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good luck tips for office

4 Good luck tips for office workers – Tulipa Xanadu

Every office workers want to show their skills in the workplace and in addition to the ability to improve, office Feng Shui factors are as important! So let us explore the 4 Good luck tips for office Feng Shui below.

Keep the work environment clean and tidy

After a busy day, it is unavoidable to have a messy work environment. Therefore, do some simple cleaning every day before you start work or get off work. Place the Office supplies in their little order. A rearranged desk will give the feeling of order and improve the surrounding energy field, at the same time straighten out fortune.

Try to avoid sharp objects

Try to avoid having sharp objects on display in the office, as these things can easily lead to frictions and disputes. They will cause competitive attitude and harsh commentaries. As such, obstruct the development of the career.

Use of make up

The mental state is very important for both males and females. For the females, do a good job at the facial makeup and grooming work. For men, shave and groom to create a spirited refreshed look and good luck will follow.

Place green ornaments on the desk

Green is the most opulent color. So placing green decorations can help to create a good office Feng Shui. They could be green pieces of accessories or green office supplies. A bowl of foliage round, strong vitality of the green plant, will flourish their career fortune.

Feng Shui Office

13 Feng Shui office taboos to avoid

Do you have the following Feng Shui office taboos at your workplace? They could be the reason that you can not focus on work, hurry to see it!

  1. Ensure that your seat is not facing the main entrance directly

    As the main entrance is the air and energy flow of the entire office, sitting at a place directly facing the door will have a clash with the energy field of the entrance. This can easily affect a person’s subconscious, nervous system, and even cause situations such as illness or gratuitous hot temper. A screen or plants being placed between the door and the seat can resolve this.

  1. Ensure that the back of your seating is a concrete wall or cabinets instead of a door or pathway

    The back of the human brain is most sensitive to energy field and frequency waves. Therefore, it is best to have things that are fixed at the back. Having people walking up and down behind you will cause distractions and after sometime, will affect work efficiency and health due to energy loss.

  1. There should not be a wall right in front of you

    The reason why our eyes are in front of us, is to capture as much information as possible. If you are too near a wall, you would not be able to see your surroundings, and this will cause insecurity and affect stability in the nervous system.

  1. It is best not to have anyone sitting in front of you

    This may cause a psychological clash. Without personal space, it will either cause discomfort or distraction, enjoying chatting with each other and losing focus on work. It is best to place some documents or plants in between for separation.

  1. Do not sit facing the toilet doors directly

    The toilet is a gathering place for bad smell and bacteria. Sitting near the toilets or facing the toilets directly will fall ill due to inhaling too much of the bacteria. If this is unavoidable, place a large screen to partition the toilets and seat.

  1. Do not sit behind the printer or hardware systems

    The magnetic frequency field from the printer or hardware systems are relatively strong. After some time, it will affect the human magnetic and energy field, causing mental and physical disabilities, and indirectly also affect luck. It is best to keep a distance, or place big pots of plants as separation. The plants should be changed regularly, otherwise it will become a second source of contamination.

  1. There should not be any taps of running water nearby

    Water can disrupt the magnetic field or energy field, as it can gather its own energy field. One who sits near this for long term, may have neurological disorders or have their luck in repeated phenomenon. It is best to avoid such places.

  1. There should not be any dustbin or rubbish

    Same as the toilets, rubbish gathers bacteria and bad smell. It is best to avoid.

  1. There should not be lack of light or windows near the seat.

    If there is a lack of light, then it would cause the “Yang” energy to weaken, and “Yin” energy to overwhelm. After some time, it will cause people to become lazy and negative.

  1. There should not be any gas stove, fridge or kitchen near the seat

    Kitchen is the source of “Fire”, and being so close to “Fire” will affect the body’s nervous system and physiological field. In long term, it will hinder a person’s ability to think and thus, it is best to avoid.

  1. You should not face the water dispenser directly

    This is the same as the tap or sink. Especially, when a lot of people will walk up and down to retrieve water, the magnetic field and energy field will be affected much easily.

