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I Ching 57 hexagram: Xun Gua

I Ching 57 hexagram: Xun Gua

I Ching 57 hexagram: Xun Gua

I Ching 57 hexagram (Gua)

Symbol: Both its inner and outer trigrams are ☴ (巽 xùn) ground = (風) wind.

Name of Hexagram: Xun, “Ground”

Other variations include “the gentle (the penetrating, wind)” and “calculations”

“Xun” refers to power of authority, culture, civilisation, desert

The 21st century is a pure “Xun” Gua century. It is the era where the old culture is blown away by the strong wind and create a new era of culture and civilisation. It is also a desertification Era for the climate and at the same time a desertification on the minds and mindsets of people. People who are born in this century typically do not like to think deep into issues, and they are receptive to whatever trend the wind brings. Whatever the wind brings, and whatever power brings, they will be receptive.

A pure “Xun” Gua person will not have any power, and even if they got into a Officer position, they are still only an assistant. They are also able to establish their career in writing.

Wealth is not obvious to “Xun” Gua, they will not be in need of money but, their wealth is not conspicuous. Great wealth will cause them bodily harm.

A pure “Xun” Gua person has a talent in the cultural aspects. They have the natural ability to promote culture and are also talented in literary.

Pure “Xun” Gua people have an average marriage. It is not filled with passion nor, is it filled with contempt.

For pure “Xun” Gua to live with Parents for a long time, it is not conducive to the longevity of the parents.

Pure “Xun” Gua people have an erratic character.

“Xun” is also connected to “smooth”, thus, when dealing with people, it is easy for them to accept nice words and they will sway according to wherever the wind blows.

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