the upper eyelid, and sometimes in the lower eyelid, and this is not controlled by thoughts and consciousness. Eye twitching is also categorised into physical and psychological nature, the former will be gone soon in general, sometimes for several days, while the latter is more serious, as it could have progressive development.

It is understood that in life, the causes of eye twitching usually include overwork, stress, eye disease or not using the eye properly, trauma, and external injuries, these can stimulate the nerves of the eye, causing muscle contractions, and can cause muscles to twitch. Physiological eye twitching tend to be minor, if it is due to overworking, it will recover after a good rest, even if there is inflammation, it will recover through medication. The causes of muscle spasms of the eyelids lie in the brain, and it is difficult to heal, and the trend is progressively serious.

A lot of people think that is a good thing or bad thing will happen when eye twitch, but that is not scientific.

Medically speaking, the scientific name of eyes twitching is “eyelid tremors”, it is mainly because of a thin muscles in the eyelids–repeated contraction of orbicularis muscle. There are 2 origins: One is due to lack of rest, sleep, or is due to anemia, smoking and drinking excessive; Another is caused because of eye diseases, such as myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, such as conjunctivitis and keratitis.

To cure eye twitching, on the one hand pay attention to rest more, and if severe to moderate, seek medication treatment, in particular go to the hospital!

Other than reference from science theory, we look at the below analysis on what consequences eye twitching may produce:

If a person’s eye keep twitching, then it could be improper rest or fatigue; On one hand, with the constant eye twitching, it may affect the mood of the person, and may create trouble or make mistakes at work; If driving or cycling on the road, then there is possibility to cause an accident, this is basically the “curse” of eye twitching, and to say that eye twitching is related to “finance”, it is too far-fetched!