  1. You should not face your supervisor or boss directly

    In olden times, supervisors and bosses are meant to “Control” the staff. Unless, you do not see them as supervisors or boss, it is best to avoid sitting across from them. As their behaviors and movements will affect you and may cause conflicts in long term.

  1. There should not be any chandeliers or pillars on top of your seat

    The tip of your head is also a sensitive area, as it is constantly afraid of things falling from above. Thus, if there are any chandeliers or pillars on top of you, the subconscious will build a protective shield and you will always be on alert to defend yourself. After sometime, your energy will be drained. It is best to shift your seat, to protect your health if this is the case.

Career for men

3 Feng Shui tips to enhance career for men

Career is where the men gets their social recognition and identity. At home, the bedroom is an important factor influencing career for men. A good bedroom facing can accumulate good energy, and help to gain success in career for men.

Bedroom of South-East – Help and Support

This direction has the energy to help influence a smooth sailing life, no matter which industry you are in, you will be blessed by good luck.

People with bedroom in this direction, will be able to work smoothly, sensitive observation, have the courage to challenge things, and will be promoted quickly, with an enviable life of happiness. At the same time, able to get help from friends or relatives. As success comes too easily, others may doubt the possibility of your success. As such, living in harmony with others is very important.

People who are not having a smooth sailing life can consider shifting their bedrooms to this direction, and you may even get an unexpected result from the shift.

Bedroom of North – Success with efforts

This direction is vulnerable to the mercy of interpersonal relationships, and less likely to express own ideas. As long as you put in efforts and work hard, you will certainly gain a lot of success.

You should review and do self-reflection frequently to find what is missing. There is no need to complain that too few people know and understand you, chances are you are one of the late bloomers, therefore, do not be secretly worried because of the current unsatisfactory situation. As long as you pay more attention to interpersonal relationships, it should be very easy to deal with.

In General, facing the north direction has the personality of a scholar. In other words, the bedroom in this position, will indulge in personal research.

Bedroom of East – Young achiever

This position can bring up young achievers easily. No matter what you do, remember to have a leisurely attitude, and do not make any decisions in haste.

The “fresh” and “development” atmosphere floats in the East. As it is full of vitality and energy, people who are fickle will get to perform their strengths. Instead of leading a large group of practitioners, might as well assume the power to lead dozens of people, as the unit leader, this will allow you to display your ability.

When going into middle-age, the period of stability, it is best to move the bedroom to the West.

Feng shui for job interview

Feng shui for job interview

In the competitive world today, finding jobs become a problem faced by many young men and women, and job interviews become the barrier of finding jobs. Job applicants have to get support and help from the interviewers or referees and therefore, it is most important to have a good Feng Shui for job interview layout at home. Do not underestimate the location of each piece of furniture and their colors as well, they all have the potential to really change your luck and improve your Feng Shui for job interviews.

You need the help of support and referees to succeed in that job interview. Between the main entrance and the entrance to the space inside this House, do not keep miscellaneous objects, make the space wide and airy and bright. Shoes in the shoe cabinet should be cleaned diligently and expose to sunlight, to reduce noxious energy. Vitality and light of Yellow color is the energy to bring wealth luck as well as support, place yellow flowers or a yellow shade lamp or Wall lamp.

You need to be likable at job interviews, therefore, there is a need for “peach blossom” luck, the Feng Shui “peach blossom” area in your bedroom is at the window. Ensure that the windows and curtains are clean. The vitality and energies of light of the colour Pink are Feng Shui “peach blossom” colours and love energy. You can place decorative pink flowers or natural pink crystal ball.

Affinity and popularity are important, The Feng Shui area for affinities and popularity is the front terrace or balcony facing outside, in the living room, and the window of the living room. Clean the balconies and windows, as well as curtains more frequently, keep the front terrace and balcony clean and empty, without any pets, shoes are required to be kept in the cabinets, and diligently clean and expose the shoes to reduce noxious energy.

You can improve the Feng Shui of the memory zone for preparation for the job interview, which is located at the “bed” and “study desks” area, in addition to exclude the Feng Shui taboos that will cause emotional stability, the light or color of purple can increase memory power, you can place Amethyst at the bedhead, or purple lilies and orchids.

