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dream meanings of death

Dream meanings of death

Psychology overview on dream meanings of death

Death is the end of the old and the new. It exists in the form of the existing form of the beginning, and may represent the end of a period of emotions. It marked the beginning of a new phase of life.

A death dream is a new beginning, it is also disappear and symbolic ends. Such dreams of death marked the end of a period and also marked the abandonment of certain parts of self. When there is a change in our lives, we will have such a dream. It is a sign of our decision.

This dream would have been with us for years, to remind us that the once abandoned things still exist, and may also come back at some point.

Dream meanings of death from ancient oriental dream experts

The below are extracted from the ancient oriental dream analysis experts, this site does not agree with this view and they are for reference only.

Dream of unknown people that were killed, it indicates that the dreamer has lost his or her vigor and vitality.

Dreamed of someone you know dies, it means that these people are losing vitality.

Dream of the death of yourself, meaning that the dreamer feels like a “Living Death” and felt like a “walking corpse”.

Dreaming of death of an enemy means the dreamer is living a stable life, and is not afraid to be disturbed by the enemy. The dreamer will also get some generous, loyal and reliable friends.

Death also symbolizes “the forgotten”, eliminates, overcome and so on.

A lovelorn woman always dreamed of her former boyfriend, then one day she dreamed that her boyfriend died. At the time, she did not have anything to make her worry about him. She had hardly heard a word from him. Death here is meaning of forgetting, it means that the girl has forgotten about him .

Psychology of death dreams from dream experts

Do not be afraid of death dream, whether you die in a dream yourself or the people around you are in life-threatening situation. It just means that you have to make decisions from choices that you have been deliberating for some time, and this decision will take you out of trouble.

Romantically, the dream means your love troubles are finally over. But this does not mean loneliness is around the corner, but there are some new love for you to indulge.

Do you have a death experience in your dreams? If you dream that you are going to die, do you know what it means yet? In general, the way of death in the dreams are as the following:

  • Cancer deaths.
  • In criminals plot .
  • Suicide deaths.
  • Death in sleep.

A lot of people have had the experience of dreaming of death. People who usually have these kinds of dreams, are in fact afraid of death, which is a normal reaction when human faces death.

There are a thousand kinds of death. Different deaths have different meanings, and mean differently to different people. When you dream of your own death, do not be nervous. It could be that there are relatives and friends who may have recently died, or you have watched television or read books about death. These are some reactions you have towards death. These reactions vary depending on each individual and usually you can see the outlook on death of that individual based on these dreams.

Dream of cancer death

Dreamed that you died of cancer. You may have witnessed the death of relatives and friends of cancer. These impressions remain deep in your subconscious and you will have a long time down the impact. If your own health is not in tip top condition, you will usually be paranoid and very prone to this dream. In theory, this is your panic reaction to cancer and it should not imply that you have cancer. If you are worried, you can go for check ups.

Dream of a plotted death by criminals

It is a miserable way to die. This dreamer may have hidden some kind of unknown guilt in the subconscious. Maybe you have done something a little too overboard and have put to heart. That is why in the dream, you suffer this fate. It could also be that there are no sense of security to your life and with your nervousness, it is easy fantasy this tragedy from social news.

Dream of a suicide death

It is most likely that you are facing a lot of pressure in the real world. There is no chance to commit suicide and courage, so the dream to commit suicide is to relieve the pressure.

Another possibility is that you are very unhappy in real life. No one cares about you and everyone is cold, so the dream of suicide means, to draw all the attention and this is your desire.

Another possibility is that you are in a state of lost love. You are depressed and feel life is meaningless and want to escape, but could not. You had to make a dream to get to vent this pent-up frustration in subconsciousness.

Fundamentally, in such dreams, you will think of suicide as a lot of benefits, it is to end yourself and is a spiritual liberation.

Dream of a death in sleep

In the subconscious, you must have been afraid of death. Fear has been the arrival of death in the subconscious, so this dream will die comfortable. Usually the elderly people will have this kind of dream.

