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Money and Love Luck 2017

Zodiac Signs with double harvest in Money and Love Luck 2017

Note: The below content on Chinese Zodiac is collected from the internet, we may not agree with the content and this is for reference only. For a more accurate and personalized reading, we encourage you to look at your own Bazi or get our Bazi Analysis Report

With the coming of a new year, every will have a change in their luck. In the 12 Chinese Zodiac signs, the below listed will have double harvest in their Money and Love luck this coming 2017, and they will be the envy of others.

Ox zodiac

Ox Chinese Zodiac

People who are born in the year of the Ox Chinese Zodiac sign are serious and responsible. They are always able to achieve success through their hard work but, they are also those who have to work very hard to gain a little. In the coming year 2017, the year of Rooster Chinese Zodiac sign, Ox and Rooster Chinese Zodiac have the relationship of the “3 combination of nobility”, and therefore, this year will be a year of celebration for the Ox people, especially in Money and Love luck. They will have smooth sailing year in their career, and have their ability stand out and thus, will be able to get that pay raise and promotion that they wanted. They will also have a lot of opportunities to gain money. In love, Ox people will be able to get a sweet relationships and good news will come endlessly.

Dragon zodiac

Dragon Chinese Zodiac

Docile and fair Dragon people will be on the top Good luck chart this 2017. As Dragon and Rooster have a relationship of the “6 combination”, their overall luck will be at the best, both money and love luck will increase dramatically. At work, they will be especially lucky and will be able to handle any tasks easily. In addition with the help of people, they will be able to efficiently complete their tasks to perfection. In love, they will be able to find their life partner and even walk down the wedding aisle. They will have all kinds of good events happening and have double harvest in both money and love luck.

Snake Chinese Zodiac

Snake Chinese Zodiac

Snake woman has a flexible mind and super adaptability skills. They are detailed and it is easy to win at the starting line. In 2017, the snake and the “Tai Sui” will form a pattern, because the snake as fire element, will unite with the Rooster for gold. Therefore, good luck will be overflowing next year. Whether a snake man or a snake woman, they will be hit with great help and support. The Treasury will be opened for them and they will have money rolling in. In love, they will have good news constantly, and will be the envy of others.

Money luck in December 2016

3 Zodiac signs with money rolling in this December 2016

Note: The below content on Chinese Zodiac is collected from the internet, we may not agree with the content and this is for reference only. For a more accurate and personalized reading, we encourage you to look at your own Bazi or get our Bazi Analysis Report

November has gone so quickly, and in this new month of December, some people may not have it good and some will have a smooth sailing month. Find out which of the 12 Chinese Zodiac signs will have God of Fortune knocking on their doors and have money rolling in for them!

Tiger Chinese Zodiac

Tiger Chinese Zodiac

After December 7, people who are born in the year of Tiger Chinese Zodiac sign will step into the “official seal luck”, which means they will have more access to the God of Wealth and Treasury will be open for them. They can expect money to roll in. As Tiger people are clashing with “Tai Sui” this year, it has been a difficult year to make money. However, in the last month of this year, their luck will change and they will be bursting with income, and will also increase the chance of making a fortune! As long as they have a good grasp of opportunities, they are most likely to make a profit.

Dragon zodiac

Dragon Chinese Zodiac

After the “Snowing” period of Solar terms, people who are born in the year of Dragon Chinese Zodiac sign will have the “3 combination of noblility”. Good fortune will be taking the lead and everything will go well for them. It will be an easy time to harvest in money. This December, not only will Dragon people have a good fortune, they will also not suffer when shopping, it would be easy to buy good things at cheap prices. Even if they will spend a lot of money, they will also have a lot of money coming in! With the God of wealth at the door, they will be able to make smooth investment and financial management. Getting rich overnight is also possible!

Monkey Chinese Zodiac

Monkey Chinese Zodiac

This December, people who are born in the year of Monkey Chinese Zodiac sign will enter the “3 combination of noblility” of the big luck. Things will be smooth no matter what they do, especially their wealth will be the envy of others. Although, Monkey people clashes with “Tai Sui” this year, and have been stumbling and not having it easy, but this month will be an excellent fortune. As long as they have the ability to seize the opportunity to earn rich wealth, they will harvest in full and have their deposits rising straight!

