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I Ching message for week of 12 to 18 Dec 2016

I Ching Message

I Ching message for week of 12 to 18 Dec 2016

This is Song Gua, the 6th hexagram of I Ching 64 hexagrams.

Although profitable (to obtain prisoners), but there is a need to guard against fear. It would be auspicious in the middle and get dangerous later. It is conducive to meet with the nobility princes, but not conducive to wade across the river.

The divination message: The upper gua is “Heaven” and the lower gua is “water”. Both are moving away from each other, creating dispute.

Overall Luck: Counterproductive, everything goes wrong. Harmed by the “Villains”, should prevent traps.

Career Luck: Things are smooth and profitable in the beginning, and then got frustrated later. Be careful and cautious, avoid disputes and getting involved in litigation disputes. Instead, it is better to retreat and let people win. Seek to resolve and be content with reason, and you will be exempted from accidental disaster. Even if you win the lawsuit, there will still be something lost. It is more harm than good.

Love Luck: Although unsatisfactory, but is still a good fit. As long as you understand each other, it is not a bad idea. Both parties should deal with life in a gentle way.

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