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Dream Analysis

Dream about dogs

Dream about dogs by Dream Experts

Dogs are characterised to be loyal to its master and fierce to its enemies. Dogs are often used to represent moral, loyalty, self-restrain, self-discipline and self-expectations. According to psychoanalysis, the superego. Polices, are the social behaviors law defenders of society and dogs in the dreams are your moral defenders within your heart. A good police should have a good sense of awareness like a good police dog’s sense of smell. The police should be able to find the trail of the thieves very quickly, to hold on and caught up with them, and treat them mercilessly and ruthlessly. This is the same as the dogs in the dreams. Dogs are used to protect against the thieves, and the so-called thieves are the desires of immoral behaviors and thoughts within the mind and heart. The dogs are what people always say, conscience.

A lady dreamed of being chased by a dog. She tried to hide everywhere, but was not able to, and ended up running for her life, but still not able to run away from the dog. She beat the dog with a rod, but the dog did not die from the beatings.

Together with another dream of hers, I analysed that she has a desire to have an extramarital affair, but her moral and conscience did not allow her to. (I will not define whether her moral or conscience is right or wrong here). Therefore, the dog within her chased after her and made her frightened.

Freud has brought up a case, where a man dreamed of walking through a garden of fruits, and he picked an apple off from a tree. A huge dog came running towards him barking, and he was extremely frightened, and woke up crying for help. He wanted to eat the forbidden fruit and yet is afraid of his conscience and opinions of others. This is the meaning of the dream.

The relationship between the dog and human, is particularly close. Whether in fairy tales or in real life, everyone knows the stories of dogs saving is masters. Dogs are man’s best friends and a good partner. A dog’s sense of smell is better, “the spirit of the dog nose”, which means some things cannot be concealed from others, therefore, dogs can be represented as a detective or espionage. Comparing dogs with cats, human tends to give dogs more freedom when compared to cats, as the owner feels more comfortable and safe when the dog is out, that is also why the dog is also a symbol of loyalty and sincerity.

Dogs represents justice and morality. If you dream of being bitten by a dog, it may be that you have done something wrong, resulting a sense of punishment;

Dogs are man’s faithful friend, they are loyal to their masters and vicious to the enemies. In the dream, it is the incarnation of friends, on the other hand, it also represents another inner self, perhaps the dreamer is caught in an extreme contradiction situation in life.

Let’s look at the specific analysis of the dreams: Dreaming of being bitten by the dreamer’s own dog, will cause a loss in money, conflicts with friends, there may be a risk of fraud, it is a precursor to a huge loss of money.

Other variations of Dreaming of dogs:

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dream meanings of death

Dream meanings of death

Psychology overview on dream meanings of death

Death is the end of the old and the new. It exists in the form of the existing form of the beginning, and may represent the end of a period of emotions. It marked the beginning of a new phase of life.

A death dream is a new beginning, it is also disappear and symbolic ends. Such dreams of death marked the end of a period and also marked the abandonment of certain parts of self. When there is a change in our lives, we will have such a dream. It is a sign of our decision.

This dream would have been with us for years, to remind us that the once abandoned things still exist, and may also come back at some point.

Dream meanings of death from ancient oriental dream experts

The below are extracted from the ancient oriental dream analysis experts, this site does not agree with this view and they are for reference only.

Dream of unknown people that were killed, it indicates that the dreamer has lost his or her vigor and vitality.

Dreamed of someone you know dies, it means that these people are losing vitality.

Dream of the death of yourself, meaning that the dreamer feels like a “Living Death” and felt like a “walking corpse”.

Dreaming of death of an enemy means the dreamer is living a stable life, and is not afraid to be disturbed by the enemy. The dreamer will also get some generous, loyal and reliable friends.

Death also symbolizes “the forgotten”, eliminates, overcome and so on.

A lovelorn woman always dreamed of her former boyfriend, then one day she dreamed that her boyfriend died. At the time, she did not have anything to make her worry about him. She had hardly heard a word from him. Death here is meaning of forgetting, it means that the girl has forgotten about him .

Psychology of death dreams from dream experts

Do not be afraid of death dream, whether you die in a dream yourself or the people around you are in life-threatening situation. It just means that you have to make decisions from choices that you have been deliberating for some time, and this decision will take you out of trouble.

Romantically, the dream means your love troubles are finally over. But this does not mean loneliness is around the corner, but there are some new love for you to indulge.

Do you have a death experience in your dreams? If you dream that you are going to die, do you know what it means yet? In general, the way of death in the dreams are as the following:

  • Cancer deaths.
  • In criminals plot .
  • Suicide deaths.
  • Death in sleep.

A lot of people have had the experience of dreaming of death. People who usually have these kinds of dreams, are in fact afraid of death, which is a normal reaction when human faces death.

There are a thousand kinds of death. Different deaths have different meanings, and mean differently to different people. When you dream of your own death, do not be nervous. It could be that there are relatives and friends who may have recently died, or you have watched television or read books about death. These are some reactions you have towards death. These reactions vary depending on each individual and usually you can see the outlook on death of that individual based on these dreams.

Dream of cancer death

Dreamed that you died of cancer. You may have witnessed the death of relatives and friends of cancer. These impressions remain deep in your subconscious and you will have a long time down the impact. If your own health is not in tip top condition, you will usually be paranoid and very prone to this dream. In theory, this is your panic reaction to cancer and it should not imply that you have cancer. If you are worried, you can go for check ups.

Dream of a plotted death by criminals

It is a miserable way to die. This dreamer may have hidden some kind of unknown guilt in the subconscious. Maybe you have done something a little too overboard and have put to heart. That is why in the dream, you suffer this fate. It could also be that there are no sense of security to your life and with your nervousness, it is easy fantasy this tragedy from social news.

