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Pig dream meaning

Pig dream meaning

Pig dream meaning

Psychology overview of pig dream meaning

The pigs in the dreams are often representing the current situation of the dreamer’s career and living condition. Pig dreams are usually auspicious dreams and especially if the pigs are fat and honest, it indicates that the dreamer do not have any worries about his or her living conditions, and will have great progress in the career, as well as having good wealth luck.

If you are dreaming of a pig giving birth to a bunch of piglets, it means that there will be great returns in career and success is near. There is another meaning that the dreamer may be having a child soon.

To dream of getting bitten by the pig or chased by the pig, it indicates that the dreamer is not having it smooth in the career path and is overwhelmed by stress.

To summarize, the pig in the dream represents wealth and career. If the pig in the dream is adorable and friendly, it indicates that in reality, the dreamer is having a good life; Otherwise, if the pig is vicious and malicious, then it indicates that in reality, the dreamer is facing a lot of obstacles and difficulties.

Dream of pigs

Dreaming of a fat pig, is a sign of a prosperous life, indicating that the dreamer is progressing smoothly in work and career, with victory in sight;

Dream of a lean pig, indicates the current difficult life of the dreamer, and everything has been slow in progress;

Dreaming of a house full of pigs, indicates that the dreamer will achieve breakthroughs in all aspects of life;

Dream of a pig squealing, indicates that the pig is going to get slaughtered, it is an ominous message symbolizing that the dreamer will be receiving unpleasant news;

Dreaming of a pig getting slaughtered, this is a bad dream, it indicates that the dreamer is having difficulties in life;

Dream of pig leaping towards you, indicates obstacles in career and there is another saying that the dreamer will fall sick;

Dreaming of chasing after a pig, indicates that the dreamer needs work harder to gain success, and hard work will pay off;

Dream of hounds chasing after a pig, means that the dreamer may encounter theft and robbery, and there may be a loss of wealth;

Dreaming of sow leading a bunch of piglets, indicates an increase in wealth, or population;

Ancient oriental dream dictionary

Dream of slaughtering pigs is an auspicious sign, but to dream of the pig to die by itself, then it is a bad omen;

Dream of pig turning into a human, indicates that there may be lawsuits;

Dreaming of pig or goat scratching itch, indicates that there may be quarrels;

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