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Feng Shui Office

13 Feng Shui office taboos to avoid

Do you have the following Feng Shui office taboos at your workplace? They could be the reason that you can not focus on work, hurry to see it!

  1. Ensure that your seat is not facing the main entrance directly

    As the main entrance is the air and energy flow of the entire office, sitting at a place directly facing the door will have a clash with the energy field of the entrance. This can easily affect a person’s subconscious, nervous system, and even cause situations such as illness or gratuitous hot temper. A screen or plants being placed between the door and the seat can resolve this.

  1. Ensure that the back of your seating is a concrete wall or cabinets instead of a door or pathway

    The back of the human brain is most sensitive to energy field and frequency waves. Therefore, it is best to have things that are fixed at the back. Having people walking up and down behind you will cause distractions and after sometime, will affect work efficiency and health due to energy loss.

  1. There should not be a wall right in front of you

    The reason why our eyes are in front of us, is to capture as much information as possible. If you are too near a wall, you would not be able to see your surroundings, and this will cause insecurity and affect stability in the nervous system.

  1. It is best not to have anyone sitting in front of you

    This may cause a psychological clash. Without personal space, it will either cause discomfort or distraction, enjoying chatting with each other and losing focus on work. It is best to place some documents or plants in between for separation.

  1. Do not sit facing the toilet doors directly

    The toilet is a gathering place for bad smell and bacteria. Sitting near the toilets or facing the toilets directly will fall ill due to inhaling too much of the bacteria. If this is unavoidable, place a large screen to partition the toilets and seat.

  1. Do not sit behind the printer or hardware systems

    The magnetic frequency field from the printer or hardware systems are relatively strong. After some time, it will affect the human magnetic and energy field, causing mental and physical disabilities, and indirectly also affect luck. It is best to keep a distance, or place big pots of plants as separation. The plants should be changed regularly, otherwise it will become a second source of contamination.

  1. There should not be any taps of running water nearby

    Water can disrupt the magnetic field or energy field, as it can gather its own energy field. One who sits near this for long term, may have neurological disorders or have their luck in repeated phenomenon. It is best to avoid such places.

  1. There should not be any dustbin or rubbish

    Same as the toilets, rubbish gathers bacteria and bad smell. It is best to avoid.

  1. There should not be lack of light or windows near the seat.

    If there is a lack of light, then it would cause the “Yang” energy to weaken, and “Yin” energy to overwhelm. After some time, it will cause people to become lazy and negative.

  1. There should not be any gas stove, fridge or kitchen near the seat

    Kitchen is the source of “Fire”, and being so close to “Fire” will affect the body’s nervous system and physiological field. In long term, it will hinder a person’s ability to think and thus, it is best to avoid.

  1. You should not face the water dispenser directly

    This is the same as the tap or sink. Especially, when a lot of people will walk up and down to retrieve water, the magnetic field and energy field will be affected much easily.

  1. You should not face your supervisor or boss directly

    In olden times, supervisors and bosses are meant to “Control” the staff. Unless, you do not see them as supervisors or boss, it is best to avoid sitting across from them. As their behaviors and movements will affect you and may cause conflicts in long term.

  1. There should not be any chandeliers or pillars on top of your seat

    The tip of your head is also a sensitive area, as it is constantly afraid of things falling from above. Thus, if there are any chandeliers or pillars on top of you, the subconscious will build a protective shield and you will always be on alert to defend yourself. After sometime, your energy will be drained. It is best to shift your seat, to protect your health if this is the case.

Feng Shui Shop

7 Feng Shui shop tips to place your desk or counter to gain wealth luck

Everyone wants their business to boom when starting a shop or new businesses, and wishes to have money rolling in. Feng Shui should then be considered for the items placed at storefront, the facing of door entrance and products on store display. In this article, we focus on the discussion on the good placement for the office desk in the shop, and introduce some Feng Shui Shop storefront desk taboo, and request for friends with shops to pay more attention.

1. The inauspicious placement of the desk in the shop

There is usually a space in the shops for issuing receipts and invoices, and the space is usually in the back of the office or at storefront or placed on a bar, but keep in mind, do not display such counters or desks at the inauspicious sector within the shop, otherwise, you will not only be not making money, but will also be causing significant damages. Therefore, this desk or counter should be placed in the auspicious sector within the shops or the wealth sector, and business will be booming, with money rolling in.