Dream of a suicide death

It is most likely that you are facing a lot of pressure in the real world. There is no chance to commit suicide and courage, so the dream to commit suicide is to relieve the pressure.

Another possibility is that you are very unhappy in real life. No one cares about you and everyone is cold, so the dream of suicide means, to draw all the attention and this is your desire.

Another possibility is that you are in a state of lost love. You are depressed and feel life is meaningless and want to escape, but could not. You had to make a dream to get to vent this pent-up frustration in subconsciousness.

Fundamentally, in such dreams, you will think of suicide as a lot of benefits, it is to end yourself and is a spiritual liberation.

Dream of a death in sleep

In the subconscious, you must have been afraid of death. Fear has been the arrival of death in the subconscious, so this dream will die comfortable. Usually the elderly people will have this kind of dream.

You have been rejecting death and can not accept the reality that you will die. This has made you anxious and this dream is to comfort yourself. Your subconscious desire to die comfortably and to escape the threat of death. In fact, you do not want a death in sleep, you are just using this method to reduce your stress so that you can live without worries.

Pig dream meaning

Pig dream meaning

Psychology overview of pig dream meaning

The pigs in the dreams are often representing the current situation of the dreamer’s career and living condition. Pig dreams are usually auspicious dreams and especially if the pigs are fat and honest, it indicates that the dreamer do not have any worries about his or her living conditions, and will have great progress in the career, as well as having good wealth luck.

If you are dreaming of a pig giving birth to a bunch of piglets, it means that there will be great returns in career and success is near. There is another meaning that the dreamer may be having a child soon.

To dream of getting bitten by the pig or chased by the pig, it indicates that the dreamer is not having it smooth in the career path and is overwhelmed by stress.

To summarize, the pig in the dream represents wealth and career. If the pig in the dream is adorable and friendly, it indicates that in reality, the dreamer is having a good life; Otherwise, if the pig is vicious and malicious, then it indicates that in reality, the dreamer is facing a lot of obstacles and difficulties.

Dream of pigs

Dreaming of a fat pig, is a sign of a prosperous life, indicating that the dreamer is progressing smoothly in work and career, with victory in sight;

Dream of a lean pig, indicates the current difficult life of the dreamer, and everything has been slow in progress;

Dreaming of a house full of pigs, indicates that the dreamer will achieve breakthroughs in all aspects of life;

Dream of a pig squealing, indicates that the pig is going to get slaughtered, it is an ominous message symbolizing that the dreamer will be receiving unpleasant news;

Dreaming of a pig getting slaughtered, this is a bad dream, it indicates that the dreamer is having difficulties in life;

Dream of pig leaping towards you, indicates obstacles in career and there is another saying that the dreamer will fall sick;

Dreaming of chasing after a pig, indicates that the dreamer needs work harder to gain success, and hard work will pay off;

Dream of hounds chasing after a pig, means that the dreamer may encounter theft and robbery, and there may be a loss of wealth;

Dreaming of sow leading a bunch of piglets, indicates an increase in wealth, or population;

Ancient oriental dream dictionary

Dream of slaughtering pigs is an auspicious sign, but to dream of the pig to die by itself, then it is a bad omen;

Dream of pig turning into a human, indicates that there may be lawsuits;

Dreaming of pig or goat scratching itch, indicates that there may be quarrels;

dream of being chased

What it means to dream of being chased

Psychology overview on dream of being chased

Dream of being chased means that the dreamer there is a pressure that is too large in the dreamer’s real life, and it usually refers to psychological conflict, feeling the pinch of panic, anxiety emotional stability, emotional conflict, not liking the work, leading to nerves being too tight, oppression nowhere release. The killer in the dream is the source of stress, and sometimes it can be caused by uncomfortable position during sleep, such as the nose is covered by blankets, heavy quilts on the chest, will create such nightmares; Being hunted in the night symbolizes darkness and depression, if the sense of direction is not strong, it means that there is a sense of confusion, the dreamer will feel more confused; If you feel more terror in the dreams, it indicates that the greater the pressure is of the dreamer. The outcome of the dream often is a symbol of the way the dreamer resolve this conflict, as well as a psychological reaction to treat the problem that needs to be addressed at this time. To dream of being chased, often reflect the dreamer’s attitude of doing things deep inside, when faced with pressure.

Meanings of dream of being chased

When dream of being chased, and the choice is to run away in the dream, it shows that the dreamer has a lot of pressure in reality, and still has not sorted out any clue to solve the problem. He or she is often at a loss and quite tangled at heart, and is afraid to face reality. There is a pessimistic psychological escape and to escape blindly. Until the problem is resolved, he or she will always be hunted;

If the choice is to be brave to face the battle, it suggests that the dreamer will choose to face any pressure of reality, and any thorny issues that arise. He or she might have found a solution, and are actively trying to solve the issue as soon as possible;

If the choice is to play dead or hide from the bad guys or the beast’s attention, it shows that the dreamer is temporarily helpless in the current situation, and can only choose to ignore, and is in often in self-deception. It is a way to free up some blind instinctive impulse or pressure, and to add some reasonable camouflage, they will usually find a variety of excuses so that they do not feel anxious, and so over time the environmental recognition know will be distorted. In fact, he or she is just living in a state of “half-closed eyes”, and just suggesting that the dreamer’s personality is generally weak;

If getting bitten or killed in the end, it means that the dreamer cannot withstand the pressure of reality, or could not find a way to solve the problem. The dreamer has already compromised and no longer has the fighting motivation;