December 2016

3 Zodiac Signs with Best Career Luck this December 2016

Note: The below content on Chinese Zodiac is collected from the internet, we may not agree with the content and this is for reference only. For a more accurate and personalized reading, we encourage you to look at your own Bazi or get our Bazi Analysis Report

In order to achieve fame and fortune, a person must have a good career development path. Find out which are the 3 Chinese zodiac signs that will have a great career development this December 2016!

Rat zodiac

Rat Chinese Zodiac Sign

After December 7, the general luck for people born in the year of Rat Chinese zodiac sign are relatively smooth, especially in the career aspects. It is easy to make progress at work and the future is bright. There is great opportunity to increase their performance and showcase their talents. They will be clear headed and can easily complete the most difficult tasks. Being satisfied with their work, Rat people will feel great and become more efficient. This will also earn them customers’ trusts and recognition.

Dragon zodiac

Dragon Chinese Zodiac Sign

People born in the year of Dragon Chinese Zodiac sign will encounter the “three noble combination” in December. This means that they will have all their wishes coming true, and have a smooth sailing path to success. They would be able to get the guidance and help of great people, and will be working on the right track, with relatively increased opportunities to make money and to break through the bottleneck. They will only require little effort to seize the opportunity to soar, and get that fame and fortune.

Snake Chinese Zodiac

Snake Chinese Zodiac Sign

Into December, people who are born in the year of Snake Chinese Zodiac sign will enter the great financial and career luck. It is easy for them to stand out and everything in pursuit of perfection. Snake people will have excellent interpersonal relationships, and their work can also be carried out smoothly without any obstacles. They can also resolve difficulties calmly, and if coupled with a powerful support, their luck will become even more powerful. All in all, December is the month of prosperity for the Snake people, and the future is bright.

Dragon Zodiac

Tips to improve luck for Dragon Zodiac

For people born in the year of Dragon Zodiac, whether it is working with others, selecting a marriage partner, or lover and other circumstances, apart from own efforts, Feng Shui also plays an important part. Below we look at the must know Feng Shui knowledge to help improve the luck of Dragon Zodiac.

Direct Wealth corner: North West

Indirect Wealth Corner: North

Tips: Direct Wealth is the legitimate income of money, such as wages, bonuses, etc; Indirect Wealth is illegitimate income of money from sidelines, such as stocks, lottery, competitive profit.

The support of the six-combination: Rooster Zodiac

The support of the full-combination: Monkey Zodiac and Rat Zodiac

Tips: If you want career development, you must cooperate more with your support from the full-combination.

Best marriage match: Rooster Zodiac, Monkey Zodiac, Rat Zodiac

Unfavourable marriage match: Rabbit Zodiac and Dog Zodiac

Tips: A happy and blissful marriage is built on mutual trusts, respects and understanding

“Peach Blossom” Love corner: West

Tips: Friends who are single can try meeting your lover at this area

Wisdom corner: South West

Tips: With a good layout, it will have miraculous results on the academic of students and career of “fighters”

The above are generic tips for the 12 Chinese Animal Zodiac signs, it is best recommended for you to follow your best directions for different usage through your Bazi (Birth Chart). To know your personal lucky directions, get your personal Life Analysis, Wealth luck or Love luck report at Tulipa Xanadu today!

Chinese Zodiac Dragon

Best career for Chinese Zodiac Dragon

People born in the year of Chinese Zodiac Dragon are full of confidence when they are in the architecture industry, mainly due to the fact that they enjoy the feeling of standing at the top, construction is the action of creating dreams, almost everyone can see their hope in the future during the process of building, and the Dragon people need it.

Dragons are animals that could not be found these days, out of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs, only Dragons cannot be seen by human, nor its fossils. Ancient Chinese classified Dragons, Phoenixes, Turtles, and Kirins, as the four lucky animals, but what we see of these 4 animals are only from our imaginations. Therefore, people born in the year of Chinese Zodiac Dragon, have the tendency to dream and imagine things, and give others the feeling of unreal. At work, they will put in efforts to work towards their ideals at the initial start, but once they encounter setbacks, they will drop everything and steer their direction away, these extreme poles of character, are the special characteristics of those who are born in the year of Chinese zodiac Dragon, and because of this swing of personality, they are not suitable for work of the fixed salary class, it is best for them to be in careers where they can perform freely and extend their talents, especially work that requires imaginations, such as indoor designers and architects, art and culture workers, advertising design and so on, as well as anything that requires creativity.

