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mirror placement in living room

Mirror placement in living room

Mirrors are common decorative items in houses and especially in smaller apartments and flats, to extend the interior so that the house looks spacious internally. However, it can be a taboo to have big mirrors set across the walls if not placed correctly. Below we share two case studies on this design.

Mirrors – Feng Shui Case Study I

One of the houses we visited has a big mirror across the wall in the living room, and this is a very common design that is in trend, as houses are getting smaller and smaller in places where lands are scarce. However, this mirror has caused a toil on the missuses of the house, especially the health.

Mirrors – Feng Shui Case Study II

There was another house where we visited with small pieces of mirrors plastered all over the wall, and within this sector, we can see the health issue on the male residents of the house, as well as the career progression and general movement (tend to laze around and do not enjoy active lifestyle). There is also an indication of fertility issue and stress.

Mirrors – Feng Shui Case Study III

House number 3 was a complete new space, and the house owner intended to place a big mirror across the dining area. Immediately, we asked about his health issue and his current living place layout. True enough, he has been feeling unwell for quite some time despite seeing a few doctors already and his current place arrangement has exactly the things that we have mentioned even when we did not step into his current place before. We then advised him to place a painting in replacement of the mirror, as well as made some adjustments to his current place. He feedback to us his health surprisingly improved immediately after the adjustment in his current place. This case study is a perfect example of “Synchronicity“.

As much as the interior designers enjoy using mirrors to cover the walls nowadays, it is always best to be careful of the placement. This will prevent any unnecessary health issues, as the impact of big mirrors are significant.

Feng Shui Wealth

Feng Shui Wealth Tips

To gather money is to attract money energy and there is a need to attract money. To attract wealth is one of the most important point for Home Feng Shui Wealth. A good home Feng Shui for wealth will make the family have a certain rate of increase in wealth fortune.

Secrets of Feng Shui Wealth tips for home

Master Bedroom

The layout of the master bedroom must complement with the house decoration, it should not face any windows directly, nor be too close; There should not be any beam at the ceiling top, nor facing any bedroom doors; It is also a taboo to not lean against the wall, as this will signify a lost of any backings.

Living Room

In general, the diagonal 45 degrees position from the main entrance of the living room, is the so-called “Wealth Sector”. Place items that are conducive to wealth at this location, such as a strong vitality broad-leaved green plants, evergreen, keel, Pachira, gold Ge, etc. This can add to the home lively vitality to achieve wealth enhancement effect.


In the Feng Shui, there is also a saying that the Kitchen is where the treasury of the house is. It mainly controls the internal wealth. It is best for the location of the kitchen to be in the second half of the house, so that it would be easy to hold the wealth in. The rear of the stove should not be open, so as not to affect wealth luck.


It is best to have these as hidden as possible. Do not face the main entrance of the house directly. It should not be in the middle of the house, nor should it be at any auspicious position of the house. Similarly, it should not face any bedrooms directly.

Other Feng Shui Wealth tips


In the home wealth sector, place five colors (white green black and yellow) crystals, you can increase your popularity and wealth, wage earners can also get a raise or promotion;

Qi Lin (麒麟)

Good home luck can benefit career luck. You can place a pair of Qi Lin (麒麟) at home, to enhance your home luck. Qi Lin can not only enhance wealth, it can also bring you babies. Nowadays, people are stressed and due to many other reasons, have late pregnancy, placing a pair of Qi Lin (麒麟) can help increase your chances of pregnancy. Ensure that both Qi Lin are facing outwards.

Red Carpet

For those who wants to get a promotion, a pay raise, start a business or get some money, stick a piece of red paper with the word “财” (wealth) written in Golden ink, on the north side of your home. Then move the bed head towards the South. Place a red mat below the end of bed, this can help your career and increase the effectiveness of indirect wealth.

feng shui your home

Feng Shui your home for good luck

In Feng Shui, a good Feng Shui sign and layout indicates the arrival of good luck. Therefore, you can Feng Shui your home for a start to attract good luck.