If the choice is to suicide in the end of the dream, it suggests that the dreamer has been forced to the point, where the dreamer is completely compromised in reality, it means that the dreamer has given up fighting psychologically;

If there is no fear but having fun in the dream of being chased, it suggests that the dreamer’s life is too monotonous, very boring, and need some fundamental changes;

If you wanted to run, but unable to run in the dream, it reflects the dreamer’s self-perception that they do not have the ability to escape the dangerous pressures in life, feeling helpless and could only watch as problems escalate to the state that can not be resolved. It could also be due to poor sleep posture of the dreamer during sleep, so they could run to escape the dream;

Dream of being chased, but ended up shaking hands with the enemy instead. The dream is to remind the dreamer to bury the hatchet. It is a gift of wisdom to the dreamer, perhaps using the same way in reality, the conflict can be solved;

Dream of being chased and ended up killing the chaser, it shows that the dreamer is feeling contradictory and tangled with the pressure in reality, but they can still find the root cause of the problem, and believe they have the ability to take the most correct method to get rid of the problem;

Dream of being chased and killed, and came back from the dead. This means the birth of a new self. Young people need to grow and necessary to pursue a new self, so young people are more likely to have dreams on killings and deaths. These dreams have the meaning of regeneration.

Dream of being chased by strangers

Dream of fighting with those who are chasing to kill you, shows that the dreamer’s inner feelings are intertwined or contradictions;

Dream of being in a military war, it could mean that the dreamer has emotional problems, stress, mental anxiety, inner insecurity, and have fear and want to escape in real life;

Dream of escaping with a child and was later rescued by two people, it means that no matter how difficult the time is, there will be twists and turns for the better;

Dream of being chased by many people, but did not get killed. It means that the dreamer may be in difficult times, however, they are able to safely get through. After the disaster, there will be a blessing;

Dream of being hunted down, shows that the dreamer wants to erase the past disgraceful history. Many people have dual characters, the dreamer wants to change the poor shortcomings, and hope to have a makeover;

Dream of being chased by someone you know

Dream of being chased by people you know, suggests that the dreamer may have problems in relationships. There may be some quarrels between the dreamer and the killer in the dream, or the killer may be someone that is competing money with the dreamer;

Dream of being chased by relatives, suggests that the dreamer may be competing for inheritance.

Dream of being chased by animals

Dream of being chased by animals, represents the dreamer’s recent mental pressure. The animal chasing after the dreamer is the problem that the dreamer do not want to face up to in reality, or the heart desires, or the accumulation of negative emotions, stress, fear heart, conscience or their values, or their own memories, anxiety and a painful symbol;

Dream of being chased by cute little animals, suggests that it may be because the dreamer has hurt small animals before, which led to their inner guilt, and to remind the dreamer that animal is also a life, and should take good care of the animals;

Dream of being hunted down ferocious animals, suggests that the dreamer may be afraid of retaliation by the enemy;

Dream of using weapons to fight back the chasers, but unable to beat the chaser to death. It suggests that the dreamer, when in the face of tremendous pressure and danger, the methods used can not correctly solve the problem, crisis and pressure;

Dream of turning into the Phoenix and being hunted down, suggesting that the dreamer may have difficulties, but there will be aid to help them tide over the difficulties. It also implies that the dreamer, have to pay attention to their own safety in the coming days as there may be intention of surprise or danger;

Check out the following meanings of being chased:

Dream of being chased by dragons

Dream of being chased by dogs

Dream of being chased by ghosts and monsters

Dragon dream

Dragon dream meaning

Psychology overview on dragon dream

The dragon is an auspicious symbol. Chinese people are descendants of the dragon and since ancient times, the dragon has been worship in customs. In history, the emperor claimed to be the real dragon. The dragon dream represents that someone around the dreamer will be promoted and get the pay raise, while they themselves would gain the trust of others. Dragon is an auspicious mascot, white dragon as good, and Black Dragon as evil, and Golden Dragon represents promising future.

Dream of dragon

Dream of riding a dragon and flying is a good sign, it suggests that the dreamer is likely to get the attention of god of luck, to help you achieve a long-cherished wish, and to indicate the difficulties faced by the dreamer will be solved, and will gain great wealth, and also a greater career development;

Dream of dragon blowing fire in a dark cave, suggests that the dreamer will be receiving unexpected ood news from distant relatives or people from afar, and may help the dreamer to board the peak of success or help to resolve difficult issues. Although, there is a need to measure the range of the flame, but it is certain that the dreamer will get a windfall or embark on the road to wealth;

Dream of yellow dragon is mostly about power, it is known since ancient times that most heroes who became the emperor or imperial heroes have mostly dream of the yellow dragon. If the dreamer dream of a yellow dragon, which is a symbol of power and authority, that means there will be a possible change in the dreamer’s life, and he or she will become a leader that stand out;

Dream of dragon spitting a gold piece or jade pearl. If dream of both the dragon together with gold and silver jewelry, it means that the dreamer has received grace from God, and good luck will come.

Dream of snake turning into a dragon, represents that there is someone great around the dreamer, and will receive his or her help to make a significant breakthrough;

Dream of dragon illuminating, and lit up the house, indicates that the dreamer will have good news within the family. For unmarried men and women, you will find a good partner. If engaged in business or investment career, success will be awarded;

Dream of little dragons feeling hungry and whining, and dreamer is feeding the dragons. Dragons usually represents career in dreams, to dream of hungry dragons whining, suggests that the dreamer feared for the lack of growth in the career, feeding the dragons in dream, reflects the dreamer’s gentleness, tolerance, and selfless side to the cause of the investment.

Dream of being chased by dragon indicates good luck. It means that either the dreamer or the family member will be outstanding.