The most suitable industry for people born in the year of Chinese Zodiac Dragon: Architecture

As we all know, people in the architecture line are not having it easy, but people born in the year of Chinese Zodiac Dragon are full of confidence, mainly due to the fact that they enjoy the feeling of standing at the top, construction is the action of creating dreams, almost everyone can see their hope in the future during the process of building, and the Dragon people need it.

Due to the lack of cooperation of the people of the year of Chinese Zodiac Dragon, very often they work only by virtue of their feelings, they can always properly size up the situation and make a decision, so these traits are particularly needed in the field of architecture.

The above are generic tips for the 12 Chinese Animal Zodiac signs, it is best recommended for you to follow your Bazi (Birth Chart) to get the best career. To know your personal career compatibility, get your personal Career Analysis report at Tulipa Xanadu today!

Chinese Zodiac 2016

Chinese Zodiac 2016 – who are destined to be well off?

With the arrival of the new year, everyone’s wish is not the same. So which animal signs are destined to rich in Tulipa Xanadu Chinese Zodiac 2016 horoscope? Let us find out together below!

Horse Chinese Zodiac

Horse Chinese Zodiac

In year 2016, Horse people do not have any clashes nor combinations, and will have an increasing trend in luck, treat life with a normal attitude, and you will have a higher chance to get that promotion and pay raise! Horse people are always in a positive state of mind to face everything in both work and personal, and they understand that everything is in your hands to get. This year can be said to be part of the career development of the golden age, if you can hold on and overcome one difficulty after another, getting rich will be at your fingertips by end of the year!

Rabbit Chinese Zodiac

Rabbit Chinese Zodiac

Rabbit people have a gentle disposition, although there are no auspicious stars to help in the year 2016, this year is destined to be a rich year for Rabbit people. This year, Rabbit people will enter into a new stage of career development, getting that promotion and pay raise is not a problem, and Rabbit people will return part of the money back to the community, and greatly enhanced their reputations! Good fame and good fortune are just around the corner!

Dragon Chinese Zodiac

Dragon Chinese Zodiac

In year 2016, there is a combination of Dragons with the Taishui, and everything will go well, and even get unexpected help! Dragon people have a sense of righteousness, and they pay attention to their accomplishments and character, as they are loyal and enthusiastic in helping others, they are able to make many friends, and this may be put to great use this year. Friends are support and they will be able to extend their helps to Dragon people in year 2016. Career will progress well and wealth will come together, with either a promotion or a fortune!

Rooster Chinese Zodiac

Rooster Chinese Zodiac

2016 is the year for Rooster people. They will get impressive results from their own ingenuity and hard work in a short time, and will be able to make contribution in their own field more easily. The hard work of Rooster people will be recognised by their leaders, and they will not be far from that promotion and pay raise. Rooster people will also get help from family and friends, getting rich is not a dream!

To have a more comprehensive analysis view into your wealth luck this year 2016, get your personal wealth luck analysis report from Tulipa Xanadu today!

career success

Which zodiac signs will gain career success easily in 2016?

With every changes in the years, our careers are subject to varying degrees of influence, so which are the Chinese Zodiac signs that will gain career success easily in the year of Monkey, 2016?

Horse Chinese Zodiac

Horse Chinese Zodiac

In the year 2016, although luck is not the best for Horse people, but it still hides some good opportunities to get ahead. Horse people are able to seize the opportunity to contribute to their leap to success, so in the year 2016, Horse people may also have good opportunities for career development, and will greatly improve their status.

Rat Chinese Zodiac

Rat Chinese Zodiac

Year 2016 to Rat people is a year of career advancement and accumulating of wealth. Rat people are always being looked down upon by others, but they are not depressed, instead they will put in more efforts to live up to expectations. In this 2016 year of the monkey, there is a full combination with Rats, and this means that success is within reach.

Dragon Chinese Zodiac

Dragon Chinese Zodiac

In the year of 2016, Dragon people have the care from TaiShui, and all things will be smooth sailing, at the same time, Dragon people are already well trained in identifying opportunities and seizing opportunities. In year 2016, Dragon people may co-operate with others to get big orders, or may also have the opportunities to do things alone, which makes him stand out.

Ox Chinese Zodiac

Ox Chinese Zodiac

Ox people have worked hard for so many years, they are likely to emerge in the year 2016. Ox people have the ability to take responsibilities of important tasks, and can also afford some praises. In this year 2016, they will get good career luck, and get unexpected help easily, and have the chances to be above others.