Clean and uncorrupted, good luck life

Here “uncorrupted” does not mean a person’s honesty and innocence, but the environment you live in, or the office environment should not have any pressure from ceiling beams; otherwise it is “pressurizing to bend over”.

A clean and bright entrance in front of the door

The front of the home must be clean and bright, so that it can boost good luck. If the front of your living environment or office environment is opened, then this is a sign of good luck.

The lesser the junk goods, the more wealth there is

Human wealth is definitely not built on junk. The more junk goods there are, the lesser wealth there is.

Brilliant lights bring joy

Whether at home or office, having brilliant lights bring joy and full of positive energy. This will in turn bring very good fortune. This is because in Feng Shui, lights lit up the path to riches and surpluses and is an auspicious sign of good luck.

Solid back and empty front

In order to have good luck in life, one must have support and help. A reminder to friends, chairs that you often sit on and sofas are not recommended to be against the window glass or corridor and there should not be any mirrors both in front and behind the sofas.

Big living room is a sign of good wealth, and the ability to hold the wind and accumulate energy and air

To want to have good fortune, there should be no missing living room. However, note that the living room should not have the energy field of “losing money”, such as: convection windows and doors facing doors, this will cause energy and wealth to flow straight in and out, and the room to not able to accumulate any wealth. This is a taboo in Feng Shui.

feng shui bathroom

Feng Shui Bathroom for Good Health

The bathroom is the most intimate place in the house. A carefully well-built toilet with good Feng Shui can defend the family from bacteria and disease. So, how to create good Feng Shui bathroom?

Choosing the right material for bathroom

Bathroom walls and ceiling occupy the largest area of the bathroom, thus, the materials should be waterproof, corrosion and mold resistance to ensure fresh and clean bathrooms, so it will not lead to excessive moisture and excessive Yin energy.

Choosing the right colors for bathroom

As the bathroom belongs to the water element, there is also a great emphasis in the color selection. It is best to choose a gold or white, for metal element colors or black and blue for water element. These colors will make people feel peace and quiet, and also conducive to resolving the bathroom of evil energy.

Choosing the right colors for bathroom

Bathroom lighting should not be too bright, choose incandescent lighting, as the light is soft and easy. Next you need to set up mirror lights, as an independent supplementary lighting for the area, fluorescent lamps can be used to increase the warm, spacious and fresh feeling. In addition, it is recommended to have anti-fog, waterproof, moisture and corrosion resistance lamps that are easy to clean, this is consistent with the bathroom Feng Shui.

The bathroom must be well ventilated

There should be an exhaust fan in the bathroom, and a retrograde gate for the exhaust fan, which can prevent the polluted air from flowing backwards and guarantee fresh air in the toilet.

The bathroom sill must be higher

To prevent the water from flowing out of the toilet, the sill should be slightly higher than the inside of the toilet. The bathroom door should also be slightly higher than the sill, so it can prevent water from flowing out of the bathroom.

Feng Shui Wallpaper

Feng Shui wallpaper tips for bedrooms

The color choice of the bedroom wallpaper is very important. An appropriate design and in accordance to the Feng Shui wallpaper for bedroom law of nature, it will make people feel calm. So, how do we choose the color of the Feng Shui wallpaper for bedrooms to bring about good luck and be comfortable with it?

Suitable colors of Feng Shui wallpaper for bedrooms

  1. Blue wallpaper: Blue gives people a quiet and calm feeling, it can also relieve fatigue of the day and bring comfort. Blue has the effect of enhancing career fortune, can boost the positive effect of career development, so that the quality of family life is more secure.
  1. Purple wallpaper: Appropriate use of purple can increase extravagance and luxury as well as good luck, and also stimulate vitality at the same time.
  1. Yellow wallpaper: Yellow represents wealth, is the color that affect career and wealth luck. Using yellow wallpaper, can bring strong wealth luck. If you add plum color to it, you can add a welcoming and passionate atmosphere.
  1. Green wallpaper: Green has the effect of relief on both physical and emotional aspects of human, you can feel the inner stability and relax the body. Green symbolizes vibrant, full of vitality and hope, so you will have good luck while having a good sleep and rest.

