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I Ching

I Ching 53 hexagram: Jian Gua

I Ching 53 hexagram: Jian Gua

I Ching 53 hexagram (Gua)

Symbol: Its inner trigram is ☶ (艮 gèn) bound = (山) mountain, and its outer trigram is ☴ (巽 xùn) ground = (風) wind.

Name of Hexagram: Jian, “Infiltrating”

Other variations include “development (gradual progress)” and “advancement”

Image of Nature: Wind in the mountains, trees in the mountains, trees sway with the wind.

“Jian” refers to gradually, proceed in a step by step manner, technical.

“Jian” Gua establish their careers with their skillsets and reputations.

They will have a successful career if they have an outstanding technical skill and great innovation, that leads to great reputation. Their achievements are matched with their reputation and power.

“Jian” Gua people are skillful and pay attention to techniques. They place emphasis on their reputation. Otherwise, they will not be able to succeed in their career.

They have a not so obvious channel to human relationships and this works for them everywhere they go.

“Jian” Gua people, regardless of males and females, must have a normal sexual relationship, as if there are no sexual relationship then their life and career will be affected. Therefore, they cannot have sex related illnesses, as it will also cause their careers to fail.

Technical careers are shortcut to “Jian” Gua people’s gaining success in their careers.

I Ching 51 hexagram: Zhen Gua

I Ching 51 hexagram: Zhen Gua

I Ching 51 hexagram (Gua)

Learn and understand the name and meaning of I Ching 51 hexagram, the 51st hexagram of the 64 I Ching hexagrams.

I Ching 51 hexagram Symbol: Both its inner and outer trigrams are ☳ (震 zhèn) shake = (雷) thunder.

Name of I Ching 51 Hexagram: Zhen, “Shake”

Other variations include “the arousing (shock, thunder)” and “thunder”

Meanings of I Ching 51 Hexagram – “Zhen”

“Zhen” is about fear and some people are afraid whereas, there are some who brave through the storm and gain success. Remember, courage is not the lack of fear, but the willingness to face it.

“Zhen” Gua refers to unrest in society, broken, damaged, killing, instability, turbulence, process of establishing a new order and represents wars.

“Zheng” Gua will gain power and wealth in instability times and unrest in the society, once the time has become stable, power and wealth will disappear as well. It is easier for “Zheng” Gua to gain power and wealth through the above mentioned variations.

“Zhen” Gua people are smart, active, dynamic and bad tempered. They get into fights easily and will usually get others wounded.

“Zhen” Gua people will usually get a good marriage but, there will be fights and quarrels.

“Zhen” Gua also represents “hurt others easily” and especially family members.

Some “Zhen” Gua people will have balding issues, especially prone to serious Mediterranean hair loss.

I Ching 49 hexagram: Ge Gua

I Ching 49 hexagram: Ge Gua

I Ching 49 hexagram (Gua)

Symbol: Its inner trigram is ☲ (離 lí) radiance = (火) fire, and its outer trigram is ☱ (兌 duì) open = (澤) swamp.

Name of Hexagram: Ge, “Skinning”

Other variations including “revolution (molting)” and “the bridle”

“Ge” is innovation, revolution, change and “disruptive process”.

“Ge” Gua people are rebellious in nature, their ideology are not mainstream, and they have a revolutionary spirit. “Ge” Gua people seek to become an extraordinary figure.

“Ge” also refers to leather, Tyre, surface skin as well as weapons.

The so-called revolution is to convert the existing state of affairs, the good will deteriorate and the bad becomes good. “Ge” Gua will change the fate of people, people who are in prosperity will face adversity, and those in adversity will change into prosperity.

“Ge” Gua people usually like leather. They get into car accidents easily and will usually hurt their face in the accidents.

“Ge” Gua people can only thrive in the world of politics and officers when there is chaos and revolution, this is when they have the potential to become the Hero. If they are in the country where there is peace and order, “Ge” Gua people cannot be successful in this line. Their officer career is born from Chaos and revolutionary.

On marriage and love relationship, in the year luck or decade luck of “Ge” Gua, it is easy to go into extramarital affairs, and cause a change in marriage which will lead to divorce.

On Wealth management, “Ge” Gua people can gain wealth through chaos. In the general terms of current standards, anything that seems tricky and confusing, is conducive to wealth and will expedite the process of gaining wealth but, if things are orderly and clear, then it is difficult for them to get wealth.

“Ge” Gua people are also prone to hurting their family members.

I Ching 48 hexagram: Jing Gua

I Ching 48 hexagram: Jing Gua

I Ching 48 hexagram (Gua)

Symbol: Its inner trigram is ☴ (巽 xùn) ground = (風) wind, and its outer trigram is ☵ (坎 kǎn) gorge = (水) water.

