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I Ching 44 hexagram: Gou Gua

I Ching 44 hexagram: Gou Gua

I Ching 44 hexagram: Gou Gua

I Ching 44 hexagram (Gua)

Symbol: Its inner trigram is ☴ (巽 xùn) ground = (風) wind, and its outer trigram is ☰ (乾 qián) force = (天) heaven.

Name of Hexagram: Gou, “Coupling”

Other variations include “coming to meet” and “meeting”.

“Gou” Gua is a Female Gua, and also refers to western civilisation.

It’s the failure Gua or China’s “Fu” Gua, thus, “Gou” Gua people are not suitable to be in China.

“Gou” Gua female have a sturdy body structure, The mother or spouse of a “Gou” Gua male, are healthy in general. To be more specific, we have to look into their individual natal Gua.

“Gou” Gua people are able to create a lot of wealth, but the development process will be complicated. “Gou” Gua female will have a great career development.

It is advisable for “Gou” Gua people to have an age gap of 3 years old with their spouse, otherwise it will have a negative impact on their marriage.

“Gou” Gua people are suitable to be in the lines where they will get to deal with Westerners. They are able to understand how the West work and are the people to bring Western culture into China. They are the best people to help propagate Western Culture.

In the family of “Gou” Gua males, the female is in charge. In career, “Gou” Gua males will usually have female bosses and their females will bring them good luck. Their life experiences are usually related to females.

“Gou” Gua people are suitable to work in Foreign companies or deal with Foreign companies. They will not have any career development if they are working in a local company.

“Gou” also extended to “dirt and stain” and “being criticised by others”. Career women are most likely to become the Victim of being abused criticised by others, like Empress Wu Ze Tian, who was criticised for her adulterous behavior.

“Gou” can also refer to female hygiene products and female hygiene products industry.

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