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2016 Oct 30 – I Ching Message of the Day

I Ching message

2016 Oct 30 – I Ching Message of the Day

This is the Jie Gua, 40th hexagram of I Ching 64 hexagrams.

Beneficial to move towards Southwest. However, if there are not obvious target, it is best to turn back. If there is a target to work towards to, move as early as possible.

The divination message: The thunder of the Spring is now at work, relieving the frozen earth. This signifies the reproduction of vitality.

Overall Luck: Seize the opportunity and deal with the difficulties around you quickly. It is more appropriate to seek outside help, because support is away in a distance. Moving towards Southwest as auspicious.

Career Luck: The beginning of strength recovering. Recuperate and stay quiet. When ready, action should be taken immediately. Take the initiative and do not drag. There will be success. Take care not to be insatiable. Stay away from “villains” and unite with gentlemen, relying on each other and work towards career success.

Love Luck: Take actions in a timely manner. Couples should support each other to avoid adversities and bring family harmony.

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