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I Ching 60 hexagram: Jie Gua

I Ching 16 hexagram: Jie Gua

I Ching 60 hexagram: Jie Gua

I Ching 60 hexagram (Gua)

Symbol: Its inner trigram is ☱ (兌 duì) open = (澤) swamp, and its outer trigram is ☵ (坎 kǎn) gorge = (水) water.

Name of Hexagram: Jie, “Articulating”

Other variations include “limitation” and “moderation”

“Jie” refers to thrift, save, frugal, grief and sadness that is not revealed on the surface, including no tears and so on. “Jie” Gua also contains the meaning of virginity, betrayal, disloyal, mutiny, not protecting chastity, not protecting virginity.

The career and wealth luck of “Jie” Gua are acceptable. “Jie” Gua people likes to work towards the Officer role and they do not place emphasis on money.

Its family power are a great help, resources from the grandparents are deep-rooted, complex and powerful. “Jie” Gua also represents the prominent power from the past.

Bamboos can also pass as “Master” in the Chinese character. They want to be the Master and yet at the same time they seek a Master. The condition for success of “Jie” Gua people’s career is dependent on whether they are able to find a good Master who can make use of “Jie” Gua people to full potential. The talent of “Jie” Gua people will only shine when utilised by others and not self. Therefore, “Jie” Gua people should know their own limits. They should understand that they are to be made used of. Take note to choose their own roles and positions carefully. They are good at seeking a enlightened and wise leader.

“Jie” Gua people have a betrayal side to them, in this instance, it is not a derogatory term. It depends on whether it is being used at a right balance, change at the right degree, defections of the darkness, choosing the right leader, and master to serve. It also includes a change in the direction of their choices.

On all aspects of development, in the course of a lifetime, its performance also showed features which prosper over time, blocked at some times, the level of thinking is sometimes high and sometimes low. These features are very obvious. “Jie” Gua people tend to have a literary talent.

On health, “Jie” Gua people are prone to blockage of heart and cerebral vascular. Joints and cervical spine are vulnerable to issues. Suitable to grow or plant bamboo at home, especially when in poor health. It is important to take good care of the bamboo and not neglect it.

When other Guas meet the year of “Jie” Gua luck, there will be death in the family.

In appearance, “Jie” Gua people have the body shaped like bamboo or not tall, but they will be stocky, burly and have an upturned mouth.

In the 21st century, the “betrayal” moves towards “Xiao Chu” Gua, it is important to get “Xiao Chu” to stand on your side. You can listen to the views and advice from people who are younger.

During “Betrayal”, it is best to face “Sun” Gua, and change towards “Sun” Gua, this way, you would then be able to use “Bi” Gua.

When things do not go well, it is good to take reverse thinking, and act upon the reversal way, it can help return to things back to normal. In this case, “contrary” is not a bad way after all, for survival and development.

People who stick to their principles will face the pain of trying to protect their chastity. They are easily emotional, angry and pessimistic when compared to others. Betrayers usually feel guilty.

“Jie” Gua people likes rainy days.

“Jie” Gua people are afraid of “knots”, this refers to the various knots related to heart matters, but if they are able to break through this, they will attain enlightenment.

“Jie” Gua people tend to feel cacophonous in the heart, and a sense of emptiness. They are also very good at figuring people out.

The bamboo grove of “Jie” is close to snakes and spring.

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