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Cat dreams meaning

cat dream

Cat dreams meaning

Psychology overview of cat dreams meaning

The cats are animals good at catching mice and rats, they look like a tiger, though not as mighty as the tiger, but it is more flexible than the tiger. There are different symbolic meaning on dreams about cats in different cultural backgrounds. According to China’s customs and traditions, dreams about cats are good. But if the cat and mouse are affectionate in the dream, it is not a good thing. It often implies that the dreamer is unable to be responsible for their duties, malpractice, and suspected of irregularities, which is like in the dream, the cat did not take on the responsibility to catch the mouse.Find out more below on cat dreams meaning.

Dreams about cat

When a man dreams about cat, the cat often symbolises his woman, it can also suggest that there may be a strong competitor lurking around the dreamer, since the opponent is hidden in the shadows, and has a strong adaptability and flexibility, the dream is to remind the dreamer to be careful. It is better to wait and observe and not act recklessly on impulse.

Unmarried woman dreams about cat, it suggests that the dreamer emotional problems occur, such as romance is not stable enough;

Married woman dreams about cat, suggesting that the dreamer family strife or own married life feeling tired and exhausted, feeling life, lack of passion, unwilling to such a dull life;

Pregnant woman dreams about cat, indicating that the dreamer will give birth to a healthy and lovely baby;

Patient dreams about cat, which means the dreamer will recover and get rid of the disease;

Dream about clean cat, represents attraction of good luck and everything will be smooth sailing;

Dream about dirty cat, represents provoking misfortunes, suggesting that the dreamer may run into troubles;

Dreams about cat climbing a tree, suggesting that someone is saying bad things behind the dreamer and sowing discords. The dreamer will receive criticism and someone will hold a grudge against the dreamer. The dreamer will be facing some difficulties;

Dreams about cat climbing up your knee, indicating the very good relationship between the dreamer and lover. The dreamer would feel very flattered and will be busy dating. The cat dream is also a reminder to the dreamer to be careful of his health;

Dreams about cat hiding in the corner, often a symbol of a hidden rival in the dreamer’s life and work. The rival is secretly poaching or causing the destruction of the family life;

Dreams of kittens playing with each other, suggesting an unstable love progress of the dreamer, although there is an increased in intimacy, but it is hard to progress to the confirmation stage of love, it would be days of intolerable and anxiousness. The dream is to remind the dreamer to not be haste in love, being impatient will not do good, stable development will enhance each other’s feelings, so that the relationship will last long;

Dreams of losing own kitten, suggesting that friends that the dreamer is not in constant contact with will cut off dealings with the dreamer. This is a reminder to the dreamer, to maintain communication between friends and occasionally keep in contact to avoid such things from happening;

Dreams about cat leading kitten along, represents that the dreamer is in friends’ luck recently or will make new friends, or participate in some regular gatherings with old friends. If the dreamer participate in members’ activities, he or she will be able to meet friends who think alike, and will have very happy days ahead;

Dreams about cat sunbathing, suggesting that the dreamer will be safe in the coming period, there would be no problems. The dreamer may feel a lack of passion for life and will be bored. During this period, the dreamer can do something that they always wanted, but have not done so, and there may be some unexpected gains.

Hitting cat dreams

Dreaming of cats catching, suggesting that there will be a thief or a robber breaking into the house, but there will be no loss, and the bad guys will be arrested;

Dreaming of hitting cat, suggesting that the dreamer will not believe in liars’ gimmicks, and will see through the scam;

Dreaming of hitting cat for no reason, indicates that the dreamer will become enemy with the neighbors, it is to remind the dreamer that in the neighborhood, everyone should help each other and live in harmony, to get along with others, one should be more tolerant and to avoid a dispute with others.

