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Why your baby’s name matters

baby's name

Why your baby’s name matters

The Chinese know that choosing the baby’s name is an important decision. After all, it will affect their child for the rest of his or her life. There are services available to take the stress out of parents, when making this selection and this is now a trend in the western countries as well.

According to Huffington Post Canada, people are willing to pay USD$29,000 for their baby’s name – and this is a process which will take around two to three weeks.
The agency offering this service at the above mentioned price uses the naming methods which involve combing through a name’s history to make sure it doesn’t have an “aggravating past” or any ties to brands.

In ancient Chinese history, I Ching, the “Book of Changes” also contains information on the importance of baby’s name, and how the name can influence the fate and fortune of the child. The calculation method to get the name is accordance to the birth date and time.

At Tulipa Xanadu, we offer I Ching baby naming services for parents as well as adults who want to change their names. As we understand the importance of having a good name, to ensure a smooth sailing path in life, we take care and make efforts of drawing and calculating EACH and EVERY Chinese characters for our future pillars of the world.

If you want your child to have a great start in life, a WELL-INVESTED name could save your child from hard-knocks later in his or her life. What is this small amount of investment compare to the cost of failures in raising or parenting your child?

Tulipa Xanadu Baby Name Selection Report, is a full 4 pages detailed report including, Birth chart, favourables and unfavourables, overview of character analysis, life, career, wealth, and family relationship analysis, as well as selection of up to 10 Chinese names.

Please note that we need at least 1 week to deliver this report to you as we need time for manual calculations of each of the Chinese characters, and to ensure we do not make any mistakes or take your newborn’s life lightly.

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