You have been rejecting death and can not accept the reality that you will die. This has made you anxious and this dream is to comfort yourself. Your subconscious desire to die comfortably and to escape the threat of death. In fact, you do not want a death in sleep, you are just using this method to reduce your stress so that you can live without worries.

dreaming of dead people

Dreaming of dead people

Dreaming of dead people

Dreaming of dead people is not a matter of good or bad. It is mainly the fact that the dreamer needs to adjust his/her attitude, and know that it is a fortune and not a disaster, and if its a disaster, you would not be able to avoid it. The Dream Dictionary contains many results to dreaming of dead people and as long as you are doing good deeds, you need not be afraid of the ghosts that come knocking at your door in the middle of the night. Therefore, dreaming of dead people can sometimes be a normal human physiological phenomenon that many people have experienced it.

If the dead is a good person or something good, then it could be a bad thing. If the dead is something or someone bad, ugly, old or dirty, then without any doubts, it is a good thing. In the dream, ugly people represents bad things, evil, hatred, stupidity and all the vices, and people with beautiful looks represent all good things.

If the dead is oneself, there’s one saying that the dreamer cannot stand the pressure from reality and this overwhelming pressure reflects in the dream, and the dreamer felt like dying. It also means that the dreamer is very worried that he/her cannot withstand this pressure; Another saying has it that this is a dream of rebirth, like the death of some thinking and what follows is a rebirth. If the dreamer felt a sense of relief in the dream, it means that there will be a great change in the thinking and the dreamer will abandon all the old ideas and psychological burden, and create a new career or will have a new mental outlook at things.

Dreaming of dead people whom you respect a lot, this suggests that the dead represents a power of authority in reality or a platform that you are not able to cross over.

Dreaming of dead people whom you respect a lot, and you are avoiding the dead people in the dream, the dream suggests that you are very disgusted with a specific power of authority in reality. It could be that this rebellion is produced under the oppression of someone and so the need for deliberate avoidance. On the other hand, the dream also means that you do not dare to be under anyone and want to go beyond others.

Dreaming of dead people and you are not allowed to talk about or discuss the dead person in the dream. The dream suggests that the dreamer is feels constraint and the loss of freedom. You feel suppressed and wants to let things out.

Dreaming of dead people, and the dead is living with a smiling and peaceful expression, and leading a very happy life, this means that the dreamer’s life in reality will soon be affected negatively and if lack of willpower, then there will be loss.

Dreaming of transporting the dead to be buried or cremated. This represents your subconscious. The dead represents your shortcoming, and you want to correct it, hide it, or resolve it.

Dreaming of dead people crying, means that all is not well, pay particular attention to temperament and patience, avoid being impulsive and get into arguments with others. Avoid getting into trouble because of temper. This dream is a reminder to the dreamer to be more tolerant, and have a balance and moderation in the way you are handling or managing things. This can help avoid unnecessary troubles, a small enough leak can sink a great ship, do not act impulsively.

Dreamed of someone you know dying, it means that the person (or the person symbolizes another person) is losing vitality, and becomes rigid.

Dreaming of a family member dying, and sometimes you may even feel the sadness and it feels so real in the dream that you are worried and afraid. In fact, do not worry, as this represents your love for this particular person, and want this person to be healthy and safe. Those who are overseas and far away from the family are prone to this dream. The dream mainly signifies the longing to be with the family. Show more care and concern to your parents daily, be more filial and chat with your parents more. When away from home, call back home more often.

Dream of hearing the news of an enemy dying, means that the dreamer will soon get to befriend someone who is generous,forgiving, magnanimous, loyal and reliable.

I believe that everyone has experienced dreaming of dead people, and the dreams can roughly be divided into the following 2 categories:

First, dreaming of dead relatives or acquaintances, that is, someone who appeared in your life at least once.

  1. Missing the deceased, it is often said that the dreamer encounters issues in reality and seeks comfort and help. Especially if the deceased is either the grandfather, grandmother, or any elderly, it means that the dreamer was well protected when young, and had lived a carefree life that the dreamer wants to return to and escape the current pressure of reality.
  1. A similar sense of the experience, that is, the dreamer may have encountered some people or something in reality and it brought back similar feelings the dreamer has of the deceased. For example, you met B in reality, and B has a similar character as A and you have special feelings for A, but, the person appearing in your dream at night could be B, as A has passed away, it is as if to wake up your sleeping memories;
  1. Deceased appearing in the dream reflects a prompt to the dreamer to pay attention to certain things from the past. The things that have influenced you but was forgotten over time. If your subconscious thinks its warranted, you will be prompted in your dreams to review the past and rediscover valuable content.