Dream of being pestered by dragon, is a good omen. If pregnant women have this dream, it suggests that the dreamer will be blessed with a child; If married women have this dream, the dream implied that their future children will be an outstanding talent.

Pregnant women dream of dragon

Dream of giving birth to a dragon, indicates that the wife or bride will be giving birth to a healthy baby;

Dream of giving birth to a green dragon, is the best of the best dream to have. It indicates that the dreamer’s child will become an outstanding person with both reputation and wealth.

Dream of 2 dragons flying into the house or diving into the clothes. If there is a pregnant lady in the house, it indicates that she will be giving birth to a pair of bright and lovely twins.

Dream of dragon, indicates that the son will become someone outstanding and have great success.

Dream of white dragon, indicates that the dreamer will give birth to a son, and the son will be very clever and become an official.

Dream of dragon flying up the sky, it means that the future son will become an indomitable real man;

Dream of dragon going into the house or into the embrace of arms, indicates that the future son will have a renowned reputation.

Dream of finding a dragon in the well, indicates that the future children will become outstanding among the best.

Dream of a dragon head, indicates that the future son will not only have good looks, but also will accomplish great things in the future.

Dream of dragon tail and hugging the body of the dragon, indicates that the pregnant woman will give birth to a beautiful daughter.

Dream of dragon flying in the sky

Dream of golden dragon flying in the sky is a good omen. It indicates that the dreamer will make great achievements in the future and is promising;

Dream of dragon ascending smoothly to heaven is a sign of good news, indicating that the dreamer will prosper in the near future and may also get everyone’s admiration and respect, and even realize their wish;

Dream of sea dragon spitting fire at the Heaven is a very good dream. It indicates that the dreamer will become the number one in a large group or person in charge with a lot of followers. There will be good news in the near future, such as qualified, special promotion, elected, etc.

Dream of turning into dragon and ascended to heaven is a symbol of good luck, suggesting that the dreamer will achieve his or her ideals and would be legendary and win the world’s attention.

Dream of black dragon

Dream of black dragon indicates that the dreamer has a powerful strange power. Black is reflected in the character of the dark side, it represents the dark side of the personality. Dream of Black Dragon is also a symbol of mature, stable and reliable.

Dream of strong wind and the Black Dragon came, suggesting that the dreamer is very capable and bold. The wind and rain is a symbol of the dreamer’s emotion and energy release;

Dream of riding a Black Dragon and flying from the bottom up, very high and very quickly, indicating a growing desire in the dreamer, and is eager to mature. Dragon flying is a take-off, indicating that the dreamer has the ability to thrive in business, and there is a strong momentum of rapid rise.

The ancient oriental dream dictionary – Dream of dragon

Dream of riding a dragon into the water, indicates that there will be wealth and career luck, not say to others within three days;

Dream of dragon sleeping in the water, indicating that all will go well in business. It is an auspicious dream;

Dream of dragon at the door or came to the house, which means career promotion. If there are pregnant women, they will have an outstanding son. This is an auspicious dream, and you can not say to others within three days;

Dream of dragon’s death, which means unfavorable to career, this is an ominous dream;

Dream of riding a dragon up the mountain, things that you desire will be fulfilled. It is an auspicious dream, you can not say to others within three days;

Dream of dragon going into the well, it is difficult to extricate themselves from being trapped in adversities;

Dream of dragon flying, suggesting career promotion. It is an auspicious dream, you can not say to others within three days;

Dream of dragon or snake getting into the house, meaning that there will be wealth;

Dream of dragon or snake getting into the kitchen, meaning career promotion;

Pregnant women dream of the dragon, indicating that the dreamer will be blessed with children;

Dream of dragon or snake murdering someone is a bad omen;

Dream of snake turning into a Dragon, indicates help from others.

dreaming of water

Dreaming of water

Psychology overview on dreaming of water

Whether dreaming of water in the form of serene lake, stream, trickle of furious river, calm sea, the water in the dream is always a metaphor for the essence of life, and it represents the spirit of baptism and rebirth, as well as representing the person’s health status. Once the dreamer’s life becomes complicated, it means that the dreamer is possible to dream of drowning in water; the water represents that the dreamer wants to break free from the troubled life soon and there is a desire to live a peaceful and stable life. Flood or raging river in the dream, represent that the dreamer is facing pressure and can not control the situation.

Other meanings of dreaming of water

Dream of endless water is generally an auspicious sign for good luck;

Dream of a lake full of water is a harbinger of success;

Dream of smelly lake, suggesting that the dreamer may be sick, it is to remind the dreamer to pay more attention to health;

Dream of falling into the water, means damaged and sick;

Dream of drowning, represents that your current situation in life is very bad, and there may be shadows appearing in health.

Dream of drinking water, represents that the dreamer is healthy;

Dream of drinking clear water, represents that the dreamer is very healthy.

Dream overlooking the calm water, suggesting that the dreamer has very good relationships;

Dream of walking on water, represents that you will get your wishes come true;

Dream of being restrained and waiting on the water, but to no avail, it is to remind the dreamer to strive and work hard;

Dream of swimming in the water, it is to remind the dreamer to work harder in order to be rich;

Dream of swimming in the lake, it is to remind the dreamer to throw himself/herself into the cause, in order to have career development.

Woman dream of bathing in the water, indicating that the dreamer can find a considerate husband;

Men dream of bathing in the water, indicating that the dreamer can find a virtuous wife.

