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4 Feng Shui for love tips

Feng Shui for Love

4 Feng Shui for love tips

Are you celebrating Singles Day today? Have your love relationships been going sweetly well or is it rough and rugged? Ever wonder Why there is often a third-party involved in your relationships, or there’s always a hassle constantly? You are likely to make the following Feng Shui taboos for love. If you want to save your love luck, hurry to check your bedroom furnished it with our 4 Feng Shui for love tips today!

Having a concrete wall at the head of the bed, ensures a stable love relationship

The best placement for the bed, is not to be under any ceiling beams and against a wall or between bedside tables. As there is a reliance on the side of the bed, it signifies the reliance and dependency of both parties, and will cause a stable and long-term relationship; On the contrary, if there is nothing to rely on both sides of the bed, it signifies that there are no reliance and represents no help in relationships and prone to setbacks.

Feng Shui suggestion

In addition to selecting the bedside nightstand, and have the bed against a wall, it is best to place the bed away from windows.

Too many decorations on the ceilings, will cause faithlessness

There should not be any fancy chandelier or ceiling fan hung above the bed, because not only will it cause the people who sleep on the bed to feel oppression and have mental weaknesses, it also creates “rotten peach blossom” bad love luck. After sometime, the partners will drift apart and may even have faithless phenomenon!

Feng Shui suggestion

Do not hang any non-lighting items or lighting above the whole bed. The lightings in the bedroom should not be too fanciful or colorful. The simpler, the better the lighting, colour of the light is optimal for warm yellow.

Sharp items in the bedroom may cause quarrels easily

Avoid placing sharp-shaped items in the bedroom. These items may bring quarrels and resulting in a lot of unnecessary disputes, and you may lose your passion in love because of these fights.

Feng Shui suggestion

Hide away all sharp-shaped items. Place more round or circular shaped items and those that symbolizes harmony in the room.

Rectangular or square shaped beds will enable stable relationships

On Feng Shui for love, it is good for the bed to have corners. Having a round or polygonal bed, will cause worries or inexplicable worries within the relationships, resulting in mutual interaction on the restless and suspicious. In addition, it is easy to provoke “Rotten Peach Blossoms” luck, so that the problem clusters and make the road of the relationship even more bumpy.

Feng Shui suggestion

Select beds with corners, be it square or rectangular, as long as it is picked by the couple together, it will make the love sweeter!

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