Name of Hexagram: Jing, “Welling”

Other variations include “the well”

“Jing” refers to Well, village wells, urban well, very organised, trap, Uprooted

“Jing” Gua comes from the most primitive form of hunting, its the trap set to capture preys. While digging the trap, water from beneath the ground seeps through the soil, and this is how wells are formed.

Back in the olden days, human living in the mountains have wells but, to find a location with water underground for wells is not an easy task. They need geographical knowledge and guidance, to locate and measure the wells. “Jing” Gua involves the geographical knowledge of underground, this is known as underground Feng Shui. The initial usage of “Jing” gua, led to the discovery of the underground river.

For those whose natal Gua belongs to “Gen” Gua or  yearly or decade luck of “Gen” Gua comes, can make use of “Jing” Gua to get wealth. Utilising of “Jing” Gua’s energy instead of “Dui” Gua. When getting “Jing” Gua’s wealth, do not forget that there are also traps within “Jing” Gua.

The success Gua of “Jing” Gua is “Huan” Gua, “Huan” Gua is called the “Feng Shui Huan”, The Feng Shui of “Jing” Gua is very important, it refers to the precise measurement of Feng Shui.

In ancient times, there are rituals and ceremonies to dig well, and Officers are invited to perform the opening ceremony, and this is the use of “Huan” Gua. In modern society, this has evolved into the cutting of ribbon, opening ceremony. From ancient times to now, there are private wells and public wells.

The relationship between “Jing” Gua people and powerful people are that if the officers said the thing can be done, “Jing” Gua people will get it done. If the officers said that the things cannot be done, then “Jing” Gua people will not do it.

To “Jing” Gua, the officers and anyone who has last name as “King” or “Wang” in Chinese, are their benefactors. They work together to set traps for others. On the other hand, people with last name as “Wang” are also suitable to work with “Jing” Gua people.

The usage of springs and wells are different.

As “Jing” also refers to traps, they can set trap for others as well as themselves. Thus, “Jing” Gua people are usually quiet and alert.

“Jing” Gua is also a wealth luck Gua, “Jing” Gua people will not have to worry about survival in their hometown and it is not advisable for them to uproot and leave their hometown as this will affect their luck negatively.

“Jing” Gua people usually have someone powerful to back them up, and this person usually have full authority like a Chief Patron. If this is not the case, then this “Jing” Gua will not be successful in the career.

“Jing” Gua people can go into career of an Officer but, it is best to follow an officer instead to gain wealth.

“Jing” Gua people usually are born in a marketplace or township. They are very organised and they cannot succeed in mess and chaos.

“Jing” Gua people can also go into the Food and Beverage industry.

The failure Gua of “Jing” Gua is “Shi Ke” Gua. Therefore, if “Jing” Gua people are met with monetary disputes, they are most likely to lose the money.

I Ching 52 hexagram: Gen Gua

I Ching 52 hexagram: Gen Gua

I Ching 52 Hexagram (Gua)

Symbol: Both its inner and outer trigrams are ☶ (艮 gèn) bound = (山) mountain.

Name of Hexagram: Gen, “Bound”

Other variations include “keeping still, mountain” and “stilling”.

Image of Nature:  Two sets of mountains, One is higher than the other

“Gen” Gua has 2 mountains, the mountain in front will face the society, which means they have a very high image in the eyes of others. When shifted into the mountain at the back, the ability grows bigger but, it will not be visible to others and thus, this is the stage where they are no longer engaged in career. If a person can reach the third mountain, it definitely means retreat and retire.

Double “Gen” represents 2 men.

“Gen” Gua can accumulate water of the river, as when the water encounter a mountain, it will stop. Therefore, it is easy for “Gen” Gua to have wealth luck, as water represents wealth. If in the water related industry, it is easy to gain wealth.

For “Gen” Gua, it is necessary to analyse each “Yao” carefully, if the person starts from the fifth “Yao” then he will move towards the mountain in the front. If the person starts from the first “Yao” then he will be moving towards the mountain at the back.

“Gen” Gua people suits the graphic arts industry, it is easy for them to build their career in their youth but, as they grow older and especially in their later part of life, they will get serious in thinking of retirement.

“Gen” Gua people have the following characteristics:
Picky, mean, talented, lonely, aloof, conceited, neurotic, and at the same time, prone to mental issues.

“Gen” Gua people like Hillock, Mountains and do not like flat land.

“Gen” Gua represents population, when achieved population, wealth cannot be achieved.

For “Gen” Gua to pursue wealth, it is recommended to use the mineral water on top of the mountain or the water in the well.