Secondly, dreaming of someone dying – this person could be someone who is already dead in reality, or relatives or friends who are still alive, or even dream of yourself dying

  1. If you dream of someone dying, it could mean that you have a sense of insecurity or fear of losing something in reality. It could be love or somebody you can rely on
  1. Sometimes when you dream of an elderly family member dying, could mean that there is a desire for independence and to get rid of the constraints, but it could also mean that the dreamer is feeling lonely, helpless, indifferent and lost.
  1. If the dead person is someone who is plagued with a serious illness in reality, then this dream is caused by the worry of the dreamer.
  1. You died in the dream, often refers to the demise of the “Old” you, and there will be a new beginning. On the other hand, it could also mean losing oneself. This would require the analysis of the circumstances within the dream

Dreaming of dead people reviving

Dreaming of dead people reviving means that something unpleasant is going to happen

If this person is your best friend or someone close, then it is most likely that you miss him or her too much.

Dreaming of dead people reviving could means that something unpleasant happened during the day, or could happen the next day, or it may happen soon in days to come. If during the day, the dreamer did not encounter anything unpleasant, then it is most likely to happen the next day or the day after.

Dreaming of your dead father coming back alive, means that there will be a argument within the family.

Dreaming of your dead friend coming back alive, means there will be some difficulties in terms of material in life

Dreaming of dead people climbing out of the wooden coffin, means that you will be visited by friends who have not been in contact for a long time

Dreaming of dead people talking

Dreaming of a dead family member talking: first we must know in what way is this person special to us.

Dreaming of a dead family member talking to us, this implies that the deceased is someone whom we think we can communicate with deep within our heart. The deceased had rich life experiences and a tough life journey and could share with us some truth about life. This is our subconscious and us communicating, deep down inside us, we seek help and guidance.

Dreaming of a dead family member chatting with us, and the deceased requested us to make a promise. This dream is a warning to the dreamer to not be stubborn, listen to advice of others and not ignore them. Otherwise, something tragic will happen. The dream is reminding the dreamer that to not be too subjective and listen to the advice of others to find the most effective solution.

Dreaming of chatting with dead people, implies good luck and enjoying wealth luck. It suggests that the dreamer will have his/her wish come true, things that are in progress will succeed and good news will come from things that are still in discussion, or even implies that the dreamer will become a prominent figure globally in future.

Dreaming of dead people going through a funeral procession, or burial

Dreaming of hold a funeral procession, indicates that the fortune of the dreamer will continue to rise and if coffin appears in the dream too, then the wealth luck of the dreamer will continue increasing as well. Seize the opportunity.

Dreaming of wearing mourning clothes, indicates that the dreamer will have his/her wish come true.

Dreaming of a deceased getting burial, indicates all adversities and unpleasant things will be over soon.

Dreaming of a funeral, indicates there will be a loss of wealth and money or even bankruptcy.

Dreaming of own funeral, indicates big fortune and good luck.

Dreaming of cremation, indicates that the dreamer can expect good things to come.

Conclusion: To treat the dead nicely is to treat yourself nicely

Each of us will have instinct, and there will be times lack of care and love, and when these problems are not the main issues, it will not impact on our lives. Only when it rises to a higher level, will it form into mental disorder, such as depression. Understand the dreaming of dead people through science, is an objective method to understand the dark side of your inner self, and achieve a sufficient insight of oneself. So to keep the inner state healthy and natural. We should therefore be nice to the dead, as being nice to the dead is being nice to yourself.

dreaming about dead people

Dreaming about dead people from The Dream Dictionary

Have you been dreaming about dead people?

Below listed are meanings of dreaming about dead people extracted from the ancient oriental dream dictionary for your references.

