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5 Must haves for good Love luck

good Love luck

5 Must haves for good Love luck

It is not difficult to start getting good Love luck with the use of daily items. With the right use of these items, you may even get unexpected great results! Check out below on our Feng Shui for love tips.


Focusing on the color of the bag and so on. In general, for girls who have water elements as favorable in their Birth Chart, carrying black or dark blue bags will achieve the results of promoting marriage luck; Those with wood element as favorable, wearing green and light blue bags will get them the edge of marriage; Those with fire element as favorable, wearing red or purple bags will be able to get good marriage luck; Those who have earth element as favorable, wearing yellow or coffee colored bags can help promote marriage luck, and for those who have metal element as favorable, wearing white and silver bags can help their love luck.


Focus on the fingers to wear the ring.
Because the woman’s right hand represents themselves and left hand represents her husband. In general, females wearing rings on the right hand represents premarital and if worn on the left hand, it is more representative of marriage. Usually, girls wearing a ring on the right hand index finger can enhance their positive edge on love, and wearing on the thumb or little finger, is the easy way to get bad love luck.


Focusing on the bracelet material and so on.
As the bracelet material is different, the corresponding five elements will be different. The role of material will also be different based on the birthday characters. There is a need to choose the appropriate material bracelet based on your birth chart, so that life of the five lines are more balanced and there will be more circulation, so that good love luck will come naturally.


Focusing on the shape and location of placements.
Crystals have the ability to gather energy in the study of Feng Shui. It represents a way to attract love luck in the relationship aspects. at the same time, Feng Shui place heavy emphasis on “Image”, and round would represents complete, reunion, etc. In general, crystals are used in residential Feng Shui to attract good Love luck. It is also important to place the crystals at the right place within the house according to the birth characters’ good love location.


Focus on the use of the mirror.
There is an old saying, “with the copper as a mirror, you can dress”. In the home Feng Shui, with a reasonable placement and use of the mirror, you can enhance the career and love fortune for females. The specific requirements are: First, for the girls to enhance love luck, there should be at least two types of mirrors. One should be fixed on the right side of the bed; the other side is to carry around, and be sure to place in the hidden place. Second, each mirror should not be used less than twice a day, and do not let others see when you are using it. Thirdly, beware of broken mirrors.

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