Dreaming about cat meowing

Pregnant women dreaming about cat meowing, is a warning to be careful when traveling during pregnancy, the pregnant woman should preferably be accompanied by family members, and be very careful to avoid the occurrence of accidents;

Women dreaming about cat meowing, is a warning to the dreamer that there is a competitor or rival in her love life, and is eyeing the opportunity to compete for the boyfriend;

Dreaming about abandoned cats meowing on the street, suggesting that there is a decline in fortunes for the dreamer recently. Sometimes the dreamer will go to the supermarket or the mall with no intention to buy anything, but will end up being tempted by discounts and buying the items, and will find the items of no use when at home. This dream is to remind the dreamer that he or she should control this shopping desire and to spend wisely, otherwise it will soon lead to empty wallet.

Dead cat dreams

Dream of dead cat, indicating that the dreamer is depressed recently and may be too obsessed with some things;

Lovelorn men and women dream of dead cat, suggesting that the dreamer is in the abyss of suffering after the end of a relationship. It is a reminder the dreamer, that time is the medicine of all issues, and perhaps the dreamer should no longer indulge in the pain of the lost love, whatever will be, will be. A forced love relationship will not be sweet;

Married men and women dream of dead cat, indicates that there will be a dispute between family members soon, and is probably caused by different views on some issues, which requires communication and coordination between family members;

Talking cat dreams

Dream of talking cat, suggesting that the enemy will launch an attack on the dreamer very soon, and is a reminder for the dreamer to be careful;

Men dream of talking cat, indicating that the dreamer will encounter a very strong competitor, and reminding the dreamer do not be afraid and to handle it calmly;

Businessmen dream of talking cat, suggesting there is a business downturn, and reminding the dreamer to be careful in financial investment, to avoid major losses.

Bitten by cat dreams

The cat is an animal that is very docile and lazy during the day, to dream about being bitten by a cat, it is obvious that the dreamer is concerned about something, and there is anxiety, worry and fear, as well as feeling helpless or the like.

Dream about being bitten by cat, indicates that there is a villain lurking around the dreamer. It is a reminder to the dreamer to be careful of the friends around, and the betrayer is often someone who is considered the most trusted;

Dream of being almost bitten by a cat but did not, indicates that there is a strong competitor in the dreamer’s life or work but, the dreamer will win in the end;

Dreaming about a lot of cats

Men dreaming about a lot of cats in their own backyards, described the recent pressure is relatively large, and the dreamer feels tired. It is a reminder to the dreamer to pay more attention to rest, get revitalized, and properly adjust their mentality;

Women dreaming about a lot of cats, suggesting that the dreamer may be in conflict with her husband. It is a reminder to the dreamer that there should be harmony in the family, and do not quarrel because of trivial issues as that will affect relationships negatively;

Dreaming about cat with other animals

Dreaming about cat catching mouse, it is an auspicious sign. It suggests that the dreamer’s enemies will kill each other and will both die;

Dreaming about cat catching birds, it is an auspicious sign, It suggests that the dreamer’s enemies will kill each other and will both die. The dreamer will benefit in the end;

Dreaming about cat battling a snake, meaning that all the disasters will be gone in the end;

Cat dreams analysis from the original ancient oriental dream dictionary

Dreaming about cat catching mouse, indicates that the dreamer will get a fortune;

Meaning of cat in dreams by dream experts

Cats are often used to symbolize certain human characteristics or a symbol of a certain person, and it is often referred to women. They are lazy, beautiful and lovely, they are a bit selfish, with a little temper, a little greedy, and love to sleep, and a little sly, but they are still loved by a man because of their kind appearance, and the look of submissive and affection. But again, please do not ignore the sharp cat claws, behind the well-behaved appearance, often lurked bad omen.

This is just the way the cat is during the day, at night the cat is completely different. At night, the eyes of the cat become alert and bright, unlike the lazy daytime look. Cats treat rats very cruelly, they do not eat them immediately when caught, but will also play with the rats, to see the hopeless struggle of the rats. Cats are full of lust exuberant at night. Women who are like cats, look like the cat during the day on the surface, and in fact, they have a night cat side.

The ancients called the cats, slaves. Cats have servility nature, but it differs from dogs’ servility nature. Dog is man’s minions, his servants and thugs; Cats are human jester. Dogs are loyal to the owner, but the cat is not allegiance to the owner.

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