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I Ching 26 hexagram: Da Chu Gua

I Ching 26 hexagram: Da Chu Gua

I Ching 26 hexagram: Da Chu Gua

I Ching 26 hexagram (Gua)

Symbol: Its inner trigram is ☰ (乾 qián) force = (天) heaven, and its outer trigram is ☶ (艮 gèn) bound = (山) mountain

Name of Hexagram: Da Chu, “Great Accumulating”

Other variations include “the taming power of the great”, “great storage”, and “potential energy”

“Da Chu” Gua is storage, savings, brewing and breeding.

“Da Chu” Gua have 2 special characteristics:

  • They are often fantasizing alot of unrealistic things, be it big or small matters. They love to think alot and with little actions.Their many ideas are often gone with the wind, and they love to pursue fantasy arts
  • On the other hand, they like to take precautions and prepare for rainy days, preparing over and over again, and in silence, actualized their thoughts or projects

They have the habit of drinking and are often prone to excessive drinking.

They are vulnerable to have injuries and illnesses but, will not have to fear of their lives.

They usually get light injuries when met with accidents, and will have lesser serious accidents in life.

They are prone to head related illness, and the illness is usually build up within slowly, and this will usually affect their mental state. , causing them to have a sense of burden and depression, which in turn make it difficult for them to recover from the illness.

“Lin” 临 Gua will lead the decline of “Da Chu” Gua, therefore, it is easy to get into car accidents on the mountains and they are most likely out of a sudden kind of event.

On wealth,  “Da Chu” Gua has their own Wealth Luck,  but they have to transfer their wealth into fixed assets, otherwise, it is easy to be scattered and swept up by the wind. For “Da Chu” Gua, it is important for them to save up their money as loss of money, indicates continuous disasters befalling on them.

When in operation, it must be kept in confidentiality, as any leak of information will cause the work or project to fail.

Be shrewd and keep the subtlety, do not reveal any of the intentions.

If in the line of Official career, they will thrive only if they survived after a great disaster, otherwise, it will be average.

Their marriage and love relationships are build slowly, and feelings will only grow after a long period of knowing each other. They may not have many offspring.

 “Da Chu” Gua believes in Dragons, and fate as well as destiny.

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