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How to stop nightmares

how to stop nightmares

How to stop nightmares

The reasons of having Nightmares

Regardless of what kind of dream, there are external causes (the objective factor) for it, and internal causes (subjective):

External causes (that is, the objective condition) include: Bed comfort, pillow height, the thickness of blanket or quilt, sleeping posture and sleep position (under the influence of the Earth’s magnetic field), and also includes some of the body’s disease.

Internal causes (subjective) include: The stress from studying, a strong impression from a novel or a film, someone or something that happened in the surrounding.

Many people often have nightmares, dreaming of his own throat being held by someone, extreme fear, not able to shout, not able to move. Not feeling good after waking up from Nightmares. Some even suffere from depression, and get paranoid all day, worry whole day, and have the anxiety tendency.

Why do people dream? Science has not yet been able to resolve the dream’s physiological and psychological mechanisms satisfactorily, but there are two points that are confirmed: One is the external stimulus, that can cause a dream. For example, some scholars had ice water poured on a group of sleepers and flashing lights on as well as using sound to stimulate the group of sleepers, respectively. They found that these three kinds of stimulus are included in the dreams in the ratio of 42%, 23% and 9%; The other is what you think about in the day, will become a dream at night. Many Scientists who have studied the content of the dream found that dreams often takes the experiences of the day. From these two points of views, it is not difficult to discover, that as a type of dream, there are at least two aspects to Nightmares:

  1. The body has contracted some disease that have not yet been discovered. In general, when diseases occur, there will always be certain symptoms. However, at the beginning of the occurrence of the disease, due to the condition of weak stimuli, when awake, the stimulating information of the disease is quite weak, and this stimulate weak disorder can cause cerebral cortex excitability, which will appear in a dream, the emergence of various morbid horror experience.
  1. Strongly repressed emotions that happened in the day. An American psychologist has reported such an instance: A woman often dream of waves pushing her into the sea, while others are away from her, she was always stunned, and too weak to even shout ‘Help’. Psychologists investigation: The burden of the woman’s work and heavy housework, and often a strong sense of not able to achieve despite putting efforts, but do not want to ask people around for help. The sinister scene in the dream, is her life, depicting the plight of the status. Psychologists told her that as long as she can get rid of tension and sense of oppression in life, she can bid farewell to her nightmares. Dreams can not always be pleasant, some people often have nightmares. The root cause of nightmares are still psychological problems: Because the heart is suppressed, anxiety, depression, conflicts or life disorders caused by cerebral cortex activity disorder. Nightmares are just manifestations of these reasons.

The following recommendations are for Friends who are often troubled by Nightmares

  1. Dispel the unnecessary concerns of Nightmares. On the relationship between dreams and psychosis, Scientists have conducted in-depth research and found that dreams have nothing to do with mental illnesses.
  1. Relax before bedtime. Do not worry too much or read the novel as it will cause strong mood swings, and do not recall painful memories. Before sleep, drink a glass of milk, listen to music to help sleep quality.
  1. Learn to hint to yourself, and build a proactive psychological defense. Do not blame yourself for all the unpleasant things in life. When you are not able to change reality, learn to accept it. Treat the painful experiences as rich life lessons; Think more of your strengths and advantages, be more proactive in psychological defense
  1. Cure the root of diseases. For the nightmares created by health diseases, it is important to cure the diseases as soon as possible, do not self prescribe medication and seek proper help.
  1. Find the cause of problems in life. For problems at home, learning and schools, you should be more proactive to resolve the problems as soon as possible, because the unhappiness are usually the important causes of nightmares. For example, making use of good learning methods, building good relationships with classmates and teachers will reduce the stress and the frequency of nightmares.

Driving away Nightmares Method 1:

Are you often harassed by nightmares and unable to enjoy the gentle night scene? Whenever woken up from a nightmare, you are not able to go back to sleep because you are too scared of the terrible scene from the nightmare? Now all these will be the past, because we will teach you some methods to eliminate the nightmares, and guaranteed to make you sleep through the night all the way till Morning.

  1. Before going to sleep, it is best not to watch horror movies, television shows, or listen to horror stories: These materials are often the source of nightmares. If you have had similar experiences, you will find that many terrible nightmares come from things you have seen or heard, and the Ghosts or Monsters in the nightmares are usually the leading characters of those stories, and thus try to keep a peaceful and calm state of mind before going to sleep.
  1. Change your sleeping posture: Do not let the weight of the quilt to get too heavy, or put your hands on the chest, or covering up your head to sleep. These incorrect habits will make you feel like there is a rock of pressure in the chest, and cause difficulty in breathing. Thus, due to physical discomfort, the chances of nightmares have greatly increased.
  1. Will training method: Do not forget that it is still you who dominates and design your dreams. In your nightmares, do not exhibit an overly panic-stricken demeanor, but to summon the courage to confront the scary scene, and become a hero in the dream. After several exercises, the nightmare will be overcome. Although the dream took place in the subconscious, but by the behest of training, you can still change its content, so that it will go towards the direction of peace and adapt to your life.
  1. Repeated rehearsal method: This is to be done after waking up. You can repeatedly recall the experience of the nightmare as much as possible, to review the content of the situation, and if allowed, repeatedly speak out or write it down, through constant rehearsal, it will make you quickly adapt the content of dream. If the same dream happen again, you have already become accustomed to it, and it will not be surprising, and not worthy of your fear and your normal life and work.

Quickly end the lack of sleep state due to your nightmares, do not let your boss and co-workers see you sleepily and yawning big, starting from tonight, you can try the following methods that we are going to introduce to you, and maintain adequate sleep easily, and meet the next day for breakfast feeling invigorate.

Driving away Nightmares Method 2:

First, drink enough water or herbal tea per day, which will help the body to better absorb nutrients. Especially at the time of fatigue, herbal tea is the best choice. If you have to drink hot tea or coffee, do not exceed a maximum of three cups a day, and at drink them before 12:00 noon everyday. Thus, caffeine will not hinder the body’s absorption of iron, calcium and minerals.

Eating enough whole grains and protein per day is also important, as the lack of any of these can cause fatigue. Chicken, fish, eggs, etc. are important sources of protein. Whole grains (to prepare a package of graham crackers in the office) contains a lot of minerals and vitamins, such as magnesium and vitamins B, can give energy to people.

If poor sleep is one of the reasons that cause fatigue, then you should eat dinner early. For example, in the afternoon around 6:30pm, so there is more time to digest. In addition, you should not drink caffeinated drinks after 12:00 noon, such as Coca Cola and coffee, etc.

Try not to drink alcohol at night and persist for several weeks. Because alcohol can dehydrate the body, and also interfere with blood glucose levels which will affect sleep. However, eating too little, and have the stomach growling, will also affect sleep negatively. So if you are hungry before bedtime, you can eat some small food. But the choice should be easily absorbed and helps sleep, food that are rich in protein and lactose, such as milk, and in addition, bananas and digestive biscuits are also good choices.

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