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Ghost dream meaning

ghost dream meaning

Ghost dream meaning

Dreaming is a normal physiological phenomenon, a lot of people dream of ghosts, like having the ghost within you, ghost pressing down on the body. Some people will refer to the ancient Chinese Dream Dictionary to find answers when they are confused of the dream. So what is the Ghost dream meaning in life? and what does the Ghost in the dream represents? According to psychoanalysis, representatives of modern psychologists, classified the ghosts based on a person’s mental and emotional condition, and believe that the shape of the ghost is some form of emotional expression. Dreaming of ghosts, largely reflects the psychological fear and shadows, and it is difficult to let go. Psychologist thinks that the “ghosts” is a product of repression, the embodiment of a long-term accumulation of negative emotions.

Dreaming of ghosts

The content below is an extract from the analysis of ancient oriental dream experts, this site does not share these views, and it is for reference only.

The Devil is the Enemy

The devil represents danger and enemies. Dream of demons, is a reminder to the dreamer to pay attention daily, as there may be danger;

Dream of fighting with the devil, inauspicious, indicates that the enemy or competitor will bring loss;

Dream of chatting with the devil, indicates that the dreamer is easily hooked and may get into some silly issues;

Dream of someone chatting with the devil, indicates that the enemies of the dreamer will combine and create a bigger problem;

Monsters are inauspicious

Monsters represent bad things, fear, worry about the happening of bad things;

Dream of monsters indicate that the dreamer may encounter danger;

Dream of attacking monster, is auspicious, indicates that the dreamer is able to avert trouble due to proactive preparation;

Dream of running away from Monsters, indicates that the dreamer has fear and wanted to run away more than facing the issue at hand;

Dream of monsters in the yard, indicates that troubles will be gone;

Dream of being chased by Ghost

Dream of ghosts represents the trauma and inner fear of something; Dream of skulls represents oppression in life, usually the skull represents low energy, and monotonous life; Dream of monsters, is accompanied by a sad sign, dream of being hunt by ghosts, indicates stress, low energy, and life is not fulfilling.

Dream of being captured by Ghost

Dream of being captured by Ghost, indicates your ambitions in the social activities, or you wish to get cheered by everyone, and to get attention from others through Ghosts, especially in your subconscious, you think that if you are captured by Ghosts, all the attention will be focused on you. This way, you will achieve the motive of having all the attention on you. In fact, the reason why you were afraid of the ghost in the dream, is to show your helplessness, you are not afraid of ghosts, you are afraid that people do not pay attention to you, and you are only using the Ghost to disguise your motive.

In-depth understanding of Ghosts

Are there Ghosts in this world? Do you believe in the existence of Ghosts and Monsters in this world?

Using an objective and balanced view, dematerialised Ghosts do not exist. You may think that you can see it, but in most films on real ghosts and monsters, they are only vague images. So from Science perspectives, there are no Ghosts in the world. However, within each of us psychologically, Ghosts do exist, and especially within those who are weak in the health psychologically.

Psychologists think that Ghosts are a form of repression, a form created by long-term depression.

Our fear towards Ghosts come from our lack of understanding of them, another source that increase our fear is that we think we are not able to get rid of Ghosts. Fear is a strong feeling that we often have while having Ghosts dreams. The reason why the dreamer is afraid is because other than the scary appearance of the Ghost, it mostly comes from the fear towards the unknown, mysterious and uncertainty.

Advice to friends who often dream of ghosts, when you really accept the Ghosts, and face them with sincerity, and understand them, I believe you would be able to change your views on them and this Ghost will slowly disappear from your heart and dreams.

Dream of long hair Ghost wearing white

The long hair Ghost wearing white is usually formed by depression.

In general, a floating pale long hair Ghost wearing white is commonly formed by depression. Like “Sadako” from “The Ring” is a very good example, “Long hair” represents the love that they need, “White” is the lack of life vitality and “Floating” represents unreal.

Dream of a ferocious Ghost

The ferocious Ghost in the dreams is usually formed by anger.

In dreams, the next most commonly found Ghosts are the ones with ferocious appearance, long teeth, with blood, and these Ghost images are usually formed by anger. Their looks are meant to scare people. Another type of Ghosts with long teeth look beautiful on the appearance, and these are commonly known as the vampires, and vampires represents the love exploitation of others. Usually those who dream of Vampires are deprived of love in real life. There is another type of beautiful and charming ghosts, but are usually accompanied by dirty things, like worms, dirty fluids, these types of ghosts are slutty and are often a symbol of psychosexual disorder.

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