“Gen” Gua people have the traits of ancient thinking, and therefore, are suitable to engage in production of traditional Chinese medicine and procurement.

Ancient Chinese medicine stresses that liver is referred to color of Green, this means the liver has the nature of “Gen” Gua. The principle of liver disease, is when there is an excessive amount of water at the top of the mountain, and causes erosion and destroy the mountain. That is why, it needs the trees and flowers to take in and control the water.

For mountain to become a flat land, it takes a very slow process that is not obvious to eyes. That is why the failure in career for “Gen” Gua people are slow, and the failure will also cause hurt to the people around them including family members.

I Ching 29 hexagram: Kan Gua

I Ching 29 hexagram: Kan Gua

I Ching 29 Hexagram (Gua)

Symbol: Its inner trigram is ☵ (坎 kǎn) gorge = (水) water, and its outer trigram is identical.

Name of Hexagram: Kan, “Gorge”

Other variations include “the abyss” (in the oceanographic sense) and “repeated entrapment”

“Kan” Gua people have to rely on themselves and work hard, the more they move about, the lower they go.

When the river meet the mountain, it stops. In life, it represents the accumulation of wealth, and when the river flows and meet soil, it represents a successful career and usually in Official careers. If met with such places or year, can consider pursuing in this line. However, the level of good or bad is different.

“Kan” Gua people will always be in a relationship but, they will never be close to anyone. This image of double “Kan” also represents 2 women.

“Kan” Gua people have the ability to drink alcohol, sing and dance but, pay attention to drink less.

“Kan” Gua people are suitable to go into agriculture, irrigation and farming.

“Kan” Gua forms wealth easily, but like the river flows, the wealth will pass through the hands easily.

Water will flow according to the path of mountain, and no matter how high the mountain is, the length of river will follow and vice versa. This is the relationship of “Kan” Gua and “Gen” (艮) Gua.

When “Kan” water turn into “Dui” water, and especially on “Gen” Gua, this “Dui” water will bring damage to population. Therefore, it is not advisable to extract huge amount of “Kan” water, when in the form of wealth, it will cause great disaster. It represents when rich, there will be no descendants, especially sons.

In the Feng Shui theory of Chinese history, it always mentioned the use of river as source of wealth, extracting “Kan” water will harm population and therefore, it is advised to not take too much of “Kan” water and that leads to the thinking of contentment.

To grow wealth is to grow disaster, the biggest flood disaster is during Fu Xi and Nv Wa period.

The period where heavy emphasis is placed on “Kan”, is the chaotic period. Every chaotic period where there are destruction of mankind, is caused by the rivers. This is “Kan” water turing into “Dui” water. This includes the history of the Dynasties, where each Dynasty falls after passing on a few generations. This is naturally derived from the traditional Feng Shui theory where “Kan” water is applied as wealth. The existence of this method creates great danger.

I Ching 28 hexagram: Da Guo Gua

I Ching 28 hexagram: Da Guo Gua

I Ching 28 Hexagram (Gua)

Symbol: Its inner trigram is ☴ (巽 xùn) ground = (風) wind, and its outer trigram is ☱ (兌 duì) open = (澤) swamp

Name of Hexagram: Da Guo, “Great Exceeding”

Other variations include “preponderance of the great”, “great surpassing” and “critical mass”

“Da Guo” Gua usually do not succeed in things they have planned, but will succeed in things that are not planned and especially those that came out of the blue. Therefore, the career development of “Da Guo” Gua are not in their plans, as the more they plan, the more they will fail. When at peak of career, it is best advised to continue moving forward.

“Da Guo” Gua spent their whole life pursuing a smooth sailing journey. If otherwise, they will not succeed in their career.

On Marriage and Love, “Da Guo” Gua will not succeed in matchmaking but, will be successful in meeting “Mr/Mrs Right” by chance. Love will happen suddenly for “Da Guo” Gua and only after a fiery passionate relationship will there be a marriage. Otherwise, there will only be sex involved and no marriage.

The change for “Da Guo” Gua is abrupt, sudden, unexpected and transitional. It takes place on main roads and water.

“Da Guo” Gua refers to Buddhism and to the salvation of souls. It also refers to grave, coffin and the dead.

“Da Guo” Gua refers to the wind above the sea, tornadoes and typhoons.

In many aspects of life and career, “Da Guo” Gua is advised to use Sun Zi’s method of “When in silence, act like a lady in subtlety, and when its time to action, move like a rabbit running for its life”.

I Ching 27 hexagram: Yi Gua

I Ching 27 hexagram: Yi Gua

I Ching 27 Hexagram (Gua)

Learn and understand the name and meaning of I Ching 27 hexagram, the 27th hexagram of the 64 I Ching hexagrams.

