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Shoes Feng Shui: Stop throwing your shoes around!

Shoes Feng Shui

Shoes Feng Shui: Stop throwing your shoes around!

Taking off shoes and changing them into slippers for home has become a habit of many friends. One reason is to relax the feet that ran the whole day, and secondly to maintain the hygiene and health of the home.

Although it is a good habit to remove your shoes upon stepping into your home, but what to do with them after removing is a problem. Some friends just throw them in the balcony, living room and even bedrooms for convenience, and this is not desirable.

We all know that there is different energy field at different locations, and shoes as protector shield for our feet have accompanied us to various big and small places of locations, and therefore, the energy field from these places will rub off on our shoes. These energies are inevitably different from our own home, and may even clash with each other. In serious cases, they may even form a “killing” energy, and this is bad for health of the occupants in the house and will negatively affect the career and wealth prosperity as well.

How shall we then deal with the shoes that we wore outside for the whole day after we return home? Let us find out below:

Placing them outside the door

To reduce the negative energy and smell of the shoes that may affect the energy field of the home, it is important to leave the shoes outside of the house. The same goes for the jackets that you wore out, they should be hung on the stand at the door.

Keep them in the shoes cabinet

It is best not to leave the shoes on the shoe rack. The best way to deal with the shoes, in order to avoid the “evil spirits” and negative energy of the shoes that will affect the health of the occupants, is to keep them away in shoes cabinets.

It is a taboo to keep the shoes head down

Having the shoes placed head down has a significant meaning of “going downhill”. Thus, it is easy to lead to the overall decline in fortune, including career and wealth as the most obvious.

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