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I Ching 2 hexagram: Kun Gua

I Ching 2 hexagram: Kun Gua

I Ching 2 hexagram: Kun Gua

I Ching 2 Hexagram (Gua)

“Kun”, the 2nd Hexagram of 64 I Ching Hexagrams. Find out what I Ching 2 Hexagram is and understand its meaning and why it is the second Hexagram in line after Qian Hexagram.

I Ching 2 Symbol: Its inner trigram is ☷ (坤 kūn) field = (地) earth, and its outer trigram is identical.

Name of Hexagram: Kun, “Field”

Other variations include “Field”, “the receptive”, “acquiescence”, and “the flow”.

Image of the nature: Field, Ground, Land, 2 plots of land

Kun refers to the civilization and culture. Kun people will have successful career related to culture.

Kun people do not have development in the career, but they can be entrepreneurs and have the ability to build things from scratch. However, to be able to hold and maintain the business will not be an easy task. They usually make lateral career moves or even the new environment will be the same as the old.

Running business can bring great wealth, but the development process will be very complex, must pay attention to legitimate business, or else it is easy to go to jail.

Prone to be religious, and usually worships goddess. Likely to have a chronic disease.

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