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5 elements of nature

Lucky colours, direction and suitable jobs of five elements

Analyse your lucky colours, lucky directions, and suitable jobs base on the five elements of your Bazi (Birth Chart).

Wood as favourable: Suitable to be in the East. May engage in Lumber, wood, furniture, decoration, wood, paper products, farming, gardening, breeding seedlings, godly items, spices, vegetable vegetarian food business and career.

Fire as favourable: Suitable to be in the South. May engage in light, lighting, light, heat, flammable, oils, alcohol, hot restaurants, food, hairdressing, cosmetics, personal accessories, art, literature, stationery, cultural, student, scholar, writer, writing, essays, teachers, principals, Secretaries, publishing, corporate, political and other aspects of the business and career.

Earth as favourable: Suitable to be in the Central. May engage in indigenous, rural, livestock, real estate, cloth, clothing, textiles, mountain, stone, lime, cement, construction, real estate transactions, raincoats, umbrellas, dykes, water capacity goods, pawnshops, antique, intermediaries, lawyers, management, selling, design, consultancy built tombs, cemeteries, funeral industry, management, Buddhist monks and nuns and other aspects of the business and career.

Metal as favourable: Suitable to be in the West. May engage in fine fibre material or metal tools, hard, tough decisions, martial arts, identification, mains, auto, mining, transportation, finance, engineering, seed, elected representatives, timber, machinery and other aspects of business and work.

Water as favourable: Suitable to be in the North. May engage in navigation, and non-burning liquids of warm and cold, and ice water, and fish, and aquatic, and water, and refrigerated, and frozen, and salvage, and wash clean, and cleaning, and water, and port, and swimming pool, and Lake pond, and baths, and cold food sale, and travelling, and running, and flow, and continuity, and easy changes, and is water nature, and audio nature, and clean nature, and sea job, and moved Brigade, and stunt performances, and movement, and guide, and travel, and toy, and magic, and reporter, and detective, and hostels, and fire apparatus, and fishing apparatus, and medical industry, and drug business, and doctor Divination, nurses, and other aspects of business and work.

baby's name

Why your baby’s name matters

The Chinese know that choosing the baby’s name is an important decision. After all, it will affect their child for the rest of his or her life. There are services available to take the stress out of parents, when making this selection and this is now a trend in the western countries as well.

According to Huffington Post Canada, people are willing to pay USD$29,000 for their baby’s name – and this is a process which will take around two to three weeks.
The agency offering this service at the above mentioned price uses the naming methods which involve combing through a name’s history to make sure it doesn’t have an “aggravating past” or any ties to brands.

In ancient Chinese history, I Ching, the “Book of Changes” also contains information on the importance of baby’s name, and how the name can influence the fate and fortune of the child. The calculation method to get the name is accordance to the birth date and time.

At Tulipa Xanadu, we offer I Ching baby naming services for parents as well as adults who want to change their names. As we understand the importance of having a good name, to ensure a smooth sailing path in life, we take care and make efforts of drawing and calculating EACH and EVERY Chinese characters for our future pillars of the world.

If you want your child to have a great start in life, a WELL-INVESTED name could save your child from hard-knocks later in his or her life. What is this small amount of investment compare to the cost of failures in raising or parenting your child?

Tulipa Xanadu Baby Name Selection Report, is a full 4 pages detailed report including, Birth chart, favourables and unfavourables, overview of character analysis, life, career, wealth, and family relationship analysis, as well as selection of up to 10 Chinese names.

Please note that we need at least 1 week to deliver this report to you as we need time for manual calculations of each of the Chinese characters, and to ensure we do not make any mistakes or take your newborn’s life lightly.

5 elements of nature

Five elements

The Five elements of the I Ching, book of changes, is the most basic introductory knowledge, but if you can research them thoroughly, you will know that it is not that easy. Our world is full of rules and regulations, we have five senses, five organs, five kinds of emotions, and so it is called the world of five elements.

In I Ching, book of changes, it follows law of the rules and relationships of the five elements, to explore the law of things in life. The relationships between the five elements are complicated, there are transformation and producing relationships, restraining and controlling relationships, combination relationships, punishment relationships, harmful relationships, but in summary, it is the producing and controlling relationships of the Five elements.

The Five elements theory is a conclusion from our ancestors through their life practices; They think that the universe is made up of the Five elements, metal, wood, water, fire and earth, and they appear in different forms and have different reactions on different things.

Five Colors: Blue, Red, Yellow, White, Black

Five Sound (Pentatonic): A, U, O, I, E

Five Flavours: Sour, Bitter, Sweet, Spicy, Salty

Five Organs: Liver, Heart, Spleen, Lung, Kidney

Five Emotions: Pleasure, Joy, Desire, Anger, Sadness

Five Virtues: Benevolence, Propriety (in demeanor), Good Faith (Truth), Uprightness of Mind (Purity or righteousness), and Wisdom (Knowledge or enlightenment)

The so-called Five elements producing and controlling relationships, is actually, transformation is equivalent to producing in, controlling is equivalent to restraining;

The order of the five elements producing in relationships: Wood produce Fire, Fire produce Earth, Earth produce Metal, Metal produce Water, and Water produce Wood;

The order of the five elements controlling in relationships: Wood control Earth, Earth control Water, Water control Fire, Fire control Metal, and Metal control Wood;

The bearing of the five elements and their colors:

East belongs to Wood, and represents Green and Blue-Green;

West belongs to Metal, and represents Pure White, Cream White and Silver;

South belongs to Fire, and represents Red, Pink, and warm colors;

North belongs to Water, and represents black, dark blue, and cool colors;

The intersection of Wood, Metal, Fire, Water is Earth, and it represents Yellow, the color in the center of the transition of all the five elements.