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I Ching 35 hexagram: Jin Gua

I Ching 35 hexagram: Jin Gua

I Ching 35 hexagram: Jin Gua

I Ching 35 hexagram (Gua)

Symbol: Its inner trigram is ☷ (坤 kūn) field = (地) earth, and its outer trigram is ☲ (離 lí) radiance = (火) fire.

Name of Hexagram: Jin, “Prospering”

Other variations include “progress” and “aquas”

“Jin” Gua is getting rid of the soil and pursue the fire genie. Thus, “Jin” Gua people have spiritual pursuits.

“Jin” Gua people are most suitable to study, they will gain success in career because of their knowledge and are suitable to take the night work shift.

“Jin” Gua people have an old family business passed down from their ancestors.

They will meet with their Mr/Mrs right in unexpected events and will have a passionate relationship. They are suitable to marry young and not older. “Jin” Gua people will always be facing love and marriage issues in their life.

“Jin” refers to Shanxi geographically, Shanxi has many ancient marriage customs, and the marriage relations within the family are complicated.

When other Gua encountered “Jin” Gua, they will be able to get upgrade in their studies and promotion in career.

There are usually great disparity in the wealth situation of “Jin” Gua, the rich people most likely becomes rich from a sudden event. In ancient times, the outbreak of wealth for “Jin” Gua is related to politics cohesion, like Sima Yi and Cao Cao, The merchants from Shanxi and Empress Dowager CiXi. It is recommended to read up on the history of Jin Dynasty and the Shanxi Merchants.

“Jin” Gua also refers to the culture of Jin Dynasty.

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