  • Dreaming about dead people climbing out of the coffin indicates there will be guests arriving.
  • Dreaming about people discussing the deceased indicates the dreamer will enjoy longevity.
  • Dreaming about opening up the coffin and talking to the deceased lying inside, indicates the dreamer will encounter unfortunate events and it is an unlucky dream.
  • Dreaming about a coffin full of things together with the deceased, indicates that the dreamer will have a great fortune.
  • Dreaming about dead people crying indicates that the dreamer will be quarreling with others.
  • Dreaming about dead people standing indicates a disaster.
  • Dreaming about death of others and oneself indicates good fortune and luck.
  • Dreaming about the death of own children indicates a wedding or pregnancy.
  • Dreaming about a dead elderly relative indicates good fortune and luck.
  • Dreaming about attending a funeral or a memorial service to pay tribute to the deceased, indicates the dreamer is going to be pregnant or a close relative is going to be pregnant.
  • Dreaming of dead people scolding others, indicates good fortune and luck.
  • Dreaming of dead people lying in the coffin indicates wealth luck is coming.
  • Dreaming of dead people talking in the coffin indicates wealth luck is coming.

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Dreaming of the dead

Freud theory on Dreaming of the dead

Why would we be dreaming of the dead? The famous psychologist Sigmund Freud show us why from a psychological point of view.

People often ask me what dreaming of the dead means and I would say it is difficult to explain this in two words. It depends on who the deceased is to you, do you know that he is dead in your dream? The “deceased” do not have a fixed meaning nor does it have a few fixed meanings. If you dream of your grandfather, then your question should be “why am I dreaming of my dead grandfather”?

The 2 analysis that I can speak about dreaming of the dead is limited to:

  1. Dreaming of a dead person who is a stranger, and in the dream, they appeared in the form of a corpse and not move like a living person.
  2. Dreaming of a dead person who is still alive in reality.
  3. Dreaming of a dead person who is yourself

Dreaming of a dead person who is a stranger or we can say corpse, represents something that is dead. The “dead” we are talking about here is a symbolic death and not a real death.

For example, someone dream that he is walking up a mountain, and there are corpses on both sides of the path. According to the analysis of psychologists, the corpses here means that the dreamer has lost his vigour and vitality.

Dreaming of a dead person whom you know, means that this person (or the person that this person represents) is losing his/her vigour and vitality.

These type of dreams that are related to death will sometimes appear as the dead has turn into stone. A 25 years old lady has dream that she was calling out to people to come and have their dinner after she has finished cooking the dinner. She did not get any response, and all she gets is an echo of her own voice, and the echo sounded like she is in a deep cave. She felt eerie and feels that the whole house is empty. She then rushed upstairs and in the first room, she saw her two sisters sitting on the bed stiffly, ignoring her calling out to them. She went up and try to shake them awake, and found that they are both stones. She fled in terror into her mother’s room and her mother has also turned into stone, she has no choice but to run to her father’s house but, the father has also turned into stone.

Besides, if a person feels like a living dead, a walking corpse, he/she is no longer growing, his/her heart is dead, then he/she will dream of himself/herself dead.

“I dreamed that my wife is dead and lying in the coffin, all wrapped up in white cloth. I held on her hand feeling depressed and suddenly, her hands turned warm and she came back to life slowly.”

This dream is simple.The dreamer found that his wife has lost her vigour and vitality. He is very sad, and this feeling of his has awakened the love that is long dead within his wife, and she regained her vitatlity.

Dreaming of the dead implies forgotten, eliminate, overcome and so on.

A girl used to keep dreaming of her ex-boyfriend. One day, she dream that the boyfriend is dead. At that time, there was nothing about the boyfriend that she was worried about and she has not heard about him for years.

The death here means forgotten, the girl thought that she has forgotten the ex-boyfriend. The day before the dream, she got to know a new guy who is very good. Perhaps the dream is implying that the old love is giving up its place to new love.

A woman, after receiving a long period of counseling, dream that she has killed someone, and as she leaned over and take a look, she found that the person she has killed is herself, but is a very ugly version of her.

From this dream, we can see that this woman thinks of her psychologist as a murderer, because he has killed her and made her suffer, but she found that the person he killed is her in the past, and after the counseling sessions, she has underwent a rebirth and have live better.

Therefore, it may not be a bad thing to dream of death. If the dead is something or someone beautiful and happy, then it is a bad dream. If the dead is something or someone ugly, then it is undoubtedly a good thing.

In the dream, ugly people represents bad things, evil, hatred, stupidity and all the vices. Beautiful and pretty people represents good things.

