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4 Factors That Affect Your Wealth Luck

Your Wealth Luck

4 Factors That Affect Your Wealth Luck

Your wealth luck is largely influenced by personal habits and living environment, if you can not develop a good habit that attracts the God of Wealth, or your Feng Shui is not arranged to the liking of the God of Wealth, it would be difficult to accumulate wealth.

Not disciplined enough when managing money

Wealth is also a form of energy. The difference of attitude in dealing with wealth will make a significant impact on your wealth luck. For example, many people are willing to pay higher costs, in the pursuit of wealth. With a strong desire for wealth, they are able to attract better wealth luck, and thus, the wealth accumulation.

There is another type, where although eager to gain wealth, they are not disciplined when dealing with wealth, and because of the lack of respect towards money and no effort being put in, they will not get very good wealth luck. Therefore, if you want a good fortune, you must start from the small things. Such as not disregarding the small changes you get from buying things; Spending money with restraint; Develop a reasonable financial plan.

Not easy to get along

Some people pull a long face, some are proud, some people are indifference to others…Such people give the energy field of vicious and withdrawn, and thus unapproachable. Being with such people will cause a lot of problems, and so affect what we do. Therefore, it is always good to be kind and maintain a positive attitude to attract the God of Wealth’s blessing. After all, who does not like “harmony”?

Waste of Water

There is a Chinese saying “The mountain represents human and the water represents wealth”. The water that is related to wealth does not limit to river, reservoir, sea, ocean, lake, but also refers to the water at home, such as: tap water, fish tank water, drinking water, bottled water from supermarket and so on.

Some people take a long time in washing dishes and bathing; Throw away bottled water only after drinking a few mouthful. These wasting habits are losing wealth luck.

Feng Shui that Loses Wealth Luck

If the formation of your house Feng Shui has the main door directly facing the back door without any blockages in between to stop the energy from accumulating within the house, it is difficult to retain the wealth luck energy. At the same time, it will also affect the spending habits of the people living in the house, causing them to spend whatever they earn.

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