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Geography is the theoretical basis of FengShui


Geography is the theoretical basis of FengShui

It was mentioned in I Ching, the book of changes, “Raise your head for astronomy and look downwards for geography”, Fengshui is derived from observing geography. It can be also said that in ancient China, geography is an important foundation of the Fengshui theory. Basic Fengshui geography is reflected in five areas: topographical maps, hydrology, climate, meteorology, soil and prospecting.

When Fengshui masters audit for Fengshui, they usually bring along with them a map as a tool, and use it to draft up a Fengshui map, to represent the Dragon vein thought theory, the relationship between the Star and the terrain surrounding the grave or geographical environment and the urban environment. The most famous Fengshui map is “China 3 biggest Dragon Stems” map.

In Fengshui, it is said that all the “mountain veins” come from the source of KunLun Mountain in China, and of these, the 3 main “mountain veins” are found within China. There are main mountain veins and branches of the mountain veins, in Fengshui theory, they are the “Dragon Stem” and “Dragon Branch”, and within China, there lies the 3 biggest main “Mountain veins” and they are China 3 big “Dragon Stems”. The 3 “Dragon Stems” are the boundaries of South China Sea, Yangtze River, Yellow River and Yalu River. Wherein, the “North Dragon Stem” passed by the Yin Mountain, Helan Mountain, and from Beijing into the sea, it’s “Dragon Branch” is Hengshan, Taihang and Yanshan. The central “Dragon Stem” passed through Sichuan into the central plains, and finally ended up in the sea, and its “Dragon Branch” is ZhongnanShan, HuaShan, Taishan and Songshan. The southern “Dragon Stem” passed through Yunnan, into Hunan. and its “Dragon Branch” is WulingShan, HengShan, Lushan and Tianmu mountain.

The water theory in Fengshui study includes the hydrology water system, underground water system and quality.

The Sunlight and Wind theory in Fengshui study is mainly about the climate and meteorological knowledge. When Fengshui Masters select locations, they will note
the hidden wind and wind blocking locations, it is to avoid the cold wind, and not the warm wind, to create a small comfortable and warm environment. When people are selecting houses, they usually choose houses that sits in north and facing south, this is the manifestation from this theory.

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