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I Ching 62 hexagram: Xiao Guo Gua

I Ching 62 hexagram: Xiao Guo Gua

I Ching 62 hexagram: Xiao Guo Gua

I Ching 62 hexagram (Gua)

Symbol: Its inner trigram is ☶ (艮 gèn) bound = (山) mountain, and its outer trigram is ☳ (震 zhèn) shake = (雷) thunder.

Name of Hexagram: Xiao Guo, “Small Exceeding”

Other variations include “preponderance of the small” and “small surpassing”

Image of Nature: The Thunder above the mountain top

The process of people climbing down a mountain from the top.

As the path within the mountains are narrow, it is easy to get lost. The experiences “Xiao Guo” Gua have in life are all from mistakes. “Xiao Guo” Gua people are suitable to walk in the mountains and not on flat ground. They are not afraid of the bumpy and rough mountain roads. Are able to go in the right direction after making a mistake. Following the path of mountain road, there are handles by the side, as long as you do not lean over the other side of the cliff, you will have a smooth journey down the mountain and not fall off the cliff.

Once “Xiao Guo” Gua gets fame, the rest will start rolling in.

Pay special care to every step you take, “Xiao Guo” Gua will succeed with a detailed plan in place.

Do not take the main road to succeed, take the short cuts (of smaller lanes), taking the main road can be understood as something to do with the general public. The short-cuts are paths of non-public, such as private gifts and private agreement and so on.

“Xiao Guo” Gua will go down the wrong path easily for their work, career and marriage, they will need twice the efforts to work hard.

“Xiao Guo” Gua usually takes on the secretarial role of a higher commanding officer, they are commanding in front of subordinates, but to the boss, is cautious. They two sides to their personality and have a changeable character.

“Xiao Guo” Gua males will always look tidy with their top, but they will have a loose waistband on the trousers, and sometimes, the corner of their shirt will be exposed. The females of “Xiao Guo” Gua pay more attention to their tops and relatively, neglect their bottoms.

The failure of “Xiao Guo” Gua is “Zhong Fu” Gua, therefore, they are not not advised to go near ships, ferries or boats. Not advisable to pay respects to Buddha and Guan Yin.

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