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4 Good luck tips for office workers – Tulipa Xanadu

good luck tips for office

4 Good luck tips for office workers – Tulipa Xanadu

Every office workers want to show their skills in the workplace and in addition to the ability to improve, office Feng Shui factors are as important! So let us explore the 4 Good luck tips for office Feng Shui below.

Keep the work environment clean and tidy

After a busy day, it is unavoidable to have a messy work environment. Therefore, do some simple cleaning every day before you start work or get off work. Place the Office supplies in their little order. A rearranged desk will give the feeling of order and improve the surrounding energy field, at the same time straighten out fortune.

Try to avoid sharp objects

Try to avoid having sharp objects on display in the office, as these things can easily lead to frictions and disputes. They will cause competitive attitude and harsh commentaries. As such, obstruct the development of the career.

Use of make up

The mental state is very important for both males and females. For the females, do a good job at the facial makeup and grooming work. For men, shave and groom to create a spirited refreshed look and good luck will follow.

Place green ornaments on the desk

Green is the most opulent color. So placing green decorations can help to create a good office Feng Shui. They could be green pieces of accessories or green office supplies. A bowl of foliage round, strong vitality of the green plant, will flourish their career fortune.

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