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Dream about dogs by Dream Experts

Dream about dogs

Dream about dogs by Dream Experts

Dogs are characterised to be loyal to its master and fierce to its enemies. Dogs are often used to represent moral, loyalty, self-restrain, self-discipline and self-expectations. According to psychoanalysis, the superego. Polices, are the social behaviors law defenders of society and dogs in the dreams are your moral defenders within your heart. A good police should have a good sense of awareness like a good police dog’s sense of smell. The police should be able to find the trail of the thieves very quickly, to hold on and caught up with them, and treat them mercilessly and ruthlessly. This is the same as the dogs in the dreams. Dogs are used to protect against the thieves, and the so-called thieves are the desires of immoral behaviors and thoughts within the mind and heart. The dogs are what people always say, conscience.

A lady dreamed of being chased by a dog. She tried to hide everywhere, but was not able to, and ended up running for her life, but still not able to run away from the dog. She beat the dog with a rod, but the dog did not die from the beatings.

Together with another dream of hers, I analysed that she has a desire to have an extramarital affair, but her moral and conscience did not allow her to. (I will not define whether her moral or conscience is right or wrong here). Therefore, the dog within her chased after her and made her frightened.

Freud has brought up a case, where a man dreamed of walking through a garden of fruits, and he picked an apple off from a tree. A huge dog came running towards him barking, and he was extremely frightened, and woke up crying for help. He wanted to eat the forbidden fruit and yet is afraid of his conscience and opinions of others. This is the meaning of the dream.

The relationship between the dog and human, is particularly close. Whether in fairy tales or in real life, everyone knows the stories of dogs saving is masters. Dogs are man’s best friends and a good partner. A dog’s sense of smell is better, “the spirit of the dog nose”, which means some things cannot be concealed from others, therefore, dogs can be represented as a detective or espionage. Comparing dogs with cats, human tends to give dogs more freedom when compared to cats, as the owner feels more comfortable and safe when the dog is out, that is also why the dog is also a symbol of loyalty and sincerity.

Dogs represents justice and morality. If you dream of being bitten by a dog, it may be that you have done something wrong, resulting a sense of punishment;

Dogs are man’s faithful friend, they are loyal to their masters and vicious to the enemies. In the dream, it is the incarnation of friends, on the other hand, it also represents another inner self, perhaps the dreamer is caught in an extreme contradiction situation in life.

Let’s look at the specific analysis of the dreams: Dreaming of being bitten by the dreamer’s own dog, will cause a loss in money, conflicts with friends, there may be a risk of fraud, it is a precursor to a huge loss of money.

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