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Dragon dream meaning

Dragon dream

Dragon dream meaning

Psychology overview on dragon dream

The dragon is an auspicious symbol. Chinese people are descendants of the dragon and since ancient times, the dragon has been worship in customs. In history, the emperor claimed to be the real dragon. The dragon dream represents that someone around the dreamer will be promoted and get the pay raise, while they themselves would gain the trust of others. Dragon is an auspicious mascot, white dragon as good, and Black Dragon as evil, and Golden Dragon represents promising future.

Dream of dragon

Dream of riding a dragon and flying is a good sign, it suggests that the dreamer is likely to get the attention of god of luck, to help you achieve a long-cherished wish, and to indicate the difficulties faced by the dreamer will be solved, and will gain great wealth, and also a greater career development;

Dream of dragon blowing fire in a dark cave, suggests that the dreamer will be receiving unexpected ood news from distant relatives or people from afar, and may help the dreamer to board the peak of success or help to resolve difficult issues. Although, there is a need to measure the range of the flame, but it is certain that the dreamer will get a windfall or embark on the road to wealth;

Dream of yellow dragon is mostly about power, it is known since ancient times that most heroes who became the emperor or imperial heroes have mostly dream of the yellow dragon. If the dreamer dream of a yellow dragon, which is a symbol of power and authority, that means there will be a possible change in the dreamer’s life, and he or she will become a leader that stand out;

Dream of dragon spitting a gold piece or jade pearl. If dream of both the dragon together with gold and silver jewelry, it means that the dreamer has received grace from God, and good luck will come.

Dream of snake turning into a dragon, represents that there is someone great around the dreamer, and will receive his or her help to make a significant breakthrough;

Dream of dragon illuminating, and lit up the house, indicates that the dreamer will have good news within the family. For unmarried men and women, you will find a good partner. If engaged in business or investment career, success will be awarded;

Dream of little dragons feeling hungry and whining, and dreamer is feeding the dragons. Dragons usually represents career in dreams, to dream of hungry dragons whining, suggests that the dreamer feared for the lack of growth in the career, feeding the dragons in dream, reflects the dreamer’s gentleness, tolerance, and selfless side to the cause of the investment.

Dream of being chased by dragon indicates good luck. It means that either the dreamer or the family member will be outstanding.

Dream of being pestered by dragon, is a good omen. If pregnant women have this dream, it suggests that the dreamer will be blessed with a child; If married women have this dream, the dream implied that their future children will be an outstanding talent.

Pregnant women dream of dragon

Dream of giving birth to a dragon, indicates that the wife or bride will be giving birth to a healthy baby;

Dream of giving birth to a green dragon, is the best of the best dream to have. It indicates that the dreamer’s child will become an outstanding person with both reputation and wealth.

Dream of 2 dragons flying into the house or diving into the clothes. If there is a pregnant lady in the house, it indicates that she will be giving birth to a pair of bright and lovely twins.

Dream of dragon, indicates that the son will become someone outstanding and have great success.

Dream of white dragon, indicates that the dreamer will give birth to a son, and the son will be very clever and become an official.

Dream of dragon flying up the sky, it means that the future son will become an indomitable real man;

Dream of dragon going into the house or into the embrace of arms, indicates that the future son will have a renowned reputation.

Dream of finding a dragon in the well, indicates that the future children will become outstanding among the best.

Dream of a dragon head, indicates that the future son will not only have good looks, but also will accomplish great things in the future.

Dream of dragon tail and hugging the body of the dragon, indicates that the pregnant woman will give birth to a beautiful daughter.

Dream of dragon flying in the sky

Dream of golden dragon flying in the sky is a good omen. It indicates that the dreamer will make great achievements in the future and is promising;

Dream of dragon ascending smoothly to heaven is a sign of good news, indicating that the dreamer will prosper in the near future and may also get everyone’s admiration and respect, and even realize their wish;

Dream of sea dragon spitting fire at the Heaven is a very good dream. It indicates that the dreamer will become the number one in a large group or person in charge with a lot of followers. There will be good news in the near future, such as qualified, special promotion, elected, etc.

Dream of turning into dragon and ascended to heaven is a symbol of good luck, suggesting that the dreamer will achieve his or her ideals and would be legendary and win the world’s attention.

Dream of black dragon

Dream of black dragon indicates that the dreamer has a powerful strange power. Black is reflected in the character of the dark side, it represents the dark side of the personality. Dream of Black Dragon is also a symbol of mature, stable and reliable.

Dream of strong wind and the Black Dragon came, suggesting that the dreamer is very capable and bold. The wind and rain is a symbol of the dreamer’s emotion and energy release;

Dream of riding a Black Dragon and flying from the bottom up, very high and very quickly, indicating a growing desire in the dreamer, and is eager to mature. Dragon flying is a take-off, indicating that the dreamer has the ability to thrive in business, and there is a strong momentum of rapid rise.

The ancient oriental dream dictionary – Dream of dragon

Dream of riding a dragon into the water, indicates that there will be wealth and career luck, not say to others within three days;

Dream of dragon sleeping in the water, indicating that all will go well in business. It is an auspicious dream;

Dream of dragon at the door or came to the house, which means career promotion. If there are pregnant women, they will have an outstanding son. This is an auspicious dream, and you can not say to others within three days;

Dream of dragon’s death, which means unfavorable to career, this is an ominous dream;

Dream of riding a dragon up the mountain, things that you desire will be fulfilled. It is an auspicious dream, you can not say to others within three days;

Dream of dragon going into the well, it is difficult to extricate themselves from being trapped in adversities;

Dream of dragon flying, suggesting career promotion. It is an auspicious dream, you can not say to others within three days;

Dream of dragon or snake getting into the house, meaning that there will be wealth;

Dream of dragon or snake getting into the kitchen, meaning career promotion;

Pregnant women dream of the dragon, indicating that the dreamer will be blessed with children;

Dream of dragon or snake murdering someone is a bad omen;

Dream of snake turning into a Dragon, indicates help from others.

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3 thoughts on “Dragon dream meaning

HeatherPosted on  5:30 am - Jul 4, 2017

I dreamt my boss had a dragons tail. Any thoughts on that? We were at work (at a hotel which is reality as well). In the dream (and not reality-I don’t know his family and he doesn’t have young children and he doesn’t live at hotel) his mom, 2 young sons, brother and brothers fiancée lived at the hotel with him. Him with a dragons tail (dark greenish brown) sticks out the most about the dream

    Tulipa XanaduPosted on  11:59 am - Jul 4, 2017

    Hi Heather,

    There could be many reasons for the dream depending on your reality. In this instance, I would suggest you to communicate with your boss more and remember that he too is a human.

OliverPosted on  6:04 am - Jul 23, 2017

I dreamed of a black dragon sleeping in our dinning room. And at the same time i also have a white tiger pet.

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