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Dream of dog dying

dream of dog dying

Dream of dog dying

The meaning of the dream of dog dying

Dog dying is a sad and depress thing, and to dream of dog dying, it indicates a loss of wealth, or even bankruptcy, as dogs are auspicious animals. In the past, people like to name the dogs “Wang Cai” which means “Lucky in Money” in Mandarin; The dream also indicates that the dreamer is feeling depressed lately in life, and it could be related to relationships, a tiring relationship has led to a tiring feeling, physically and mentally draining. It is a reminder to the dreamer to adjust the mentality, being relax is most important;

Dream of stewing and eating dog meat, indicates bankruptcy, especially by being dragged into the trouble of classmates or relatives;

Dream of dog leaving the home, indicates loss of assets, or son or daughters being frightened by dogs, or some movements in the career;

Dream of losing a dog and crying incessantly, indicates to the dreamer that whatever is unjustifiable, unreasonable, and foolhardy will turn to naught in the end, if not careful, you may even lose your job, getting into conflicts with others or enduring the torture of bad luck. It is a reminder to the dreamer to always plan carefully in details, and not act recklessly, being cautious can bring safety in life;

Dream of regaining a lost dog, something to rejoice about, indicates the thing that dreamer has throw himself/herself fully into will proceed smoothly, and brought about this auspicious dream.

If a pregnant woman dream of regaining a lost dog, it indicates that after nine months of carrying the baby, it will be a smooth delivery, and bring joy to the whole family.

If a newly married couple dream of regaining a lost dog, it indicates that the dreamer will get pregnant as per scheduled;

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