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Feng Shui

Feng Shui accessories

Feng Shui accessories for Love

Are you looking to improve your love luck to get rid of the “Single” status? Find out below how you can do just that with Feng Shui accessories.

Top 3 Feng Shui accessories for Love

  1. Pink Crystals

    Pink crystal is a stone of love, it can enhance your energy field. Pink is the color of love displayed by the God of Love, Venus. It can help attract the attention from the opposite sex, and is the best stone of love. The use of pink crystal mandarin ducks can help cure the trauma of love, keep a peace of mind, reduce feelings of trouble and soothe tension, resulting in enjoyment of love and ability to grasp love. Pink crystals can help improve interpersonal relationships, enhance popularity, and will often get the help and support from people.

  1. Red Agate

    Red agate is one of the most effective gemstones, it can balance the positive and negative energy, elimination of mental stress and stress. When the quarrel occurs between lovers or husband and wife, it is mostly due to the emotional impulses of one party, and the strong power of red agate can stabilize people’s thoughts and can maintain the harmony of the body and mind. It can enhance the love luck, loyalty, and also stimulate courage and confidence, and reduce outside interference.

    For those who are feeling negative or no goals or motivation in life, red agate can stimulate your curiosity and need for actions. It can let you see your goals in life clearly, and allow you to catch up. It can also be used to eliminate the enemy’s malice and jealousy and bring peace in the relationship.

  1. Chalcedony

    Chalcedony is the representative of the moon and is closely related to water. It is also often used as a protective crystal for those who travel outside the country, for safety and avoid negative energy violations, and to eliminate evil.

    Pink Chalcedony Dragon and Phoenix with the corresponding wheel of heart, can increase luck with the opposite sex, enhancing relationships and help marriage. It can also to resolve and reduce the quarrels between the two. It is to be worn separately by the men and women, and is most suitable for couples, to maintain the love affection permanently for each other. It is best for the woman to gift to the man.

Feng Shui for Love

4 Feng Shui for love tips

Are you celebrating Singles Day today? Have your love relationships been going sweetly well or is it rough and rugged? Ever wonder Why there is often a third-party involved in your relationships, or there’s always a hassle constantly? You are likely to make the following Feng Shui taboos for love. If you want to save your love luck, hurry to check your bedroom furnished it with our 4 Feng Shui for love tips today!

Having a concrete wall at the head of the bed, ensures a stable love relationship

The best placement for the bed, is not to be under any ceiling beams and against a wall or between bedside tables. As there is a reliance on the side of the bed, it signifies the reliance and dependency of both parties, and will cause a stable and long-term relationship; On the contrary, if there is nothing to rely on both sides of the bed, it signifies that there are no reliance and represents no help in relationships and prone to setbacks.

Feng Shui suggestion

In addition to selecting the bedside nightstand, and have the bed against a wall, it is best to place the bed away from windows.

Too many decorations on the ceilings, will cause faithlessness

There should not be any fancy chandelier or ceiling fan hung above the bed, because not only will it cause the people who sleep on the bed to feel oppression and have mental weaknesses, it also creates “rotten peach blossom” bad love luck. After sometime, the partners will drift apart and may even have faithless phenomenon!

Feng Shui suggestion

Do not hang any non-lighting items or lighting above the whole bed. The lightings in the bedroom should not be too fanciful or colorful. The simpler, the better the lighting, colour of the light is optimal for warm yellow.

Sharp items in the bedroom may cause quarrels easily

Avoid placing sharp-shaped items in the bedroom. These items may bring quarrels and resulting in a lot of unnecessary disputes, and you may lose your passion in love because of these fights.

Feng Shui suggestion

Hide away all sharp-shaped items. Place more round or circular shaped items and those that symbolizes harmony in the room.

Rectangular or square shaped beds will enable stable relationships

On Feng Shui for love, it is good for the bed to have corners. Having a round or polygonal bed, will cause worries or inexplicable worries within the relationships, resulting in mutual interaction on the restless and suspicious. In addition, it is easy to provoke “Rotten Peach Blossoms” luck, so that the problem clusters and make the road of the relationship even more bumpy.

Feng Shui suggestion

Select beds with corners, be it square or rectangular, as long as it is picked by the couple together, it will make the love sweeter!