2. It is a taboo to have beams above the desk

Whether it is furnitures at home or office Feng Shui, the location of such objects should not be placed below the beams. When the Beam above the desk, whoever is sitting there will feel the pressure, particularly shop owners or decision makers, if the beam is above the desk, you will tend to make bad decisions, and cause business blunder, and ended up in a loss situation.

The solution for those desks that are under the beam in the store: Shift the desk directly away from the beam; if you do not want to move, then decorate the beams, hang a bottle gourd to avoid the “Killings”, it can also have a wealth effect.

3. It is a taboo to have place the desk in “Yin” areas

“Yin” places are for example, the desk is facing directly at cemeteries, churches, hospitals and other places or spaces where “Yin” is very heavy, and to want your business to boom, you need a good “Yang” energy, places with good “Yang” energy flow will have a lot of people moving around, and thus business will be good.

4. It is a taboo to have place the desk facing adult entertainment areas

Adult entertainment places are informal places, and the attitude of the staff manning the desk will be affected. If the store is facing such places, it will give people a lack of trust, then it is difficult to have repeat customers.

5. It is a taboo to have place the desk facing toilets or chimneys

Shop desks should avoid facing toilets and chimneys, as they are dirty, with the desk facing the toilet and chimney, it will affect the thinking of those who sits there, and cause bad judgments, and wrong decisions, and causing the entire operation to fail.

6. It is a taboo to have messy desk in the store/shop

If you shop desk is placed at the door, and if guests walked in to see a messy desk, it will not give a good first impression, and also cast doubts on the quality of your products.

7. It is a taboo to have things displayed on the desk in a disorderly manner

Pay attention to the display of items on your desk, with each height of the items placed in orderly manner, Remember the Green Dragon on the left side and White Tiger on the right side, you can place some important items on your desk in the Green Dragon location, the order of the items should be from left to right, according to their heights. For example, phones should be placed on the left, and pen-holders should be placed on the right, Lucky ornaments to attract wealth should be placed on the left side of the desk, while some less frequently used items can be placed on the right.

Shop Front

Feng Shui for shop signboards can turn a good fortune to bad

Feng Shui Taboos of shop signboards

Do NOT let your shop’s signboard be stepped on

If your store location and layout of the interior is good, but your signboard was being stepped upon by many, it will still affect the business of the shop.

Take note of the signboard/advertisements above your signboard

If the signboard/advertisement above your signboard clashes, it will also affect your business. For example, if the main color of your signboard is black, and the signboard/advertisement has yellow as the main focus, in Feng Shui study, black is water, and yellow is earth, Earth controls Water and water is fortune, when your fortune is blocked, your business will not be good.

Chip offs on signboards

If your there are chip offs on the signboards, or dead LEDs on neon signboards, it cause your shop to be left desolate. If this is the case, it is recommended to repair the signboard especially to replace the LED in the neon signboard.

Avoid wrong placements of signboards that bring bad fortune

The size of the signboard is closely related to the size of the shop space. Find out more in details below:

If the shop is eight feet in height, and twenty feet wide

The placement of signboard is recommended to be five feet three inches off the ground. Signboards placed too high or too low will affect the business luck. Signboards placed at the right height and with correct colors will give customers a comfortable and friendly feel and in turn, brings you good fortune.

In the situation where the shop’s width is about three, five or eight feet wide and twelve feet more on the left and right

In the above situation, the signboards must use twelve feet three inches, twelve feet five inches and twelve feet eight inches as benchmark. If the signboard is any lesser than 12 feet, it will form a negative field, and causes the shop to lose support from reputable people or the elders. It will also cause family discord, inflict constant fights, which will also affect business.

Good placements of the shop signboards

Where you hang or place the shop signboard is very important as, placing it at the correct placement can bring good fortune and wealth, otherwise the business will be stagnant and causes loss.

Other Feng Shui tips for signboards

Colors of the signboards and five elements

The colors of the signboard should be selected based on the Five elements of the shop. The color should benefit the shop and shop owner. The shade colors of the signboard should complement the products, if the the products are targeting youths, use bright and vibrant colors, if the shop is providing professional services, it is recommended to use colors that gives people a sense of security.

Material of signboard

Shop owners should not only look at high-end or cheap materials. It is important for the material of the signboard to benefit the shop owner and also complement the products of the shop.

Date selection of putting up the signboard

When putting up the signboard, careful date selection should be done to bring good wealth and fortune.

Naming of the shop on signboard

The name of the shop must not only be original, not awkward, expressive, elegant and innovative, as well as easy to remember, it must also complement the products. The words on the signboard must be artistic.