I Ching 27 Hexagram Symbol: Its inner trigram is ☳ (震 zhèn) shake = (雷) thunder, and its outer trigram is ☶ (艮 gèn) bound = (山) mountain

Name of Hexagram: Yi, “Swallowing”

Other variations include “the corners of the mouth (providing nourishment)”, “jaws” and “comfort/security”

Yi refers to the study road of nourishment and enjoyment, and to be self-reliant. It is the sprouting of everything from nature that is being nourished. To get this Hexagram, one must be cautious with words to avoid troubles, as the path to enlightenment is not easy. One must watch the diet and self-cultivate.

“Yi” Gua people support others and at the same time can be supported by others, they have no problem supporting themselves either. They do not have to worry about food and water, and have no problems reaching longevity. They place emphasis on their own health and quality of life.

“Yi” Gua people are cautious in nature, “Yi” can also be extended to suspect. They are always suspicious of things and even if they believe they will not show it on the outside.

“Yi” also refers to dictating and generous and bold in actions.

“Yi” Gua people will often have 2 marriages, and at the same time they have narcissistic tendencies.

I Ching 26 hexagram: Da Chu Gua

I Ching 26 hexagram: Da Chu Gua

I Ching 26 hexagram (Gua)

Symbol: Its inner trigram is ☰ (乾 qián) force = (天) heaven, and its outer trigram is ☶ (艮 gèn) bound = (山) mountain

Name of Hexagram: Da Chu, “Great Accumulating”

Other variations include “the taming power of the great”, “great storage”, and “potential energy”

“Da Chu” Gua is storage, savings, brewing and breeding.

“Da Chu” Gua have 2 special characteristics:

  • They are often fantasizing alot of unrealistic things, be it big or small matters. They love to think alot and with little actions.Their many ideas are often gone with the wind, and they love to pursue fantasy arts
  • On the other hand, they like to take precautions and prepare for rainy days, preparing over and over again, and in silence, actualized their thoughts or projects

They have the habit of drinking and are often prone to excessive drinking.

They are vulnerable to have injuries and illnesses but, will not have to fear of their lives.

They usually get light injuries when met with accidents, and will have lesser serious accidents in life.

They are prone to head related illness, and the illness is usually build up within slowly, and this will usually affect their mental state. , causing them to have a sense of burden and depression, which in turn make it difficult for them to recover from the illness.

“Lin” 临 Gua will lead the decline of “Da Chu” Gua, therefore, it is easy to get into car accidents on the mountains and they are most likely out of a sudden kind of event.

On wealth,  “Da Chu” Gua has their own Wealth Luck,  but they have to transfer their wealth into fixed assets, otherwise, it is easy to be scattered and swept up by the wind. For “Da Chu” Gua, it is important for them to save up their money as loss of money, indicates continuous disasters befalling on them.

When in operation, it must be kept in confidentiality, as any leak of information will cause the work or project to fail.

Be shrewd and keep the subtlety, do not reveal any of the intentions.

If in the line of Official career, they will thrive only if they survived after a great disaster, otherwise, it will be average.

Their marriage and love relationships are build slowly, and feelings will only grow after a long period of knowing each other. They may not have many offspring.

 “Da Chu” Gua believes in Dragons, and fate as well as destiny.

I Ching 46 hexagram: Sheng Gua

I Ching 46 hexagram: Sheng Gua

I Ching 46 hexagram (Gua)

Learn and understand the name and meaning of I Ching 46 hexagram, the 46th hexagram of the 64 I Ching hexagrams.

I Ching 46 Symbol: Its inner trigram is ☴ (巽 xùn) ground = (風) wind, and its outer trigram is ☷ (坤 kūn) field = (地) earth.

Name of Hexagram: Sheng, “Ascending”

Other variations include “pushing upward”.

“Sheng” refers to prosperity, and beneficial to meet with nobility or high ranking officials. If one gets this hexagram, it is auspicious to move towards the South.

One must follow morality and strengthen self-cultivation, start out from the small details and move towards cultivation of noble qualities of moral ethics.

“Sheng” Gua refers to rise, career promotion, education promotion, upgrading, common folk.

“Sheng” Gua will not have any career progress if they are working in the public sector. However, if other Gua people meet “Sheng” Gua, they will get career promotion and able to further upgrade their learnings.

The fate of “Sheng” Gua is closely related to the grave. The ghost in folklore refers to “Sheng” Gua.

“Sheng” Gua people have an average wealth fortune, but they have good marriage love life.

Learn and understand I Ching 47 Hexagram, Kun, the next I Ching hexagram after “Sheng”.