Dream of water from the ancient oriental dream dictionary

Dream of walking on water is an auspicious sign;

Dream of standing on water is a bad omen;

Water flowing endlessly, where the water symbolizes the emotional joy. The dreamer is feeling joy, there will either be a wedding or a happy event;

Dream of a fire pole on the water is an auspicious sign;

Dream of being in the water with a good mood, it is a good omen;

Dream of falling into the water is a bad omen;

Dream of drinking the water continuously, indicates that you will get rich;

Dream of being wrapped in water, indicates that you will be embroiled in a lawsuit;

Dream of very clear water is a good omen;

Dream of someone’s home has water and your children are at their home, indicates your death;

Dream of the flood mainly represents good omen;

Dream river, sand and stone, indicates that you will have good results in studies.

Dream of spring water

The springs are happy and blessed. A clear and sweet spring water is a symbol of a happy life, and happiness is not by the measure of wealth, but the clearance of eyes and sweetness of soul.

Dream of spring water, it means that the dreamer’s life is sweet;

Men dream of spring water, means that the dreamer is going to share his happiness with others, and with the abundance of the heart to help the poor people, and he will be famous in the world;

Women dream of spring water, means that the children are physically fit, and parents do not have to worry.

Dream of bathing in spring, meaning that the repressed emotions will be effectively relaxed.

Dream of flood

Dream of flood, indicates that the recent life situation is very bad, the dream is a manifestation of the flood pressure.

Dream of rushing from far away to see the flood, it means that the dreamer is thinking about how to solve the problem, and has already a clue;

Traders dream of flooding, indicates that the dreamer will be swept away by the flood, and there may be a loss in business;

Dream of falling into the flood, means that the dreamer is confused emotionally;

Dream of own house being wrecked by the flood, indicates that there may be disputes occuring between family members. The cause might be something to do with both parents, and it is best to try to communicate the feelings of both parents.

Dream of water disaster

Dreaming about flood, represents a strong pressure, but there is also a saying that money is coming;

Dreaming about rare floods, means that there is a liable enemy counterattack, it is to remind the dreamer to take preventive measures;

Unmarried girls dreaming about flood, indicate that the dreamer’s parents would agree with them marrying their own sweetheart.

Dream of water puddle

Dream of stepping into clear puddles, indicates that troubles will come, but the dreamer will receive compensation of interests after that;

Dream of walking into puddles and wet their feet, it is to remind the dreamer to be steady when handling matters and relationships.

cat dream

Cat dreams meaning

Psychology overview of cat dreams meaning

The cats are animals good at catching mice and rats, they look like a tiger, though not as mighty as the tiger, but it is more flexible than the tiger. There are different symbolic meaning on dreams about cats in different cultural backgrounds. According to China’s customs and traditions, dreams about cats are good. But if the cat and mouse are affectionate in the dream, it is not a good thing. It often implies that the dreamer is unable to be responsible for their duties, malpractice, and suspected of irregularities, which is like in the dream, the cat did not take on the responsibility to catch the mouse.Find out more below on cat dreams meaning.

Dreams about cat

When a man dreams about cat, the cat often symbolises his woman, it can also suggest that there may be a strong competitor lurking around the dreamer, since the opponent is hidden in the shadows, and has a strong adaptability and flexibility, the dream is to remind the dreamer to be careful. It is better to wait and observe and not act recklessly on impulse.

Unmarried woman dreams about cat, it suggests that the dreamer emotional problems occur, such as romance is not stable enough;

Married woman dreams about cat, suggesting that the dreamer family strife or own married life feeling tired and exhausted, feeling life, lack of passion, unwilling to such a dull life;

Pregnant woman dreams about cat, indicating that the dreamer will give birth to a healthy and lovely baby;

Patient dreams about cat, which means the dreamer will recover and get rid of the disease;

Dream about clean cat, represents attraction of good luck and everything will be smooth sailing;

Dream about dirty cat, represents provoking misfortunes, suggesting that the dreamer may run into troubles;

Dreams about cat climbing a tree, suggesting that someone is saying bad things behind the dreamer and sowing discords. The dreamer will receive criticism and someone will hold a grudge against the dreamer. The dreamer will be facing some difficulties;

Dreams about cat climbing up your knee, indicating the very good relationship between the dreamer and lover. The dreamer would feel very flattered and will be busy dating. The cat dream is also a reminder to the dreamer to be careful of his health;

Dreams about cat hiding in the corner, often a symbol of a hidden rival in the dreamer’s life and work. The rival is secretly poaching or causing the destruction of the family life;

Dreams of kittens playing with each other, suggesting an unstable love progress of the dreamer, although there is an increased in intimacy, but it is hard to progress to the confirmation stage of love, it would be days of intolerable and anxiousness. The dream is to remind the dreamer to not be haste in love, being impatient will not do good, stable development will enhance each other’s feelings, so that the relationship will last long;

Dreams of losing own kitten, suggesting that friends that the dreamer is not in constant contact with will cut off dealings with the dreamer. This is a reminder to the dreamer, to maintain communication between friends and occasionally keep in contact to avoid such things from happening;

Dreams about cat leading kitten along, represents that the dreamer is in friends’ luck recently or will make new friends, or participate in some regular gatherings with old friends. If the dreamer participate in members’ activities, he or she will be able to meet friends who think alike, and will have very happy days ahead;

Dreams about cat sunbathing, suggesting that the dreamer will be safe in the coming period, there would be no problems. The dreamer may feel a lack of passion for life and will be bored. During this period, the dreamer can do something that they always wanted, but have not done so, and there may be some unexpected gains.

Hitting cat dreams

Dreaming of cats catching, suggesting that there will be a thief or a robber breaking into the house, but there will be no loss, and the bad guys will be arrested;

Dreaming of hitting cat, suggesting that the dreamer will not believe in liars’ gimmicks, and will see through the scam;

Dreaming of hitting cat for no reason, indicates that the dreamer will become enemy with the neighbors, it is to remind the dreamer that in the neighborhood, everyone should help each other and live in harmony, to get along with others, one should be more tolerant and to avoid a dispute with others.

