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I Ching 40 hexagram: Jie Gua

I Ching 40 hexagram: Jie Gua

I Ching 40 hexagram: Jie Gua

I Ching 40 Hexagram (Gua)

Symbol: Its inner trigram is ☵ (坎 kǎn) gorge = (水) water, and its outer trigram is ☳ (震 zhèn) shake = (雷) thunder.

Name of Hexagram: Jie, “Taking-Apart”

Other variations include “deliverance” and “untangled”

“Jie” refers to “solutions”, “the path to solution”, “solutions to various issues”. It also refers to “undo”, “break down”, “disintegration”, “resolve”

I Ching (Yijing), The “Book of Changes”, belongs to “Jie” Gua, as the function of “Yi”, is to resolve the various problems that exist in nature.

There are three functions as described traditionally of “Book of Changes”, is that there are “not easy”, “easy to change”, and “easy & simple”, three functions.

“Jie” Gua people are usually responsible for a specific role at work, that deals with specific issues and they lack the overview comprehensive view into matters.

They are suitable to pioneer and develop something, and as they are always near the line of Royalty, they will get to know alot of high officials and they will only take on an assistant role.

A typical “Jie” Gua person is “Guan Yu”. Guan Yu rides thousands mile and acquired lands for “Liu Bei” and established their own places, yet he was unable to keep the City of Mai, when its his turn for defense.

The special characteristics of “Jie” Gua:

  • a murderous imposing manner
  • Ferocious look
  • very capable
  • Loyal to friends
  • Ability to pioneer things and open up a path for others
  • Unable to defend and keep
  • Not able to be Number One of the pack

The most suitable line to be in, would be with the military, and become soldiers. Other suitable careers are diplomacy and public relations. “Jie” Gua people are very good assistants.

“Jie” Gua people are unfavourable to the family, they will have conflicts with parents at home, including their spouse after marriage.

“Jie” Gua people are not suitable for cooking, and “Jie” Gua women are usually not homemakers.

If there is a “Jie” Gua between a married couple, it is advisable for them to work independently, otherwise, one of them will succeed and the other will fail.

“Jie” Gua refers to Kidney of the body parts. When there are issues with the Kidney, the same will happen to the heart.

“Jie” Gua also refers to the Hospital.

“Jie” Gua people are suitable to have a late marriage.

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