Marriage horoscope

Marriage horoscope: Who will walk down the aisle in 2016

Are you envious of the friends and classmates who are in pairs around you? Are you eager to find your other half? Let us find out together, which are the Chinese animal zodiac signs most likely
to walk down the wedding aisle in year of Monkey 2016.

Dragon Chinese Zodiac

Dragon Chinese Zodiac

Under the influence of time, and in 2016, the relationships of Dragon people will be smooth sailing, and those who want to achieve a happy marriage will be easy. The dating partners of the Dragon people, will have a wide age difference with the Dragon people, they are more authoritative than the Dragon people, and Dragon people find it hard to resist the charms of their partners. And because the partner is not young, they will naturally want to get married or to determine relationships, so in year 2016 we do not rule out the possibility of sudden marriage for Dragon people.

Rooster Chinese Zodiac

Rooster Chinese Zodiac

In year 2016, Rooster people would want to start a family, and especially in the spring and summer, there is higher chances of a Rooster marriage. Rooster people think that they are getting too old, and are looking for someone to take care of themselves and establish their own happy family. Therefore, Rooster would start to discuss wedding plans with their partners or looking for a partner, with marriage intention. 2016 is a key year for Rooster people, so don’t miss it.

Rat Chinese Zodiac

Rat Chinese Zodiac

2016 is the marriage year for Rat people, it is the year to meet a lot of potential partners, and even marriage, it is a very favourable year for single people born in the year of Rat. Rat people are particularly exposed to partners who will blow their minds, the other party will also date Rat people with marriage in mind, and this will let Rat people be at ease. When Rat people are in love, they will usually start thinking of getting married, whether it is the Rat who propose or being proposed at, it will be a success.

Goat Chinese Zodiac

Goat Chinese Zodiac

2016 is the marriage year for Goat people and also the moments of love, due to having too many choices in love and marriage, it is quite a bit of overwhelming for Goat people, and they do not know how to choose properly. Goat people will also have higher chances to meet potential marriage partners, and of course have the opportunity to marry, which will make them lost and cause them to worry about love. For Goat people who already have a partner, keep your commitment in year 2016 and be strong in your heart, and reject extra affairs, so as not to damage the original happy love relationship.

The above are generic tips for the 12 Chinese Animal Zodiac signs, it is best recommended for you to follow your Bazi (Birth Chart) to get your Marriage horoscope. To know your personal Love match and when is your chance to walk down the wedding aisle, get your personal Love Luck Analysis report at Tulipa Xanadu today!

Dragon Chinese Zodiac

Dragon Chinese Zodiac special character traits analysis

Those born in the year of Chen Dragon Chinese Zodiac sign, have a lot of reasoning, thinking, fighting and strong-willed. Dragon people with authority and Dragon women are lonely and self-confident, they do not get along with others easily, and lose their happy future, unable to last on common cause, when in youth, they are stubborn and in failure, may be caught up in trouble.

The main strengths of Dragon Chinese Zodiac character

Dragon people have strong body, energetic energy and vibrant, have noble ideals, and romantic and is a “face-saving” style of man. Always persevering, over confident in doing things, strong sense of self, with lofty goals, frank, and strong leadership skills. Honest and almost non-existence despicable hypocrisy of bad behavior, do not like gossips, not afraid of difficulties, everything will be perfectly done. Is very radical, arrogant and proud, unconventional ideas of being stronger than others. Dragon women are bold, generous and understanding, are the love interests of many men. Regardless of what career, they hate being directed, and like to plan alone, tend to have male chauvinism. Dragon people represents power and authority, their intelligence and courage exceeds normal people, they are talented enough and generous, and are mighty and can be imposing.

The main weaknesses of Dragon Chinese Zodiac character

Emotional instability, full of dreams, always at a loss, unable to be understood, arrogant and not gracious enough. Unable to resist a gentle pink trap, countless of colorful romance in their life. Rarely love others truthfully, and therefore will not be disappointed in love, but those who falls in love with them will suffer in pain. They are often not able to stand the sloppy work of others and will criticise, have a perfectionist attitude. Talented but egoistic, love great accomplishments and sometimes can not stand the frustrations and trials, tend to panic and flee in failures, and lack the fortitude of character.