Feng Shui for Office

Clever use of feng shui for office to get rid of gossipers

In life, it is not uncommon to encounter a few people who have conflicts with you, or even stab you in the back. Such people are usually called the “villains”. Perhaps in the face of such people, you will choose to escape or have patience, thinking that without any counterattack, all will be fine. But often, this approach will only have counter results. The winner would be the villain, and you can only leave quietly. This kind of thing is the most common in the workplace, and there is a Chinese saying, “there can not be two tigers in one mountain”. Sometimes, you have to play some means to get something you want.

In fact, we can make clever use of Feng Shui for office, to easily get rid of these villains. Below we share some Feng Shui tips, hoping to help everyone at work!

Green Dragon and Dragon Turtles

Dragons can resolve Villains and attract support and help from good people. Dragon turtles not only signify good health and longevity, but also resolve Yin evil and most importantly, attracts wealth. In general, placing the dragon turtle on the work desk can help defend against villains and attract compliments from supervisors as well as support and help from good people. You can also place the Dragon turtles at home, in the living room. For those Dragon turtles that can have their backs opened, place some tea leaves or rice in it, this can enhance its potential.

Plum blossoms coins

Place this at the back of your chair, or hang it at the wall behind your back. This can defend against the villains from acting. You can also choose to place it in the drawers, especially where you keep your important documents or files that you often used. This will help enhance your career luck. For those who just got promoted, this is the best for you to rid of the villains waiting to bring you down.

Bronze bell

This is the traditional item to resolve villains. It is usually hung on the main entrance to block against bad luck and resolve villains and ensure safety outside.

Tiger items

To avoid being attacked by villains, you can wear any items with Tiger images. Be it a photo of a Tiger, or a keychain of a Tiger’s footprint. Cartoon images of Tigers can also be used.

Maneki Neko

Maneki Neko – Japanese Lucky Cat

Maneki Neko, the Japanese Lucky cat brings good luck, peace, longevity and have other auspicious meanings, that attract people to purchase it. In general, this lucky cat will be placed in the shop or home, at the most eye-catching position.

Placements of Maneki Neko

Everyone wants to know the optimal position to place their Maneki Neko to get its full potential of attracting wealth and good luck. Below we share what we have found out:

1. Placement of Maneki Neko in stores

Maneki Neko that are placed in stores must face the main entrance. This is because, this lucky cat will help attract customers. For shops, you can place the lucky cat that waves its left hand. This can attract customers and more customers means more money. You can also put the lucky cat raising its both hands, or holding the treasure pot in its hands.

2. Placement of Maneki Neko at homes

Living room

It is common for people to place their luck cats in the living room and at its most eye-catching position. The best facing of the cat would be to sit at the North and facing the South. It is best to have it placed at location where the main entrance can see, to have it to gather good energy and fortune.

Other rooms in the house

You can place the luck cat at the wealth sector of your house, this will enhance its potential to attract wealth.

You can also place the lucky cat in your bedroom or study room. There is not much fuss about which or where to place the lucky cat. You can place the knowledge lucky cat, “Peach blossom” lucky cat or even “roly-poly” lucky cat.

3. Other placements of Maneki Neko

You can wear it as an accessory on you, or place it in the car. You can even hang it on your mobile to bring you good luck and fortune.

Origins and Colors of Maneki Neko

1. Origins of Maneki Neko

Maneki Neko, the Lucky cat originated in Japan, but different schools have different meanings for the Lucky Cat, such as the Jiyuan Lucky cat, Hokkaido Lucky cat, Aichi Lucky cat and Vietnamese house Lucky cat.

2. Scopes of application of Maneki Neko

There are many places to place the Lucky cat. Some place it in the shops to attract good luck with customers, and some place it in the office and at home. The real Lucky cat is generally made of ceramic or bone of porcelain. It is rarely produced in plastic.

3. Meanings of different colors of Maneki Neko

  • White lucky cat represents good luck.
  • Black lucky cat can get rid of bad luck and ensures protection and safety.
  • Pink lucky cat ensures smooth relationships.
  • Red lucky cat ensures good health.
  • Green lucky cat ensures good reputation and title in life.
  • Gold lucky cat ensures good wealth and fortune.
  • Yellow lucky cat ensures prosperity.
  • Purple lucky cat ensures beautiful, longetivity, and good health.
  • Blue lucky cat ensures good career success.