Dreaming about cat meowing

Pregnant women dreaming about cat meowing, is a warning to be careful when traveling during pregnancy, the pregnant woman should preferably be accompanied by family members, and be very careful to avoid the occurrence of accidents;

Women dreaming about cat meowing, is a warning to the dreamer that there is a competitor or rival in her love life, and is eyeing the opportunity to compete for the boyfriend;

Dreaming about abandoned cats meowing on the street, suggesting that there is a decline in fortunes for the dreamer recently. Sometimes the dreamer will go to the supermarket or the mall with no intention to buy anything, but will end up being tempted by discounts and buying the items, and will find the items of no use when at home. This dream is to remind the dreamer that he or she should control this shopping desire and to spend wisely, otherwise it will soon lead to empty wallet.

Dead cat dreams

Dream of dead cat, indicating that the dreamer is depressed recently and may be too obsessed with some things;

Lovelorn men and women dream of dead cat, suggesting that the dreamer is in the abyss of suffering after the end of a relationship. It is a reminder the dreamer, that time is the medicine of all issues, and perhaps the dreamer should no longer indulge in the pain of the lost love, whatever will be, will be. A forced love relationship will not be sweet;

Married men and women dream of dead cat, indicates that there will be a dispute between family members soon, and is probably caused by different views on some issues, which requires communication and coordination between family members;

Talking cat dreams

Dream of talking cat, suggesting that the enemy will launch an attack on the dreamer very soon, and is a reminder for the dreamer to be careful;

Men dream of talking cat, indicating that the dreamer will encounter a very strong competitor, and reminding the dreamer do not be afraid and to handle it calmly;

Businessmen dream of talking cat, suggesting there is a business downturn, and reminding the dreamer to be careful in financial investment, to avoid major losses.

Bitten by cat dreams

The cat is an animal that is very docile and lazy during the day, to dream about being bitten by a cat, it is obvious that the dreamer is concerned about something, and there is anxiety, worry and fear, as well as feeling helpless or the like.

Dream about being bitten by cat, indicates that there is a villain lurking around the dreamer. It is a reminder to the dreamer to be careful of the friends around, and the betrayer is often someone who is considered the most trusted;

Dream of being almost bitten by a cat but did not, indicates that there is a strong competitor in the dreamer’s life or work but, the dreamer will win in the end;

Dreaming about a lot of cats

Men dreaming about a lot of cats in their own backyards, described the recent pressure is relatively large, and the dreamer feels tired. It is a reminder to the dreamer to pay more attention to rest, get revitalized, and properly adjust their mentality;

Women dreaming about a lot of cats, suggesting that the dreamer may be in conflict with her husband. It is a reminder to the dreamer that there should be harmony in the family, and do not quarrel because of trivial issues as that will affect relationships negatively;

Dreaming about cat with other animals

Dreaming about cat catching mouse, it is an auspicious sign. It suggests that the dreamer’s enemies will kill each other and will both die;

Dreaming about cat catching birds, it is an auspicious sign, It suggests that the dreamer’s enemies will kill each other and will both die. The dreamer will benefit in the end;

Dreaming about cat battling a snake, meaning that all the disasters will be gone in the end;

Cat dreams analysis from the original ancient oriental dream dictionary

Dreaming about cat catching mouse, indicates that the dreamer will get a fortune;

Meaning of cat in dreams by dream experts

Cats are often used to symbolize certain human characteristics or a symbol of a certain person, and it is often referred to women. They are lazy, beautiful and lovely, they are a bit selfish, with a little temper, a little greedy, and love to sleep, and a little sly, but they are still loved by a man because of their kind appearance, and the look of submissive and affection. But again, please do not ignore the sharp cat claws, behind the well-behaved appearance, often lurked bad omen.

This is just the way the cat is during the day, at night the cat is completely different. At night, the eyes of the cat become alert and bright, unlike the lazy daytime look. Cats treat rats very cruelly, they do not eat them immediately when caught, but will also play with the rats, to see the hopeless struggle of the rats. Cats are full of lust exuberant at night. Women who are like cats, look like the cat during the day on the surface, and in fact, they have a night cat side.

The ancients called the cats, slaves. Cats have servility nature, but it differs from dogs’ servility nature. Dog is man’s minions, his servants and thugs; Cats are human jester. Dogs are loyal to the owner, but the cat is not allegiance to the owner.

Dream of Danger

Dream of danger

Dream psychology overview

Dreaming of dream of danger represents your current depressed mood, and also implies that the current difficulties; The different dangerous situation in the dreams indicate the degree of difficulty that the dreamer is going to face. Fortunately, the dream of danger which is a reminder from the subconscious can strengthen your confidence in overcoming difficulties, and soon after, achieve a success at work or in life.

Dream of danger

Dream of yourself in danger, is a reminder to you that although, you are facing some difficulties currently, but through your efforts, you will be able to finally see the light at the end of the day.

Dream of your family in danger, but in reality they are not in danger, it is your emotions of fear and anxiety at work. It could be that they are facing some difficulties at work or in life, and selfless care from you may help.

Dream of a child in danger, do you think your child’s performance is not up to your satisfaction? Perhaps the problem lies on yourself, are your requirements too demanding?

Dream of a child in electric shock, it is only a reflection of concern, and also contains an indication of coddle. Of course, in the current living environment, fear of food, medicine and other security issues may be hazardous to children’s health .

how to stop nightmares

How to stop nightmares

The reasons of having Nightmares

Regardless of what kind of dream, there are external causes (the objective factor) for it, and internal causes (subjective):

External causes (that is, the objective condition) include: Bed comfort, pillow height, the thickness of blanket or quilt, sleeping posture and sleep position (under the influence of the Earth’s magnetic field), and also includes some of the body’s disease.

