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I Ching 12 hexagram: Pi Gua

I Ching 12 hexagram: Pi Gua

I Ching 12 hexagram: Pi Gua

I Ching 12 Hexagram (Gua)

Symbol: Its inner trigram is ☷ (坤 kūn) field = (地) earth, and its outer trigram is ☰ (乾 qián) force = (天) heaven.

Name of Hexagram: Pi, “Obstruction”

Other variations include “standstill (stagnation)” and “selfish persons”.

Image of the nature: No interactions between the sky and earth. The sky is high and the land is wide.

Without the interaction between the sky and the earth, the world becomes heartless. The human stays between the sky and the earth, and feels confused, lonely, helpless and lost, even the ghosts and gods will stay away. When Pi Gua comes, the people will feel trapped and could not see any future thus, giving suicidal thoughts or even the possibility of getting killed.

Pi Gua people are troglodyte, destitute, lonely, no like-minded people, deep within them is emptiness just like the void between the sky and the earth. It is advisable for them to go into the crowd and not wilderness. Especially, when alone in the wilderness, they will get into a suicidal mood.

Most Pi Gua people are always feeling trapped and are prone to committing suicides. There are not many Pi Gua people in the world. Going into the twenty first century, causing Qian 謙 Gua people to go into Pi Gua, and if their houses are facing Pi Gua, this will result in more people having suicidal thoughts.

Those who have suicidal thoughts need to help themselves! It is not that they want to die but, it is Pi Gua at work. Find the source and cure, and the situation will turn 180 degrees and improve!

Pi Gua people needs to be active to survive. Therefore, no matter which industry they are in, they should always organise social activities, the bigger the activities, the better it is for them. They have the ability to social and be diplomatic.

Whether in career or business, they are the best assistants in nature.

Lack of sexual life, and do not like to talk about boy-girl relationships.

There is no need to pay respects to any Gods or Spirits as Heaven and Earth exists before those.

Pi Gua people have to take care of their Kidneys.

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