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I Ching 64 hexagram: Wei Ji Gua

I Ching 64 hexagram: Wei Ji Gua

I Ching 64 hexagram: Wei Ji Gua

I Ching 64 hexagram (Gua)

Symbol: Its inner trigram is ☵ (坎 kǎn) gorge = (水) water, and its outer trigram is ☲ (離 lí) radiance = (火) fire.

Name of Hexagram: Wei Ji, “Not Yet Fording”

Other variations include “before completion” and “not yet completed”

The main characteristic of “Wei Ji” Gua is the manifestations of wealth. The feature of this manifestation of wealth is that it will not show any process but only the results. It is different from “Ji Ji” Gua, as it represents the last 1/3 of human’s life, the long distance in space and long term investment.

The pursuit of wealth will be only be focused on after 45 years old, before this age, the process showed that they are prone to losing whatever was achieved.

Before the age of 45, wealth comes from the same sources, from far away places or from long term investments. They will only get the money at the end and they are not afraid of being on credit.

Investing is not about getting the money in process but, the final results achieved from the investment thus, “Wei Ji” Gua people are suitable to go into long term investment.

The fate of “Wei Ji” Gua will return to the initial stage after the age of 60. Thus, having great wealth after 60 years old will result in bodily injury.

“Wei Ji” Gua and “Ji Ji” Gua need to distinguish, which industry they should be at for their career at different stages of their lives. Before the age of 30, “Wei Ji” Gua needs to go into water related industry, and after 30 years old, they need to go into fire-related industry. If they do not comply, then they will cause harm to their health.

“Wei Ji” Gua will not be able to get any help or support from their family, nor can they rely on the family. They need to establish their career independently.

They have their own set of theories in life, “Forget yesterday and work on things for tomorrow”. They also like to pursue fantasy things.

They believe in spiritual connection in marriage, thus, they usually go straight into marriage without any courtships.

There will be significance impact on health from Tobacco and Alcohol for “Wei Ji” Gua, and they are also prone to chronic illnesses that are serious. This will show up after the age of 60.

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