Introduction to hand gestures of Maneki Neko

The placement and use of the lucky cat is closely related to its hand gestures. Place the lucky cat in the correct position according to its hand gestures.

1. Maneki Neko with its right or left hand raised

  1. Right hand raised Lucky cat: This is a male cat. It is a symbol of attracting wealth and treasure and bring good luck.
  2. Left hand raised Lucky cat: It is a symbol of attracting many good people and friends.

2. Maneki Neko with both hands raised

If both hands are raised, it means both “financial” and “blessing” can arrive together! If the hands position is lower (near the face), it can bring happiness; hand held in high position (higher than the head), you can attract happiness of the distance.

3. Maneki Neko with golden bell and closed eyes

  • Lucky cat wearing a golden bell, signifies good luck and blessings.
  • Close-eyed cat will attract wealth that is near.
Feng Shui water fountain

Feng Shui water fountain

Feng Shui water fountain is a moving painting with sound. The sound of trickling water from the water fountain is music to ears, not only does it bring people back to nature and gives an extraordinary comfortable feeling, it will also enhance the luck in every possible way and extend the longevity.

Feng Shui water fountain placement

How and where do we place the Feng Shui water fountain? It depends on your purpose: Whether it is used to enhance your wealth luck or to avert disasters.

  1. It is usually placed near the entrance, to bring in wealth. Take note not to let the water flow outwards.
  1. Placing it in the position of bad omen, to deflect bad luck and avert disasters.

Taboos of Feng Shui water fountain placement

  1. Do not place it behind the sofa or couches.
    Using water as backings are inappropriate, as water is unpredictable and it will cause instability. As the family will be sitting on the sofas frequently, it will cause instability within the family. If the Feng Shui water fountain is placed next to the sofa or couch, then it will not have any negative impact to the house Feng Shui.
  1. Do not place it at places facing directly at the kitchen stove.
    As water fountain is “water”, by placing it directly against the kitchen stove will cause a direct clash of the “water” and “fire” elements. As water controls fire, the one to suffer will be fire, and people who eat food cooked by the kitchen stove will suffer.
  1. Do not place it under the God of Fortune.
    It is a sign that the God of Fortune is going down water, and this is not auspicious.

Use and effectiveness of Feng Shui water fountain/h2>

The main purpose of Feng Shui water fountain is to improve the house Feng Shui and enhance the luck of the house. Find out what other uses and effects it has for the house and family members.

  1. Eliminate stress and anxiety.
    The accelerated pace of life and increasing work pressure make people want to return to nature, to relieve stress and anxiety. Feng shui water fountain lets you feel the freshness of nature and have the effect to calm you down.
  1. Beautify and optimize the living environment.
    Using Feng Shui Water fountain as decoration and putting it next to a pot of plant, can improve the vitality of the house. Not only does it decorates the room and beautify the environment, it also give people a vibrant feeling.
  1. Eliminate odors and purify the air
    The activity of the water molecules from the Feng Shui Water fountain can purify the air of the house, it can also adjust the humidity and temperature of the indoor environment, and thus, improve the air quality of the house.
  1. Masking noise and bring peace.
    The natural sound of the trickling water from the Feng Shui water fountain can mask the noise around it. The gentle sound of water trickling and the impact of water splashing on the container, creates a natural rhythm that can eliminate the noise pollution, at the same time, brings a sense of peace and relaxation.

Feng Shui symbols

Feng Shui symbols and items

There are many varieties of Feng Shui symbols and items, and Feng Shui items should be selected according to your Feng Shui needs. Appropriate selection will enhance its effect. Note also the methods and placements of the selected items, should be in accordance to advice of Feng Shui experts. For example, some Feng Shui mascots will be required to be placed at appropriate positions to be effective, if placed wrongly, it could become misfortune.

