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I Ching 13 hexagram: Tong Ren Gua

I Ching 13 hexagram: Tong Ren Gua

I Ching 13 hexagram: Tong Ren Gua

I Ching 13 Hexagram (Gua)

Symbol: Its inner trigram is ☲ (離 lí) radiance = (火) fire, and its outer trigram is ☰ (乾 qián) force = (天) heaven.

Name of Hexagram: Tong Ren, “Concording People”

Other variations include “fellowship with men” and “gathering men”

Image of the nature: The bright sun within the sky

Tong Ren Gua tells the story of, Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, the Taoyuan trio of the Three Kingdoms, and created the state of Shu. In the defeat of Guan Yu and city of Mai, Liu Bei and Zhang Fei went into big grief, and had a desire for revenge. This got Zhang Fei killed. Angered, Liu Bei mobilised the whole army of the country and attacked the State of Wu, and he was defeated in the battle of Yi Ling by the fire set on his camp. He then retreated to the city of Baidi and died due to illness.

The meaning of “Tong Ren” is extended to party of people, who come together in pursuit of common goals.

Tong Ren Gua people are eye-catching in general.

On career, they are able to depend on their peers, friends, classmates and schoolmates. It is advisable to work together with people and build on the career together.

In business, it is advisable to go into partnerships to achieve success in business, especially a three people partnership, is a typical form of success for “Tong Ren” gua people. In the event of failure, if one person fails, the other two will fail.

In Wealth achievements, “Tong Ren” gua is a “wealth luck” Gua. It’s success is through “Da You” 大有 Gua. For “Tong Ren” gua, they usually achieve career success through their wealth success. It is advisable to go into partnerships with peers, friends, colleagues, to achieve success in wealth. They will always be close to their classmates and schoolmate throughout their whole life, but will stay away from their teachers. Otherwise, it will be difficult to achieve success in their career.

Sources of wealth will usually come from afar and later part of life. The wealth accumulated after age 40, is really the start of the foundation. As the wealth grows huge, it is necessary to take care of the health, especially after the age of 60.

In modern society, it is very common to be in many forms of partnerships and cooperation. It is important to be specific in the roles assigned to each other.

On study, the failure of “Tong Ren” Gua is “Shi” 师 Gua. Therefore, “Tong Ren” gua people depends on friends and classmates for their academic learning and the relationship with their teachers are average. If otherwise, it will affect their studies negatively.

It is to their advantage to be engaged in the career of “lawyer”, “teacher”, “master” professions. It is also not advisable to be friends with lawyers.

In the style of dealing with things, the downfall of “Tong Ren” Gua is “Bi” 比 Gua, therefore, it is not advisable to fight with others and to compete. It will be difficult to attain success while in competitive industries.

“Tong Ren” gua has the foresight to do business and to promote awareness of their foresight. Avoid vicious competition and be in backward situation.

On career, “Tong Ren” gua will first get reputation followed by authority. As their authority is built on reputation, they will not have any power if reputation is not being established. Their powers are often manifested through the tools of wealth, they are suitable to go into lines that deal with money.

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