Freud pointed out that dreaming of a sad death of relatives and friends, is often the resurface of a childhood’s desire that the relatives died. He pointed out that when people are young, they normally wish that the people they dislike will die. Children often hates the person who is vying for their parents’ love and they expected the other to die. In the hearts of children, or in the subconscious of adults, wanting others to die is not a big sin, as they only want this person to never come back. When people hate others, they will normally dream that the other party would die. If the dead is a relative, the dreamer will deliberately over-present grief in the dream.

Of course, it is undeniable that the death of relatives and friends can sometimes indicates “Guessing”. For example, someone dream that his/her grandfather has died. Before he/she sleeps, he/she received a letter to inform that the grandfather is seriously ill. As the grandfather is very old and sick, it naturally lead to him/her thinking that the grandfather might pass away. In this scenario, the dream only indicates a worry and speculation.

Dreams are an extension of memory at night from the day, sometimes during the day, there is no way to satisfy certain things, and these can be satisfied at night. Some dreams can predict the future, but a lot of times, dreams are opposite of reality. Death is something that everyone rejects, but in reality, death in the dream is an opposite in reality, it is a good thing.

Freud talked about the headache in analysing the dreams of the death of a loved one, and he often was unable to explain it satisfactorily. The reason is that there is a particularly strong ambivalence between dreamer and the dead person. The common form is that the person was alive at first, but suddenly dead. This person was later revived again in the dream. This is confusing, but I finally found the reason for this alive and dead cycle, it refers to the indifference of the dreamer, and this indifference is not real of course, it is only a thought; the function of the dream is to inform the dreamer to deny his/her own contradictory feelings, that we can say, is the dreamer’s contradicting feeling that is appearing in the dream.

Dreaming of death represents the end, transformation, and rebirth. When you dream of death, you may be frightened or even worried if it will come true. First, take it easy! As Death is the ending of life that we can not avoid, and it also brings the most intricate tangle of emotions; Thus, the dream is most likely making use of your feelings towards death to remind you something in reality. In the dreams, the dead could be you or others. When the dead is others, think of how you feel towards this person, what are the things that this person reminds you of, and what this person means to you. This will make you see more clearly on what is being lost. Sometimes dreaming of own death, will give a different kind of secular sense of detachment. At this point, you are using another point of view to experience your life. Perhaps the idea of reincarnation or your religious beliefs, led you to think that death means closer to God or a moment of self-reflection. It could also be that you are struggling to cope in reality and hope everything is over, so you can have a good rest.

Freud believed that dreams are the “concept image of” what the dreamer has in mind: “If my father were alive, what would he say?” But, if it is not possible to let the dead talk in real life, then it can only reappear in the dream. For example, a man inherited a large fortune from his grandfather, and he squandered everything. He is now stricken with guilt and remorse. In his dream, his grandfather came back alive and asked him about the inheritance, and reprimanded him for extravagance. This is exactly the image of “Grandfather knows everything from under the ground”.

Someone who is already dead appearing in dreams, the dreamer himself or the other characters in the dream will often remind in the dream: “Strange, he was already dead for a long time”. This could be the remnants of our sanity playing in the dream. These kind of dreams are not easy to understand, as Freud said: “I am willing to admit that we have yet to understand the secrets of such dreams”.

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what does it mean when you dream about someone dying

What does it mean when you dream about someone dying?

In reality, not everyone will meet with a supernatural phenomenon but, almost everyone will meet the dead the their dreams. So what do the dead people in the dreams represents? In psychoanalysis, represented by modern psychologists based on people’s psychological and emotional condition of the dream, it is classified as the shape is considered a dead form of some kind of emotion. Below we share the Top 10 Dreams analysis of What does it mean when you dream about someone dying.

1. Dreaming of a dead lady in white: Loneliness and lack of vitality

[Dream] “In a boy’s dreams, there often appear a dead long-haired female wearing white, standing in a lake exposing her upper body. The boy was born in a wealthy family, and he is the only child at home. Since young, the parents will always meet his demands. However, as the parents are always busy at work, they do not communicate with him much. To outsiders, he should be living very happily, but in reality, he is very depressed, he desire to be love and care for by his parents, while the parents used money instead of actual communication. For him, the money can not fill the lack of emotional love, and therefore he dream of a dead long haired white female standing in the water.”