Below we share some of the different categories of Feng Shui symbols and items for reference:

Peace and safety: Talismans, Bottles, bamboos, car safety amulets

Money: Five Road Talismans, Goki Talismans, God of Sea Emperor Coins, Rolling of cash, Five emperors coins, God of Fortune, Golden toad, PiXiu, Elephants

Good Luck: TaiSui Talismans, Wang Talismans, Lucky Bamboos

Career promotion: Career Talismans, “Flying dragon in the sky”, Emperor stamp, “Monkey riding a horse”, Green dragon

Literature Knowledge: Wen Chang Talismans, God of Sea Wen Chang pagoda, Paintbrush, “Set the Thames on fire”

House protection: God of Sea door Talismans, Talismans, Tai Shan stone, Green dragon, Bronze lion

Health: Plant gourd, Jade gourd, Crystal ball

Defense and avert disasters: Bronze mirrors, God of Sea Defense plate, Crystals, Gourds

Defense against mean people: Talismans, Green dragon

Love and Marriage: Bronze mandarin ducks, Marital harmony talismans, pink crystal fox

Remove “Peach Blossom” (Love): Gold rooster, Tao Mu Jian (Peachwood sword)

Pregnancy: Guanyin gift of sons Talismans, Kirin gift of sons, Jade mountain, painting of opened pomegranate of hundred children

Wealth: Painting of Peony, Ruyi, Wind chimes, Dragon accessories

feng shui your home

Feng Shui your home for good luck

In Feng Shui, a good Feng Shui sign and layout indicates the arrival of good luck. Therefore, you can Feng Shui your home for a start to attract good luck.

Clean and uncorrupted, good luck life

Here “uncorrupted” does not mean a person’s honesty and innocence, but the environment you live in, or the office environment should not have any pressure from ceiling beams; otherwise it is “pressurizing to bend over”.

A clean and bright entrance in front of the door

The front of the home must be clean and bright, so that it can boost good luck. If the front of your living environment or office environment is opened, then this is a sign of good luck.

The lesser the junk goods, the more wealth there is

Human wealth is definitely not built on junk. The more junk goods there are, the lesser wealth there is.

Brilliant lights bring joy

Whether at home or office, having brilliant lights bring joy and full of positive energy. This will in turn bring very good fortune. This is because in Feng Shui, lights lit up the path to riches and surpluses and is an auspicious sign of good luck.

Solid back and empty front

In order to have good luck in life, one must have support and help. A reminder to friends, chairs that you often sit on and sofas are not recommended to be against the window glass or corridor and there should not be any mirrors both in front and behind the sofas.

Big living room is a sign of good wealth, and the ability to hold the wind and accumulate energy and air

To want to have good fortune, there should be no missing living room. However, note that the living room should not have the energy field of “losing money”, such as: convection windows and doors facing doors, this will cause energy and wealth to flow straight in and out, and the room to not able to accumulate any wealth. This is a taboo in Feng Shui.

feng shui colors for bedroom

Feng Shui colors for bedroom of couples

In addition to Feng Shui bedroom layout, Feng Shui colors for bedroom are also very important. As colors will influence emotions and moods of the people sleeping in the bedroom.

The color should be light and should not be dark

To avoid pressure, never use dark colors. Dark colors will cause couples to accumulate pressure and depressed moods.

Use red and black with caution

Do not use red or black as the main colors of the room, as both are extreme colors. Looking at these colors for a long time will make people become extremely impulsive, and is not conducive to health. In addition, it tends to cause the war between husband and wife to go on continuously. They will both fly into a rage with little hiccups, and may even lead to them exchanging blows.

Use less of pink color

There should not be any large portion of pink color in the bedroom of a couple. Although pink can create a romantic mood, it is also easy to cause emotional upset and prone to quarrels; There is also a meaning of “provoke peach blossom luck”, which can easily lead to third party interference. In addition, the two sides will also be suspicious of the other’s derailment.

White is an appropriate color

White color is appropriate for bedroom, it is clean and elegant, but it should not be exaggerated. If the walls are white, furniture and curtains are all white or all black, this is a big taboo on the Feng Shui. This will adversely induce exaggerated personal behavior and character, and will also make the children and wife to feel insecure.

Avoid single color

It is best not to paint the walls in the same color. Having too much of one color will make people feel at a loss and poor visibility. Many families are used to paint the four walls at home white, in this case, you can use other colors for curtains, or to decorate one side of the wall, or use wall stickers and wallpaper, or decorative paintings, etc.