Detailed character description of those born in the year of Chen Dragon Chinese Zodiac

Myths and legends of the huge and magnificent Dragon created endless reverie. Thus, the magic qualities, whether fantasy or not, is also etched deep in the hearts of those born in the year of the Dragon. In China, the Dragon symbolises the emperor or the male, it represents power. People born in the year of the Dragon is said to carry the “Horn of Fate”. Dragon kids, love to pick out and shoulder the burden, and like to bear important responsibilities, even being the youngest child at home. Older Dragon children are more often able to take on more responsibilities of raising their brothers and sisters, than their parents. Chinese have long seen the Dragon as the guardian of wealth and power. Dragon people are certainly the representative of successful people, and Dragon people are arrogant people who are also blinded by Power and Authority.

The weather conditions at the time of birth of Dragon people has great impact on their lives. Dragon baby born during thunder storms, will weather through a stormy and adventurous life, and will experience more hardships and sufferings. Dragon baby born on a calm and peaceful day, will be well-protected throughout their life, and their nature will tend to be very cute.

It is worth to remember that: Although Dragon people are dazzling, but they have no depth. Only when the Dragon people are able to control the legendary power, can they create miracles. Dragon people requires full trust and understanding from others.

Dragon people are magnanimous and full of life and strength. To the people born in the year of the Dragon, the flame of life is colorful and jumping all the time. Although Dragon people are self-centered, bias, arbitrary, whimsical, demanding and irrational, but they never lose fans. Because Dragon people are proud, lofty and very straightforward, they set their ideals very early in life, and ask the same high standards of others. Dragon people are abnormally positive, and they will not last long in being silence and sunken, even when the Dragon people are feeling blue, they tend to get out faster than others. Dragon people are happy and against being gentle and polite. For things that require immediate actions, Dragon people will personally see to it, rather than going through letters or telephones. When Dragon people are in the group, people’s attentions will turn to the Dragon people, and work by the Dragon people’s ideas. When in contact with the Dragon people, they can also stimulate the enthusiasm of everyone. But Dragon people do not need to be motivated, because they themselves, are able to produce enough positive energy. Dragon people have very huge energy. The impatience, desire and the almost religious enthusiasm of Dragon people, are as fable has it, like the fire spewing out from the Dragon’s mouth. Dragon people have the potential to do great things, because they like to take drastic measures to get on with things. However, if Dragon people cannot control their premature enthusiasm, they will burn themselves up into a wisp of green smoke. Dragon people can get into heat of craze easily, as they create great fanfare in whatever they do.

Competing with a strong and powerful Dragon person is very difficult, if not impossible. Dragon people often use intimidating means to threaten those who challenge them. An angry Dragon person would crouched in front of the door of others like a wolf, and spew smoke heavily on the outside until the House blew up. If you are the very tough and aggressive kind of Dragon people, you will most likely have a lot of power to destroy.

Dragon people have little beating around the Bush speech, they talk like, they are referencing the Royal law. Dragon people are civilized, and sometimes affectionate and sweet talk to Dragons are great constraints. When the Dragons are enraged, they become rude, disrespectful and totally inconsiderate. But to treat the Dragon in this same way is useless, unless that man is also born in the year of Dragon, and decided to use force to resolve matters. Then we can sit down and watch the spectacular fireworks, Dragons conflicts can be as lively as Birthday celebrations. Although Dragons have bad tempers and are arbitrary, but they show filial piety to the elders. No matter what differences the Dragons or Dragon Ladies have with the family, as long as help is needed from home, Dragon people will leave behind differences, and become decisive and generous to help the family. However, after the crisis, family members will be reprimanded by the Dragon people. Although, Dragon people love like a volcano eruption, we cannot say that the Dragons are emotional, nor can we say they are sensitive or romantic. Dragons are used to love and adulation, as these are what Dragons should get. Dragon people is very stubborn, irrational and arbitrary when they are angry, but will be able to forgive others after that, and they also hope others can forgive them. Dragons may sometimes forget the apology and seem dull, but actually Dragon people really do not have the time to explain themselves, they just want to start working. Dragon people’s feelings are sincere and heartfelt. When the Dragons say they love you, you can be very sure that Dragons are real.

Dragon people are strong and decisive, they are not cunning and scheming. Dragon people avoid delicate negotiations, if this fight is based on power alone, then it is easy for Dragons to win. But the Dragon is often overconfident and blinded by illusions, and therefore not notice the schemes and plots around them, much less find countermeasures in a timely manner. Dragons are very arrogant, and never ask for help. They will refuse to retreat even in situations where power varies widely. As Dragon people move forward bravely, they forgot to protect the their rear and sides. Dragons are very forthright and never lie. In any case, Dragon people are straightforward, others can get to know you like reading a book. Dragon people never disguised their feelings, and rarely bother to hide it. Dragon people cannot keep secrets, even when they swear not to say a word, others can be certain that, when Dragon people are angry, they would blurt out the secret, without missing a single word.