[Dream Analysis] This is a case from counselor, Cai Chenrui. A dead white female image is the most common dead person we see in our dreams. Their features are usually long hair and looks very weak and gloomy. White symbolizes purity and nobility, but when combined together, white and dead, represents the lack of strength and vitality, representing pale and weak. White clothing symbolizes the pale look that appear after the end of blood draining. Here, blood is a symbol of love and affection, and when a person does not have love and affection, she become pale. In this type of dreams, the dead woman often appear alone, and very lonely. This is because one of the main characteristic of depression is loneliness.

2. Zombie: Feelings of indifference and numbness

[Dream] “A 27-year-old man came to do counseling, he said he is debauchery and often having nightmares of zombies. He was born in a well-to-do family and is well educated. He once have a girlfriend, who treat him well at first, and he had thought he found a lifelong love. He gave a lot of love and spent a lot of money on the girlfriend. Later, his girlfriend managed to go to the United States to study, through him. He got a help from a friend and contributed his own money to let his girlfriend fulfill her wishes to go United States to study. He had never thought that the girlfriend would dump him after 6 months abroad. This man, had a lot of love and emotional care since young, and have never suffered any setbacks emotionally. The break-up with the girlfriend came as a big blow, and changed his attitude towards people, especially females. His attitude towards the opposite sex became as cold as the Zombies, and he sees himself as indifferent as the Zombies. This setback has turned him to be revengeful towards the females and he is using attack and possession to balance his frustrations.

[Dream Anlaysis] This is a case from counselor, Ho Ming Hua. Zombies do not look like they have blood flowing in their body, just as we often say the “living dead”. In fact they have become spiritually indifferent. Such people have become numb and indifferent to life, his own inner feelings have completely closed and there is no emotional response to the world. The treatment to others are like machinery. Such people are feeling extremely depressed, they lack emotion and love and become rigid as well as losing their vitality.

3. Drowning dead: Unable to extricate themselves and addicted to emotions

[Dream] “A young girl who just came to Beijing to attend college, often dreamed of a long hair dead person appearing by her side and trying to squeeze her till she feels suffocating. This image comes from the girl’s mother. Out of worry for her daughter, who is far away, the mother is always calling her and trying to “control” her through phone calls, to understand what her daughter was doing, and with whom did she go out with. The girl always felt oppressed by her mother. To her, the mother’s love has been transformed into control and is causing her mental stress and suffering. Overwhelming excessive love gives a sense of encirclement and suffocation, like drowning or suffocating.”

[Dream Analysis] Drowned dead represents rich feelings, and the image is characterised by dripping wet. The above case of the drowned dead, is expressed by a feeling of oppression. Such drowned dead, is as we used to say: “neither hit nor scold you, but using the emotions to torture you.” Another meaning of the dream, is the feelings of desire and struggle, a person can not extricate themselves from being addicted to emotions, and he would drown. Ho Ming Hua believes drowning people are often emotionally attached and often could die for love. Such a person is always hiding in the emotional world and not able to escape.

4. Evil dead: Repressed anger

[Dream] “A forty-year-old female visitor described her childhood is lack of parental care and her parents are always severely reprimanding her. Her childhood had a really unpleasant experience. After she got married, she treat her children in the exact same way as her parents. In her dreams, there often appear dead people with ferocious face and claws. She had been keeping her childhood experiences to heart, and was very unhappy with her parents for treating her harshly, but she has unknowingly learned the way her parents treated her. In her mind, she has been very angry with her parents and have developed negative emotions towards her parents, this negativity translates into the ferocious dead in her dream.”

[Dream Analysis] The evil dead represents repressed anger, and as time goes by, it will appear as an evil image in the dream, which also expressed that the dreamer is not accepting the anger emotion. The evil dead often appeared with ferocious eyes and baring all teeth, and two claws. People who have encountered many setbacks often have an aggressive mentality, and this satisfaction of “attack” can not be met in reality, and often convert into an evil ferocious in dreams.

