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Feng Shui Wealth Tips

Feng Shui Wealth

Feng Shui Wealth Tips

To gather money is to attract money energy and there is a need to attract money. To attract wealth is one of the most important point for Home Feng Shui Wealth. A good home Feng Shui for wealth will make the family have a certain rate of increase in wealth fortune.

Secrets of Feng Shui Wealth tips for home

Master Bedroom

The layout of the master bedroom must complement with the house decoration, it should not face any windows directly, nor be too close; There should not be any beam at the ceiling top, nor facing any bedroom doors; It is also a taboo to not lean against the wall, as this will signify a lost of any backings.

Living Room

In general, the diagonal 45 degrees position from the main entrance of the living room, is the so-called “Wealth Sector”. Place items that are conducive to wealth at this location, such as a strong vitality broad-leaved green plants, evergreen, keel, Pachira, gold Ge, etc. This can add to the home lively vitality to achieve wealth enhancement effect.


In the Feng Shui, there is also a saying that the Kitchen is where the treasury of the house is. It mainly controls the internal wealth. It is best for the location of the kitchen to be in the second half of the house, so that it would be easy to hold the wealth in. The rear of the stove should not be open, so as not to affect wealth luck.


It is best to have these as hidden as possible. Do not face the main entrance of the house directly. It should not be in the middle of the house, nor should it be at any auspicious position of the house. Similarly, it should not face any bedrooms directly.

Other Feng Shui Wealth tips


In the home wealth sector, place five colors (white green black and yellow) crystals, you can increase your popularity and wealth, wage earners can also get a raise or promotion;

Qi Lin (麒麟)

Good home luck can benefit career luck. You can place a pair of Qi Lin (麒麟) at home, to enhance your home luck. Qi Lin can not only enhance wealth, it can also bring you babies. Nowadays, people are stressed and due to many other reasons, have late pregnancy, placing a pair of Qi Lin (麒麟) can help increase your chances of pregnancy. Ensure that both Qi Lin are facing outwards.

Red Carpet

For those who wants to get a promotion, a pay raise, start a business or get some money, stick a piece of red paper with the word “财” (wealth) written in Golden ink, on the north side of your home. Then move the bed head towards the South. Place a red mat below the end of bed, this can help your career and increase the effectiveness of indirect wealth.

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