Avoid being too colorful

Warm colors are usually chosen for bedrooms. It is not appropriate to use bright red or leave green, and too fanciful. If the four walls are too colorful and dazzling, it will cause mind confusion and unease after a long time, people living inside could not help but keep running out.

Feng Shui money

Feng Shui Money Taboos

When people make a loss in money, they like to think that losing money can avoid disasters. Sometimes it may not be necessarily to ward off disasters, but there are Feng Shui money flaws. Below we share the top 7 Feng Shui money taboos:

Too much doors in the living room or office

This is a very common Feng Shui money flaw, many people like to make the living room accessible, and create a lot of doors or passages, without knowing that this Feng Shui will make the living room not able to gather any air or energy, this type of houses are unfavorable to the family’s wealth.

Some of the offices are within the passage way, from external it does not have any walls or enclosure to “protect”, and there are aisles at all four corners, this layout will impede wealth.

Seeing safes from entrance of door

Things like the safe, cash coffers, jewelry boxes, and so on, or places where there are valuables in place, should not be seen when you are at the door, this is called exposing of money and will not accumulate money, it is a bankruptcy Feng Shui.

Open front and rear doors

In some homes or offices, there are front doors as well as the back doors, and these may be essential for fire emergency, but in terms of Feng Shui, the opening of front door must not be facing directly the opening of rear door. This Feng Shui may even make you bankrupt, we recommend a minimal spacer block, or screen between the doors.

Seeing an outward facing faucet from the door

In Feng Shui, water represents money. If the faucet is facing outwards at home or office, then it causes water to flow outside, and in terms of Feng Shui, this is a layout of bankruptcy.

Cracks in furnitures

If there is a crack in the back of the bed, this is termed as “damaged backer” in Feng Shui, and such is disadvantageous to wealth. If the wall behind the bed or behind the living room have crack lines appearing, it is important to note that this phenomenon is “main backer damaged” and wealth will be restricted.

Damaged appliances

In Feng Shui, kitchen utensils also represents wealth. If the stove, eating bowls, ladle pots, or any such articles appear to be damaged, then it needs to be replaced, as this represents a financial drain and even bankruptcy fortune.

Disrespectful to coins

Being disrespectful to coins is naturally being disrespectful to the God of Fortune. Not cherishing money, will naturally have difficulty to have good fortune in life. When purchasing things and not accepting spare changes, always losing spare changes, having spare changes everywhere on you, these bad Feng Shui are disrespectful to the God of Wealth, and naturally good fortune will be blocked.

feng shui decorating

Feng Shui decorating for love

When friends ask if you have a lover, do you not feel embarrassed? If you want to open up your “peach blossom” love luck and find a suitable partner. You need to learn to do good Feng Shui decorating for love!

Enhancing your attractiveness

There is a Chinese saying, “thirty percent based on looks, and seventy percent based on dressing”. A person’s charm comes from appearance and taste, and of course, include objective factors like moral virtues and knowledge. If you would like to dress up, please take note as overdressing do not necessarily attract the bees and butterflies, but it will also cause controversies. Therefore, it is recommended to be simple and elegant. Wear some of the best jewelry accessories that follow your life’s favorable and unfavorable elements, the corresponding color of the clothes and the bags can help increase your attractiveness.

Mirrors Feng Shui

It is best recommended for mirrors to be in circular or non-angular shapes, be careful not to have any breakage in the mirrors during placement, if it is broken accidentally, it should be replaced in a timely manner.


Recommended to choose a room with windows that let the sun shines into the room as the main bedroom, it has a positive stabilization help on degree of love and good fortune, and choose a soft and natural lighting. Simple lighting will not only allow relatively less pressure on both sides to get along, it is also less likely to have a faithless phenomenon.

Bed location

If the bed is not in a good placement, it will seriously affect the rest of the owner. The owner will be exhausted both physically and mentally, it will also cause confused state of mind and hardship of doing things of life. It will not only affect the physical health but also affect the feelings between husband and wife, and the love luck of singles. Therefore, from the perspective of a professional Feng Shui decorating analysis, the position of bed to enhance health, should be placed according to the Bazi (Birth Chart) of the person.

To want a good LOVE luck in life, make use of the five elements from individual’s Bazi (Birth chart), and arrange the bed or place plants with green leaves accordingly.