In order to be selected at the job interview, you need luck of opportunity, the Feng Shui area for “personal relations” is the path just outside the main entrance of the house. Make sure to clean and make it open and have unobstructed access without barriers, shoes are required to be in the shoes cabinet, and diligently clean and expose them to the sun to reduce the noxious energy. You can enhance this area with photoelectric lighting, ensure air flows freely, or place water basins or fountains, etc.

Spontaneous reaction is important at job interviews, to increase your spontaneity, we look at Feng Shui of the “bed” and “study desk”. Apart from the reference of the above mentioned Feng Shui tips on emotional stability, you can place a smoky quartz at your bedhead area or study desk, it can help your stability and increase spontaneity during the job interview.

Career growth

6 Feng Shui tips to enhance your career luck

To be successful in career, you must first have passion, confidence and determination. These factors belong to the East sector. Find out how you can strengthen and enhance your East sector to increase your career luck with our 6 Feng Shui tips below:

  1. Place a bowl in the East sector of your home or office. Pour fresh water in the bowl every morning, so you can activate and bring in more fresh water energy. Water produce in to the Eastern wood, and therefore can increase the nascent energy field. If the bowl is placed under direct sunlight, this energy field will be stronger, and thus, create more favorable factors to your career.
  1. Place a pot of green leafy plant in the East sector of your study room or office. As plants belongs to wood element and will strengthen the energy of the East sector.
  1. Sit facing the East or South East sector at work, this will enable you to absorb the energy coming from East better
  1. When starting a new job, do a “spring cleaning” to the new workplace. Throw away unnecessary old stuff as they will bring disturbance to you subconsciously. Make space for your new stuff and meet the new job with a positive mindset.
  1. The air and energy flow of irregular shaped rooms, especially those with rounded corners or curves from within, are slow and therefore, brings stability to people. If you are working in the creative field, such environment is suitable.
  1. White crystals are beneficial to career luck and health. White crystal is refernced to the head-centered position in human body parts according to Feng Shui study. It can push the negative energy out from the bottom of the feet and improve clarity in the mind and is helpful to career luck and health.
Workplace Feng Shui

How to build competitive workplace Feng Shui and gain career growth

We always looked at ourselves when meeting problems like conflicts with colleagues and hard work not being recognized and not realising that Feng Shui is the problem source at the workplace. Below we share how you can build a good competitive workplace Feng Shui and make progressions in your career.

1) Use a “fake wall” to block the door of evil spirits

If your seat is facing the door directly, unless you have a strong magnetic field which can block the powerful flow of energy coming through the door, else, you will be affected by this strong flow of energy after some time, and bad fortune will follow with an unstable mind. So it is better if you can use a screen to help you ward off this energy.

2) Use of plants for defense from the “killings”

If you are sitting near the toilet, place a large pot of green leafy plant between you and the toilet. This can help siphon off the bad smell from the toilet and block off the negative magnetic field.

3) Do not sit around any rattan plant species

Indoor plants with broad leaves are recommended mainly because the large leaves can not block negative energy, but also can absorb the energy of the heaven and earth. Plants with little leaves or entangled linear plants, basically belong to Yin and will suck our energy. It is best not to have such plants anywhere in your environment.

4) Use of Lamps for defense from the “killings”

If you are sitting right below the beams, you can place a lamp right below the beams, and always keep the lamp lit, this can reduce the negative magnetic field from above.

5) Do not hang pictures on the wall at your seat

Some of the more gloomy pictures of terror are not suitable for hanging out and be seen every day. Pictures of fierce beasts or strong abstract line drawings are also not suitable, because they will cause an adverse effect, and if you looked at them for a long period of time, it will affect the stability of the subconsciousness. Placing plain or gentle simple map layout pictures can best improve efficiency.

Through the above advice, hurry and start creating a good Feng Shui to enhance your workplace. I believe coupled with your own excellent performance in the company, your career will naturally progress higher!