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Dream meanings of death

dream meanings of death

Dream meanings of death

Psychology overview on dream meanings of death

Death is the end of the old and the new. It exists in the form of the existing form of the beginning, and may represent the end of a period of emotions. It marked the beginning of a new phase of life.

A death dream is a new beginning, it is also disappear and symbolic ends. Such dreams of death marked the end of a period and also marked the abandonment of certain parts of self. When there is a change in our lives, we will have such a dream. It is a sign of our decision.

This dream would have been with us for years, to remind us that the once abandoned things still exist, and may also come back at some point.

Dream meanings of death from ancient oriental dream experts

The below are extracted from the ancient oriental dream analysis experts, this site does not agree with this view and they are for reference only.

Dream of unknown people that were killed, it indicates that the dreamer has lost his or her vigor and vitality.

Dreamed of someone you know dies, it means that these people are losing vitality.

Dream of the death of yourself, meaning that the dreamer feels like a “Living Death” and felt like a “walking corpse”.

Dreaming of death of an enemy means the dreamer is living a stable life, and is not afraid to be disturbed by the enemy. The dreamer will also get some generous, loyal and reliable friends.

Death also symbolizes “the forgotten”, eliminates, overcome and so on.

A lovelorn woman always dreamed of her former boyfriend, then one day she dreamed that her boyfriend died. At the time, she did not have anything to make her worry about him. She had hardly heard a word from him. Death here is meaning of forgetting, it means that the girl has forgotten about him .

Psychology of death dreams from dream experts

Do not be afraid of death dream, whether you die in a dream yourself or the people around you are in life-threatening situation. It just means that you have to make decisions from choices that you have been deliberating for some time, and this decision will take you out of trouble.

Romantically, the dream means your love troubles are finally over. But this does not mean loneliness is around the corner, but there are some new love for you to indulge.

Do you have a death experience in your dreams? If you dream that you are going to die, do you know what it means yet? In general, the way of death in the dreams are as the following:

  • Cancer deaths.
  • In criminals plot .
  • Suicide deaths.
  • Death in sleep.

A lot of people have had the experience of dreaming of death. People who usually have these kinds of dreams, are in fact afraid of death, which is a normal reaction when human faces death.

There are a thousand kinds of death. Different deaths have different meanings, and mean differently to different people. When you dream of your own death, do not be nervous. It could be that there are relatives and friends who may have recently died, or you have watched television or read books about death. These are some reactions you have towards death. These reactions vary depending on each individual and usually you can see the outlook on death of that individual based on these dreams.

Dream of cancer death

Dreamed that you died of cancer. You may have witnessed the death of relatives and friends of cancer. These impressions remain deep in your subconscious and you will have a long time down the impact. If your own health is not in tip top condition, you will usually be paranoid and very prone to this dream. In theory, this is your panic reaction to cancer and it should not imply that you have cancer. If you are worried, you can go for check ups.

Dream of a plotted death by criminals

It is a miserable way to die. This dreamer may have hidden some kind of unknown guilt in the subconscious. Maybe you have done something a little too overboard and have put to heart. That is why in the dream, you suffer this fate. It could also be that there are no sense of security to your life and with your nervousness, it is easy fantasy this tragedy from social news.

Dream of a suicide death

It is most likely that you are facing a lot of pressure in the real world. There is no chance to commit suicide and courage, so the dream to commit suicide is to relieve the pressure.

Another possibility is that you are very unhappy in real life. No one cares about you and everyone is cold, so the dream of suicide means, to draw all the attention and this is your desire.

Another possibility is that you are in a state of lost love. You are depressed and feel life is meaningless and want to escape, but could not. You had to make a dream to get to vent this pent-up frustration in subconsciousness.

Fundamentally, in such dreams, you will think of suicide as a lot of benefits, it is to end yourself and is a spiritual liberation.

Dream of a death in sleep

In the subconscious, you must have been afraid of death. Fear has been the arrival of death in the subconscious, so this dream will die comfortable. Usually the elderly people will have this kind of dream.

You have been rejecting death and can not accept the reality that you will die. This has made you anxious and this dream is to comfort yourself. Your subconscious desire to die comfortably and to escape the threat of death. In fact, you do not want a death in sleep, you are just using this method to reduce your stress so that you can live without worries.

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