5. Vampire: Severe psychological dependence

[Dream] “A 26 years old female, in her solitude and dreams often appeared the image of a dead vampire. This woman grew up in a patriarchal family, and she rarely get parental care and that affects her emotional development. After she became an adult and have to face the society independently, she tends to always rely on others, like the leeches that suck the blood of humans and animals. Her emotional dependence is even stronger, after having a boyfriend, she feels like tying herself and her boyfriend together with a rope, and as long as she is not by her boyfriend’s side, she would track him down in a variety of ways. Although, she said it is her way of showing love and care, this is an adsorption behavior caused by the lack of love and care and it is an extreme psychological dependence.”

[Dream Analysis] those who often seen or dreamed of the dead vampire have severe psychological dependence. The dreamer feels a lack of care and love, and they do not look at themselves to resolve this, but by drawing the feelings of others to maintain their vitality. We often see some women who are extremely emotionally dependent on others, they will be tracking their boyfriends all day long with phone calls incessantly. Dead vampires symbolise an invisible absorption and depriving the feelings of others. We also see some mothers who control the child’s emotion on a long term, and in fact this is an emotional exploitation of the children, but the mother have a sense of dependency on the child.

Other dream interpretation of dreaming the dead

6. Dead Skull

Skulls are the extremes of the dreams of “lady in white” and “Zombies”. When a person is extremely lack of love and care, this image becomes a skeleton. Cai Chenrui said Skulls represents death. When we have extreme fear towards death or a very weak vitality, we may dream of skulls.

7. The dead who are starved to death

Those who dream of a dead who was starved to death are majority drug addicts. The dead who was starved to death are characterized hungry to the effect of eating anything. When one is on drug, it will usually produce a feeling of excitement and pleasure, using this to numb themselves, and avoiding confrontation of their hunger for love and care.

8. Hanged dead

The image is characterized by tongue sticking out. Dreaming of a hanged dead man represents that he did not dare to face his dark inner side and did not dare express it. Tongue represents the desire to say, in fact, he wanted to say “I was terrified”, “I am afraid”, but yet dare not say.

9. Headless dead

The head represent human intellect, chest represents emotion, and the lower part of the body starting from below the chest, represents desire. Headless dead represents the dreamer has too strong of a sense and reason and suppress their emotions too deep inside. However, the dark side is as big as how much power is being used to repress. The dark side of the heart was not let out in any channels and will be transformed in dreams in the form of a headless dead.

10. Painted dead

There is a type of dead that have an attractive appearance, but a lot of nasty stuff around the body, such as sticky stuff. This kind of sticky thing represnts semen, and it represents debauchery. It symbolizes sexual perversion and sexual psychological problems.

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dreaming of dead relatives

Dreaming of dead relatives and family members

Dreaming of dead relatives and family members

In ancient China, there is a saying where dreaming of dead family members imply that the deceased is trying to tell you something in his spirit form. There is another saying which says to enjoy the benefits of the hard work of one’s predecessors.

If you dream of a dead relative whom you have never thought of, and never thought he/she would have any favour to ask from you,and he/she appeared in your dream to talk to you and requested a favour from you or implies a favour is needed from you, then it could really be that the deceased is really trying to pass messages to you in your dream. It is not the Author of this article being superstitious. If you really dream of a dead relative asking a favour, be sure to fulfill his wishes, as it will be to your benefits no matter how you look at it.

Dreaming of a dead relative is a common dream, and there is no need to be surprised. There was a research that showed that in general, the deceased do not talk in the dreams, and this shows that the dreamer is subconsciously thinking of the deceased. If there was any conversation in the dream with the deceased, then the content of the conversation is usually what the dreamer hopes to get from others in reality.

Dreaming of a dead relative is often a manifestation of their loved ones being remembered. The deceased that appeared in dreams are usually ancestors of the dreamer, and if you dream of your dead ancestors, it usually mean that the dreamer is in need of help and guidance.

A lot of people dream of living together with the deceased family member like before, and it is usually a happy and peaceful dream. This is because, the dreamer is always thinking about “If only the family member is still alive, then things will be different” and this wish come true in the form of dream, as long as the dream is a happy and peaceful one, then it is an auspicious dream.

Dreaming of a dead elderly relative who once loved you alot means you are lack of love in reality.

A widower dreaming of a dead wife, means that the widower will meet with an educated woman, and she would become her business assistant.

A widow dreaming of a dead husband, indicates that the widow will abide by her chastity and not remarry.

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