In addition, you can also choose cream white or cool colors range for bedroom wallpapers, they will make people fall asleep easier.

Unsuitable colors of Feng Shui wallpaper for bedrooms

  1. Red wallpaper: Red can increase the rate of heart beat, increase blood pressure and brain wave activities, which will make people difficult to sleep. Therefore, the bedroom should not be using any red tone colors.
  1. Orange wallpaper: Bright orange should not be used in bedrooms, because this color has the energy of creating excitement and it will stimulate the human brain.

Note that if the bedroom wallpaper is in peach color, it is easy to attract the “Peach blossom” (Love) luck. If you want to add on romantic atmosphere in the bedroom, you can choose to place decorative red candles.

feng shui room

Feng Shui room taboos for women

Bedrooms can represent a person’s taste and interests in life, and for women, their bedrooms reflect their personalities. Below we share the Feng Shui room taboos for women to avoid bad luck in love relationships and career development.

  1. The bedroom of the women cannot be in pink as this will cause them to become irritable easily.
  1. The bedroom needs to be kept clean at all times, and develop good living habits.
  1. There should not be any doors on both sides behind the study desk.
  1. The study table should not be against the toilet or bathroom.
  1. The ceiling above the bed should not have any beams
  1. The study desk should not be above or below the kitchen stove as this will cause skin diseases.
  1. The study desk should not be above or below the toilet or bathroom.
  1. The bedroom should not be next to a equipment room as it will cause nervous breakdown.
  1. The bedroom door should not face the toilet door directly.
  1. The bedroom should not be below any balcony, or any god’s altar
  1. There should not be any air-condition system or exhaust fans above the bed directly, as it will cause illness easily.
  1. The colors of the windows should not be pink, red or black.
  1. The bedroom should always be bright and not dark.
  1. There should not be too many wind chimes as it will cause nervous breakdowns.
  1. The head or end of the bed should not face the door directly or sideways.
  1. The study table should not face the external road, path, water tower, electrical poles, or sharp corners directly.
  1. There should not be any weird or too many hanging decorative items in the bedroom.
  1. There should not be any amplifiers on the study table, and recorders near the head of the bed as it will cause nervous breakdown.
  1. It is best to have cream white for the ceiling of the bedroom, do not use dark colors.
  1. Do not have the head of the bed near the toilet, as it will cause mental health problems.
  1. There should not be any mirrors at the door of the bedroom as it will lead to war of words easily.
feng shui front door

Feng Shui front door tips and taboos

In Feng Shui, the door is often referred to human’s mouth, which absorb the energy and air into the house, and its orientation has a great impact on the family’s luck and fortune. So what are the key issues that we need to pay attention to for a good Feng Shui front door?

Tips and Taboos for setting a good Feng Shui Door

1. Seeing the kitchen stove when entering the Front door

Having the fire door facing the main door will cause a loss in money. Fire door refers to the parts where fire is being ignited, avoid having it facing the front door when decorating.

2. Seeing the bed when entering the Front door

The bed is a little happy world for the couple, and it is a taboo to be able to see the bed from the main front door. First, it is an expose of privacy, and second it will affect the marital relationship, leading to estrangement from both side, triggering an affair.

3. Front door facing the elevator directly

When the elevator goes up and down, it can activate the energy field in that location. Generally placing a pair of vases on both sides of the elevator can attract security and peace. If the door is facing the elevator directly, placing a pair of copper Pi Xiu can resolve the bad Feng Shui.

4. Front door facing the elevator directly

Exhaust fan has a ventilation effect, it belongs to a polluted land. It is best to resolve this by setting up a porch, or screen to block out this negative air. This is very serious negative “Killing” energy, and if there are alternative, it is best to open the door in another location.

5. Seeing the back door when entering from the front door

When the front door faces the back door directly, it is a phenomenon of losing money. If the back door is not often opened, then it will have little negative effect. It is usually resolved by placing relevant large-leaved plants or setting screens to block.