Internal causes (subjective) include: The stress from studying, a strong impression from a novel or a film, someone or something that happened in the surrounding.

Many people often have nightmares, dreaming of his own throat being held by someone, extreme fear, not able to shout, not able to move. Not feeling good after waking up from Nightmares. Some even suffere from depression, and get paranoid all day, worry whole day, and have the anxiety tendency.

Why do people dream? Science has not yet been able to resolve the dream’s physiological and psychological mechanisms satisfactorily, but there are two points that are confirmed: One is the external stimulus, that can cause a dream. For example, some scholars had ice water poured on a group of sleepers and flashing lights on as well as using sound to stimulate the group of sleepers, respectively. They found that these three kinds of stimulus are included in the dreams in the ratio of 42%, 23% and 9%; The other is what you think about in the day, will become a dream at night. Many Scientists who have studied the content of the dream found that dreams often takes the experiences of the day. From these two points of views, it is not difficult to discover, that as a type of dream, there are at least two aspects to Nightmares:

  1. The body has contracted some disease that have not yet been discovered. In general, when diseases occur, there will always be certain symptoms. However, at the beginning of the occurrence of the disease, due to the condition of weak stimuli, when awake, the stimulating information of the disease is quite weak, and this stimulate weak disorder can cause cerebral cortex excitability, which will appear in a dream, the emergence of various morbid horror experience.
  1. Strongly repressed emotions that happened in the day. An American psychologist has reported such an instance: A woman often dream of waves pushing her into the sea, while others are away from her, she was always stunned, and too weak to even shout ‘Help’. Psychologists investigation: The burden of the woman’s work and heavy housework, and often a strong sense of not able to achieve despite putting efforts, but do not want to ask people around for help. The sinister scene in the dream, is her life, depicting the plight of the status. Psychologists told her that as long as she can get rid of tension and sense of oppression in life, she can bid farewell to her nightmares. Dreams can not always be pleasant, some people often have nightmares. The root cause of nightmares are still psychological problems: Because the heart is suppressed, anxiety, depression, conflicts or life disorders caused by cerebral cortex activity disorder. Nightmares are just manifestations of these reasons.

The following recommendations are for Friends who are often troubled by Nightmares

  1. Dispel the unnecessary concerns of Nightmares. On the relationship between dreams and psychosis, Scientists have conducted in-depth research and found that dreams have nothing to do with mental illnesses.
  1. Relax before bedtime. Do not worry too much or read the novel as it will cause strong mood swings, and do not recall painful memories. Before sleep, drink a glass of milk, listen to music to help sleep quality.
  1. Learn to hint to yourself, and build a proactive psychological defense. Do not blame yourself for all the unpleasant things in life. When you are not able to change reality, learn to accept it. Treat the painful experiences as rich life lessons; Think more of your strengths and advantages, be more proactive in psychological defense
  1. Cure the root of diseases. For the nightmares created by health diseases, it is important to cure the diseases as soon as possible, do not self prescribe medication and seek proper help.
  1. Find the cause of problems in life. For problems at home, learning and schools, you should be more proactive to resolve the problems as soon as possible, because the unhappiness are usually the important causes of nightmares. For example, making use of good learning methods, building good relationships with classmates and teachers will reduce the stress and the frequency of nightmares.

Driving away Nightmares Method 1:

Are you often harassed by nightmares and unable to enjoy the gentle night scene? Whenever woken up from a nightmare, you are not able to go back to sleep because you are too scared of the terrible scene from the nightmare? Now all these will be the past, because we will teach you some methods to eliminate the nightmares, and guaranteed to make you sleep through the night all the way till Morning.

  1. Before going to sleep, it is best not to watch horror movies, television shows, or listen to horror stories: These materials are often the source of nightmares. If you have had similar experiences, you will find that many terrible nightmares come from things you have seen or heard, and the Ghosts or Monsters in the nightmares are usually the leading characters of those stories, and thus try to keep a peaceful and calm state of mind before going to sleep.
  1. Change your sleeping posture: Do not let the weight of the quilt to get too heavy, or put your hands on the chest, or covering up your head to sleep. These incorrect habits will make you feel like there is a rock of pressure in the chest, and cause difficulty in breathing. Thus, due to physical discomfort, the chances of nightmares have greatly increased.
  1. Will training method: Do not forget that it is still you who dominates and design your dreams. In your nightmares, do not exhibit an overly panic-stricken demeanor, but to summon the courage to confront the scary scene, and become a hero in the dream. After several exercises, the nightmare will be overcome. Although the dream took place in the subconscious, but by the behest of training, you can still change its content, so that it will go towards the direction of peace and adapt to your life.
  1. Repeated rehearsal method: This is to be done after waking up. You can repeatedly recall the experience of the nightmare as much as possible, to review the content of the situation, and if allowed, repeatedly speak out or write it down, through constant rehearsal, it will make you quickly adapt the content of dream. If the same dream happen again, you have already become accustomed to it, and it will not be surprising, and not worthy of your fear and your normal life and work.

Quickly end the lack of sleep state due to your nightmares, do not let your boss and co-workers see you sleepily and yawning big, starting from tonight, you can try the following methods that we are going to introduce to you, and maintain adequate sleep easily, and meet the next day for breakfast feeling invigorate.