As a Zodiac sign which never accept failure, Dragon people will ask for it. When you think you did not make any mistakes, you will plunge into the abyss of disaster. Others say Dragons are conceited and caused self destruction. It is not true. The reason is simple, people must realise the Dragon’s plan, without considering the consequences. Dragon people come to this world to achieve the highest goals, Dragons will become more stubborn when others want to make them to change their course of actions or to avoid trouble. Dragon people are indeed leaders, even when they are feeling unpleasant, they are able to meet those expectations.

Dragon people needs a targeted life, being idle and doing nothing is damaging to Dragon’s health. Dragon must have a fighting career, a goal to be reached and a chance to make mistakes. Without any grand plans and the rally after the failure, the Dragon will be like a car with no fuel, and will eventually collapse and become listless. People born in the year of Dragon and people who are born in the year of Snake have an unexplained relationship with success, but Dragons are more open to express their views than the Snakes. Dragon’s failure is often caused due to exhaustion, so even if they failed, it will not leave scars in their hearts. Dragon people are daring to move, they are able to single-handedly make a crusade. They can lead demonstrations, writing in to newspapers or to collect 1 million signatures on a petition.

Dragon people do not like to waste, but not mean. Dragon are generous, and indifferent to the bank balance, unless the Dragon happens to be with other signs that owe money. Dragons either marry very early in life, or stay single for life. Dragons who live a singlehood life will enjoy life, as work and career occupy Dragons all life. There will always be friends and admirers to provide companionship for the Dragons. Others will never lose confidence in honest Dragon people. Dragons are rarely shaken, show cowardice or push responsibilities, and never suspicious of others. As Dragon people are born with a pioneering spirit, they tend to attempt to attain fame, but all efforts may be in vain. Dragon people will never give up. Let us hope and pray that Dragon people will know how to rein in, in life.

Ladies born in the year of Dragon seldom dress up and do make ups, their looks are completely natural, without any modification. Dragon ladies have very strong self-esteems, although there are airs, but Dragon ladies do not want others to admire them like Saints. They only want others to respect themselves, and they will make every effort to do that. Through the Dragon ladies dressing, others can also see that they are serious people. Practical clothes are most welcome by the Dragon Ladies. Dragon Ladies’ clothes will most likely have no frills, no Ribbons, no additional buttons, or bows, but the minimum requirements must still be met. For example, they prefer loose clothing, that are suitable for activities, Dragon ladies do not like wearing tight and restraining clothes. In fact, if the Dragon lady likes military or public service, she would choose to wear a uniform, so she does not have to worry about what to wear everyday.

Females born in the year of Dragon is the rich lady among the 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs, they love suffragette, and push for gender equality, they get furious because of discrimination against women. Things men can do, Dragon ladies might do it better. Do not underestimate the Dragon ladies, they will bring others down and put them to death if need be. Dragon ladies never resign to fate.

Though the number of weaknesses of Dragon people are equivalent to their strengths, but the Dragon peoples’ glories shine upon everyone. Dragon people are not petty and will never envy others. Dragon people might grumble, but they will not leave you in lurch, and will extend help. This is not because they are genuinely caring and compassionate, but through their deep sense of responsibility for everything. Dragon people are willing to make significant contributions, others can count on the Dragon people for support, and Dragon people will put in their best efforts to do so. Before Dragon people concede defeat, they will do everything within their power. Dragon people are lovers of nature and outward-looking people, Dragon people can become an active athlete, a fan of travel or a talkative person. Dragon people have qualities of a super salesman.

Among all the 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs, Dragon people have the most understanding with Monkey people. Dragon people are dignified and will form invincible alliances. Dragons and Rats are successful combinations, as Dragons are strong and Rats are cunning, they can do great things together. Dragons are calm and composed, and form very good marriage with Snakes, Snakes can use wisdom to control abuses of the Dragons. Tigers, Roosters, Horses, Goats, Rabbits and Pigs will struggle to find the companionship of Dragon people, they like the beauty and power of the Dragon people. Two Dragons together would get along very well. But as the Ox are very dignified as the Dragons, they will somewhat have tense relations. Only Dog people will cause Dragon people’s headaches as companions, the Dragon will be under close surveillance by Dog people, and Dog people will become cynical under the power of the Dragon people.

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