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What it means to dream of being chased

dream of being chased

What it means to dream of being chased

Psychology overview on dream of being chased

Dream of being chased means that the dreamer there is a pressure that is too large in the dreamer’s real life, and it usually refers to psychological conflict, feeling the pinch of panic, anxiety emotional stability, emotional conflict, not liking the work, leading to nerves being too tight, oppression nowhere release. The killer in the dream is the source of stress, and sometimes it can be caused by uncomfortable position during sleep, such as the nose is covered by blankets, heavy quilts on the chest, will create such nightmares; Being hunted in the night symbolizes darkness and depression, if the sense of direction is not strong, it means that there is a sense of confusion, the dreamer will feel more confused; If you feel more terror in the dreams, it indicates that the greater the pressure is of the dreamer. The outcome of the dream often is a symbol of the way the dreamer resolve this conflict, as well as a psychological reaction to treat the problem that needs to be addressed at this time. To dream of being chased, often reflect the dreamer’s attitude of doing things deep inside, when faced with pressure.

Meanings of dream of being chased

When dream of being chased, and the choice is to run away in the dream, it shows that the dreamer has a lot of pressure in reality, and still has not sorted out any clue to solve the problem. He or she is often at a loss and quite tangled at heart, and is afraid to face reality. There is a pessimistic psychological escape and to escape blindly. Until the problem is resolved, he or she will always be hunted;

If the choice is to be brave to face the battle, it suggests that the dreamer will choose to face any pressure of reality, and any thorny issues that arise. He or she might have found a solution, and are actively trying to solve the issue as soon as possible;

If the choice is to play dead or hide from the bad guys or the beast’s attention, it shows that the dreamer is temporarily helpless in the current situation, and can only choose to ignore, and is in often in self-deception. It is a way to free up some blind instinctive impulse or pressure, and to add some reasonable camouflage, they will usually find a variety of excuses so that they do not feel anxious, and so over time the environmental recognition know will be distorted. In fact, he or she is just living in a state of “half-closed eyes”, and just suggesting that the dreamer’s personality is generally weak;

If getting bitten or killed in the end, it means that the dreamer cannot withstand the pressure of reality, or could not find a way to solve the problem. The dreamer has already compromised and no longer has the fighting motivation;

If the choice is to suicide in the end of the dream, it suggests that the dreamer has been forced to the point, where the dreamer is completely compromised in reality, it means that the dreamer has given up fighting psychologically;

If there is no fear but having fun in the dream of being chased, it suggests that the dreamer’s life is too monotonous, very boring, and need some fundamental changes;

If you wanted to run, but unable to run in the dream, it reflects the dreamer’s self-perception that they do not have the ability to escape the dangerous pressures in life, feeling helpless and could only watch as problems escalate to the state that can not be resolved. It could also be due to poor sleep posture of the dreamer during sleep, so they could run to escape the dream;

Dream of being chased, but ended up shaking hands with the enemy instead. The dream is to remind the dreamer to bury the hatchet. It is a gift of wisdom to the dreamer, perhaps using the same way in reality, the conflict can be solved;

Dream of being chased and ended up killing the chaser, it shows that the dreamer is feeling contradictory and tangled with the pressure in reality, but they can still find the root cause of the problem, and believe they have the ability to take the most correct method to get rid of the problem;

Dream of being chased and killed, and came back from the dead. This means the birth of a new self. Young people need to grow and necessary to pursue a new self, so young people are more likely to have dreams on killings and deaths. These dreams have the meaning of regeneration.

Dream of being chased by strangers

Dream of fighting with those who are chasing to kill you, shows that the dreamer’s inner feelings are intertwined or contradictions;

Dream of being in a military war, it could mean that the dreamer has emotional problems, stress, mental anxiety, inner insecurity, and have fear and want to escape in real life;

Dream of escaping with a child and was later rescued by two people, it means that no matter how difficult the time is, there will be twists and turns for the better;

Dream of being chased by many people, but did not get killed. It means that the dreamer may be in difficult times, however, they are able to safely get through. After the disaster, there will be a blessing;

Dream of being hunted down, shows that the dreamer wants to erase the past disgraceful history. Many people have dual characters, the dreamer wants to change the poor shortcomings, and hope to have a makeover;

Dream of being chased by someone you know

Dream of being chased by people you know, suggests that the dreamer may have problems in relationships. There may be some quarrels between the dreamer and the killer in the dream, or the killer may be someone that is competing money with the dreamer;

Dream of being chased by relatives, suggests that the dreamer may be competing for inheritance.

Dream of being chased by animals

Dream of being chased by animals, represents the dreamer’s recent mental pressure. The animal chasing after the dreamer is the problem that the dreamer do not want to face up to in reality, or the heart desires, or the accumulation of negative emotions, stress, fear heart, conscience or their values, or their own memories, anxiety and a painful symbol;

Dream of being chased by cute little animals, suggests that it may be because the dreamer has hurt small animals before, which led to their inner guilt, and to remind the dreamer that animal is also a life, and should take good care of the animals;

Dream of being hunted down ferocious animals, suggests that the dreamer may be afraid of retaliation by the enemy;

Dream of using weapons to fight back the chasers, but unable to beat the chaser to death. It suggests that the dreamer, when in the face of tremendous pressure and danger, the methods used can not correctly solve the problem, crisis and pressure;

Dream of turning into the Phoenix and being hunted down, suggesting that the dreamer may have difficulties, but there will be aid to help them tide over the difficulties. It also implies that the dreamer, have to pay attention to their own safety in the coming days as there may be intention of surprise or danger;

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