Driving away Nightmares Method 2:

First, drink enough water or herbal tea per day, which will help the body to better absorb nutrients. Especially at the time of fatigue, herbal tea is the best choice. If you have to drink hot tea or coffee, do not exceed a maximum of three cups a day, and at drink them before 12:00 noon everyday. Thus, caffeine will not hinder the body’s absorption of iron, calcium and minerals.

Eating enough whole grains and protein per day is also important, as the lack of any of these can cause fatigue. Chicken, fish, eggs, etc. are important sources of protein. Whole grains (to prepare a package of graham crackers in the office) contains a lot of minerals and vitamins, such as magnesium and vitamins B, can give energy to people.

If poor sleep is one of the reasons that cause fatigue, then you should eat dinner early. For example, in the afternoon around 6:30pm, so there is more time to digest. In addition, you should not drink caffeinated drinks after 12:00 noon, such as Coca Cola and coffee, etc.

Try not to drink alcohol at night and persist for several weeks. Because alcohol can dehydrate the body, and also interfere with blood glucose levels which will affect sleep. However, eating too little, and have the stomach growling, will also affect sleep negatively. So if you are hungry before bedtime, you can eat some small food. But the choice should be easily absorbed and helps sleep, food that are rich in protein and lactose, such as milk, and in addition, bananas and digestive biscuits are also good choices.

ghost dream meaning

Ghost dream meaning

Dreaming is a normal physiological phenomenon, a lot of people dream of ghosts, like having the ghost within you, ghost pressing down on the body. Some people will refer to the ancient Chinese Dream Dictionary to find answers when they are confused of the dream. So what is the Ghost dream meaning in life? and what does the Ghost in the dream represents? According to psychoanalysis, representatives of modern psychologists, classified the ghosts based on a person’s mental and emotional condition, and believe that the shape of the ghost is some form of emotional expression. Dreaming of ghosts, largely reflects the psychological fear and shadows, and it is difficult to let go. Psychologist thinks that the “ghosts” is a product of repression, the embodiment of a long-term accumulation of negative emotions.

Dreaming of ghosts

The content below is an extract from the analysis of ancient oriental dream experts, this site does not share these views, and it is for reference only.

The Devil is the Enemy

The devil represents danger and enemies. Dream of demons, is a reminder to the dreamer to pay attention daily, as there may be danger;

Dream of fighting with the devil, inauspicious, indicates that the enemy or competitor will bring loss;

Dream of chatting with the devil, indicates that the dreamer is easily hooked and may get into some silly issues;

Dream of someone chatting with the devil, indicates that the enemies of the dreamer will combine and create a bigger problem;

Monsters are inauspicious

Monsters represent bad things, fear, worry about the happening of bad things;

Dream of monsters indicate that the dreamer may encounter danger;

Dream of attacking monster, is auspicious, indicates that the dreamer is able to avert trouble due to proactive preparation;

Dream of running away from Monsters, indicates that the dreamer has fear and wanted to run away more than facing the issue at hand;

Dream of monsters in the yard, indicates that troubles will be gone;

Dream of being chased by Ghost

Dream of ghosts represents the trauma and inner fear of something; Dream of skulls represents oppression in life, usually the skull represents low energy, and monotonous life; Dream of monsters, is accompanied by a sad sign, dream of being hunt by ghosts, indicates stress, low energy, and life is not fulfilling.

Dream of being captured by Ghost

Dream of being captured by Ghost, indicates your ambitions in the social activities, or you wish to get cheered by everyone, and to get attention from others through Ghosts, especially in your subconscious, you think that if you are captured by Ghosts, all the attention will be focused on you. This way, you will achieve the motive of having all the attention on you. In fact, the reason why you were afraid of the ghost in the dream, is to show your helplessness, you are not afraid of ghosts, you are afraid that people do not pay attention to you, and you are only using the Ghost to disguise your motive.

In-depth understanding of Ghosts

Are there Ghosts in this world? Do you believe in the existence of Ghosts and Monsters in this world?

Using an objective and balanced view, dematerialised Ghosts do not exist. You may think that you can see it, but in most films on real ghosts and monsters, they are only vague images. So from Science perspectives, there are no Ghosts in the world. However, within each of us psychologically, Ghosts do exist, and especially within those who are weak in the health psychologically.

Psychologists think that Ghosts are a form of repression, a form created by long-term depression.

Our fear towards Ghosts come from our lack of understanding of them, another source that increase our fear is that we think we are not able to get rid of Ghosts. Fear is a strong feeling that we often have while having Ghosts dreams. The reason why the dreamer is afraid is because other than the scary appearance of the Ghost, it mostly comes from the fear towards the unknown, mysterious and uncertainty.

Advice to friends who often dream of ghosts, when you really accept the Ghosts, and face them with sincerity, and understand them, I believe you would be able to change your views on them and this Ghost will slowly disappear from your heart and dreams.

Dream of long hair Ghost wearing white

The long hair Ghost wearing white is usually formed by depression.

In general, a floating pale long hair Ghost wearing white is commonly formed by depression. Like “Sadako” from “The Ring” is a very good example, “Long hair” represents the love that they need, “White” is the lack of life vitality and “Floating” represents unreal.

Dream of a ferocious Ghost

The ferocious Ghost in the dreams is usually formed by anger.

In dreams, the next most commonly found Ghosts are the ones with ferocious appearance, long teeth, with blood, and these Ghost images are usually formed by anger. Their looks are meant to scare people. Another type of Ghosts with long teeth look beautiful on the appearance, and these are commonly known as the vampires, and vampires represents the love exploitation of others. Usually those who dream of Vampires are deprived of love in real life. There is another type of beautiful and charming ghosts, but are usually accompanied by dirty things, like worms, dirty fluids, these types of ghosts are slutty and are often a symbol of psychosexual disorder.