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I Ching Message for week of 7 to 13 Nov 2016

Pi Gua

I Ching Message for week of 7 to 13 Nov 2016

This is the Pi Gua, 12th hexagram of I Ching 64 hexagrams.

This hexagram signifies the estrangement of Heaven and Earth. All things are obstructed and cannot be progressed smoothly. When viewing this gua, it is advised to go into seclusion and not fight for any official positions. This Gua advocates frugality to avoid disaster, and not to show off what you have.

The divination message: There are no harmony between the upper and lower levels. Everything is blocked and not going smoothly.

Overall Luck: It is important to be patient and know that when things reach the extreme, it will have to turn back. Good luck will follow soon after.

Career Luck: You may have been stuck in an undesirable situation. In the face of adversity, it is important to stay on the right course and avoid the partnering with the “villains”. Unite with the like-minded, protect yourselves and wait for the opportunity. Maintain self-confidence, do not contain any fear, things will turn for the better and you will reach career success.

Love Luck: Prone to complications, frustrations and even misfortune. If both parties can maintain confidence in the relationship, things will turn for the better.

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