6. Front door facing the corridor directly

The corridor is known as the “gun killing”, if it is too long, it will have a powerful energy field. If the door is facing the corridor directly, it will lead to the “Blood disaster” and physical illnesses in the family. To resolve this, place more Pachira in the intervals, if necessary set up large screens to eliminate bad Feng Shui.

7. Seeing the stairs when entering from the front door

To see the stairs into the house, is a representative of declining wealth. By hanging curtains as partition or placing big pot of Pachira, or even set up screens to block out the stairs can enhance wealth.

8. Seeing the toilet door when entering from the front door

To see the toilet door from the main door is a major flaw in the design, it can easily lead to divorce and extramarital affairs occurrences. It is best to block it from the entrance with curtains. Meanwhile, if the toilet is in the west, the youngest girl in the family will have bad luck, and it will also easily lead to wild love affairs.

Feng Shui for Bedroom

Feng Shui for Bedroom

Feng Shui for bedroom has been a hot issue for a very long time, there are a lot of details in the setup and decorations. If you want to create a good Feng Shui for bedroom, you must be familiar with these knowledge. Read below on how to create good Feng Shui for bedroom.

What happens when the master bedroom is wider than the living room?

The living room is the symbol of a home, which is the main part of the house. A small living room is a sign of stingy and narrow-minded; A big living room seems too extravagant, indicating that the owner is not thrifty enough. To have a living room to be of the right size within the house is very difficult, this is related to the owner’s tolerance and cultivation. In general, the living room has to be bigger than the master bedroom, the bedroom is a private space, if it is small, the will be a sense of protected privacy, and should not have too many functions. On the contrary, the living room is better to be bigger, in order to have the family to gather and stay at home. Thus, will avoid having family members to be out most of the time, and lead to discord in the family relationships. In addition, the master bedroom represents the female owner’s rights, and the living room of the house represents the male owner’s rights. If the area of the master bedroom is larger than the living room, it means that the female owner of the house will control the man of the house. The living room cannot be dimmed, otherwise, the family members would meet with unexpected accidents; The brightness of the bedroom light should be in moderate, so that it will not affect sleep and not easy to get sick.

Bedroom colour selection

In regards to the colours for the bedroom, many people are choose according to their preferences. However, there are also meanings to selection of bedroom colours. As a place to sleep and rest, the bedroom color must be gentle, and not provoking colours, this will constitute a warm and comfortable sleep environment. In addition, the facing of the bedroom will also affect the colours selection. For example, the best colour choice for south-facing bedroom would be gray, white and beige; For North facing bedroom, you can choose light purple or light yellow colours, colours that are very light can increase the Yang energy of the room. In addition, you can also set the color of the bedroom with reference to the owner’s favourable elements of the five elements of Feng Shui.

How to design the ideal bedroom

One-third of a person’s life time, is spent on sleeping, so if the bedroom settings are not perfect, it will create negative effect to rest quality. You need to put in efforts in order to sleep well. In Feng Shui, there are a lot of details to pay attention to in a bedroom layout. The first is the pressure problem from the ceiling beams, which we have emphasised a lot of times, especially when sleeping under the beams, it can easily lead to a sense of oppression, physical and psychological fatigue. The bed should not be placed near the door, as the sleeper will be easily disturbed by the events happening outside. The bedside tables should not be higher than the bed, and do not put any fish tanks, as it will create the “water over head killing” energy. Avoid having mirror facing the sleeper’s head, as it is easy to cause evil. Placement of the bed is best recommended to be at the South facing the North, in order to comply with the geomagnetic gravity, and allow the magnetic field to help the body to adjust, but there are some special housing patterns that need to change beds’ placements, depending on the specific situation.

