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I Ching 61 hexagram: Zhong Fu Gua

Sixty-first I Ching hexagram: Zhong Fu Gua

I Ching 61 hexagram: Zhong Fu Gua

I Ching 61 hexagram (Gua)

Symbol: Its inner trigram is ☱ (兌 duì) open = (澤) swamp, and its outer trigram is ☴ (巽 xùn) ground = (風) wind.

Name of Hexagram: Zhong Fu, “Center Returning”

Other variations include “inner truth” and “central return”

Means salvation. Can salvage others but not self.

“Zhong Fu” Gua people have faith in Buddhism, and are close to Guan Yin. “Zhong Fu” Gua is also about the process of Guan Yin salvaging human.

In the choice of careers, “Zhong Fu” gua are suitable to go into fields of politics and legal system, as well as hospital. They enjoy helping others.

“Zhong Fu” Gua will have a happy marriage. “Zhong Fu” Gua guys are handsome and women are pretty.

“Zhong Fu” Gua people have good credibility, and to gain success in their careers, they will need to travel far away from their hometown.

“Zhong Fu” Gua are prone to diseases related to waist and abdomen. They have longevity.

When “Zhong Fu” Gua decided on something, there will be no turning back and will drive straight into the theme. If they continue ahead, they will be able to gain success easily.

Whether its life or career issues, they are susceptible to lawsuits.

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