Furnishing of Single Women

Single women are increasingly common in urban life groups, and it is not easy to be free and comfortable to be single for women. We must first put aside the shackles of the men, single women are mostly rejecting couple lives, they are very disgusted with mediocre men’s pursue, if you want to cut off this “rotten peach” luck, you can hang a Mahogany Sword on the wall at the North. There should not be any roses or cactus like plants, inside and outside of the bedroom. Being independent financially is the most important feature of single women, so place Lucky ornaments in the wealth corner. In addition, health is most important to single women, keep the house clean and tidy. As being alone in the house, means the Yin energy will be relatively heavy, so the bedroom light should be bright.

feng shui bedroom layout

Feng Shui bedroom layout for married couples

Our bedroom is not only a place to rest, it is also a space for couples to exchange their feelings. The good or bad Feng Shui of the bedroom will affect our mood and influence the communication between the married couple. Below we share 4 Feng Shui bedroom layout tips to improve and enhance your marriage life.


The bedroom is an important place to breed. For mums-to-be and daddies-to-be, it is especially important for them to be in a quiet environment. Thus, it is recommended not to put too much electrical stuff in the bedroom, to keep the bedroom quiet and peaceful.


Sunshine will make people feel comfortable, so the bedroom needs to have some sunshine within. If the couple lives in the dark bedroom in long term, they will feel depressed.

When selecting the colours of the wall, furniture and floor of the bedroom, many people will choose cute, warm and dark colours, like pink, dark green and dark blue colours. Neutral and light colours are best recommended for couples, as they are bright and happy, and will often make the couple living inside feeling energetic and fresh.

Items in pairs

Items in pairs can help boost the relationships between the couple, Dragon and phoenix, mandarin ducks, pair of lovebirds…These are very good things that represents Love. Placing these items in the bedroom, will ensure the intimacy and love between the husband and wife in the bedroom. Moreover, other furnishings are best placed in pairs, such as bedside tables in pairs, double glass, chairs in pairs, so as not to let the any one side have a solitary feeling.

Bed against the wall

To have a harmony and stable married life, the bed must be against the wall, this will also make people sleep at ease and have stability. If the bed is against the window, on one hand, the window is empty on the other side and can not be relied upon, when asleep, the heart can not help but feel fear; On the other hand, the bed will cause the individuals to overthink and the occurrence of inconsistent behavior and is not conducive to marriage.

Feng Shui for wealth

4 Feng Shui for wealth tips

Our 4 Feng Shui tips describes the importance of the balancing of energy field of a house. The harmony of the energy field has very significant impact on the wealth development of the family living in the house. When the energy is balanced and in harmony, it will bring about good mood and being in good mood will definitely make people feel energetic.

The wealth corner must be able to hold the wind and gather the air

The wealth corner is diagonally across the main door within the living room area. The wealth corner must be able to hold the wind and gather the air. Generally, this position is at the joint of the living room and the balcony. If this position is at the full window of the balcony, then wealth corner will be directly connected to the balcony, we know that the balcony is where the energy is dispersed, and in this situation, with the energy being dispersed, it means money will be lost, as it cannot accumulate wealth.

Main entrance door accumulates wealth and fortune

The main entrance door is the main entrance to accumulate air and energy, it is the only access route to the house from the outside, whether it is things or family members, they all have to get through here to go in and out of the house. Whether it is yearly career luck or the yearly luck fortunes, they all have to enter through here as well, and at the same time, it has certain influence to the health and happiness to the family. People affixed the Chinese word “FU”, which means blessing, outside the main door to attract wealth and fortune, it represents the arrival of blessings and good luck.

The living room must be spacious and bright

The living room is the most important public space of the family, it is used to welcome guests and a place for chatting or resting. It will involve your career, finance and relationships, thus the Feng Shui of the entire family fortune is dependent of this living room. The living room should be bright and spacious, by being Bright, it can accumulates Yang energy. Being spacious can hold the wind and accumulate air and energy. It should be a square or rectangular shape, as it symbolizes the family is open-minded, fair and square, so as to enhance the family’s fortune.

The bed is on the auspicious position of the yearly luck

In long term, at least one third of the time of a person’s life is spent in bed, so the bed in the bedroom is very important to our Feng Shui. If we are always in an energy field which is auspicious and attract wealth, over time as our body receive the information from the good energy field, it will certainly produce a good influence to our luck trends.