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good luck tips for office

4 Good luck tips for office workers – Tulipa Xanadu

Every office workers want to show their skills in the workplace and in addition to the ability to improve, office Feng Shui factors are as important! So let us explore the 4 Good luck tips for office Feng Shui below.

Keep the work environment clean and tidy

After a busy day, it is unavoidable to have a messy work environment. Therefore, do some simple cleaning every day before you start work or get off work. Place the Office supplies in their little order. A rearranged desk will give the feeling of order and improve the surrounding energy field, at the same time straighten out fortune.

Try to avoid sharp objects

Try to avoid having sharp objects on display in the office, as these things can easily lead to frictions and disputes. They will cause competitive attitude and harsh commentaries. As such, obstruct the development of the career.

Use of make up

The mental state is very important for both males and females. For the females, do a good job at the facial makeup and grooming work. For men, shave and groom to create a spirited refreshed look and good luck will follow.

Place green ornaments on the desk

Green is the most opulent color. So placing green decorations can help to create a good office Feng Shui. They could be green pieces of accessories or green office supplies. A bowl of foliage round, strong vitality of the green plant, will flourish their career fortune.

Feng Shui Office

13 Feng Shui office taboos to avoid

Do you have the following Feng Shui office taboos at your workplace? They could be the reason that you can not focus on work, hurry to see it!

  1. Ensure that your seat is not facing the main entrance directly

    As the main entrance is the air and energy flow of the entire office, sitting at a place directly facing the door will have a clash with the energy field of the entrance. This can easily affect a person’s subconscious, nervous system, and even cause situations such as illness or gratuitous hot temper. A screen or plants being placed between the door and the seat can resolve this.

  1. Ensure that the back of your seating is a concrete wall or cabinets instead of a door or pathway

    The back of the human brain is most sensitive to energy field and frequency waves. Therefore, it is best to have things that are fixed at the back. Having people walking up and down behind you will cause distractions and after sometime, will affect work efficiency and health due to energy loss.

  1. There should not be a wall right in front of you

    The reason why our eyes are in front of us, is to capture as much information as possible. If you are too near a wall, you would not be able to see your surroundings, and this will cause insecurity and affect stability in the nervous system.

  1. It is best not to have anyone sitting in front of you

    This may cause a psychological clash. Without personal space, it will either cause discomfort or distraction, enjoying chatting with each other and losing focus on work. It is best to place some documents or plants in between for separation.

  1. Do not sit facing the toilet doors directly

    The toilet is a gathering place for bad smell and bacteria. Sitting near the toilets or facing the toilets directly will fall ill due to inhaling too much of the bacteria. If this is unavoidable, place a large screen to partition the toilets and seat.

  1. Do not sit behind the printer or hardware systems

    The magnetic frequency field from the printer or hardware systems are relatively strong. After some time, it will affect the human magnetic and energy field, causing mental and physical disabilities, and indirectly also affect luck. It is best to keep a distance, or place big pots of plants as separation. The plants should be changed regularly, otherwise it will become a second source of contamination.

  1. There should not be any taps of running water nearby

    Water can disrupt the magnetic field or energy field, as it can gather its own energy field. One who sits near this for long term, may have neurological disorders or have their luck in repeated phenomenon. It is best to avoid such places.

  1. There should not be any dustbin or rubbish

    Same as the toilets, rubbish gathers bacteria and bad smell. It is best to avoid.

  1. There should not be lack of light or windows near the seat.

    If there is a lack of light, then it would cause the “Yang” energy to weaken, and “Yin” energy to overwhelm. After some time, it will cause people to become lazy and negative.

  1. There should not be any gas stove, fridge or kitchen near the seat

    Kitchen is the source of “Fire”, and being so close to “Fire” will affect the body’s nervous system and physiological field. In long term, it will hinder a person’s ability to think and thus, it is best to avoid.

  1. You should not face the water dispenser directly

    This is the same as the tap or sink. Especially, when a lot of people will walk up and down to retrieve water, the magnetic field and energy field will be affected much easily.

  1. You should not face your supervisor or boss directly

    In olden times, supervisors and bosses are meant to “Control” the staff. Unless, you do not see them as supervisors or boss, it is best to avoid sitting across from them. As their behaviors and movements will affect you and may cause conflicts in long term.

  1. There should not be any chandeliers or pillars on top of your seat

    The tip of your head is also a sensitive area, as it is constantly afraid of things falling from above. Thus, if there are any chandeliers or pillars on top of you, the subconscious will build a protective shield and you will always be on alert to defend yourself. After sometime, your energy will be drained. It is best to shift your seat, to protect your health if this is the case.

Feng Shui for Office

Clever use of feng shui for office to get rid of gossipers

In life, it is not uncommon to encounter a few people who have conflicts with you, or even stab you in the back. Such people are usually called the “villains”. Perhaps in the face of such people, you will choose to escape or have patience, thinking that without any counterattack, all will be fine. But often, this approach will only have counter results. The winner would be the villain, and you can only leave quietly. This kind of thing is the most common in the workplace, and there is a Chinese saying, “there can not be two tigers in one mountain”. Sometimes, you have to play some means to get something you want.

In fact, we can make clever use of Feng Shui for office, to easily get rid of these villains. Below we share some Feng Shui tips, hoping to help everyone at work!

Green Dragon and Dragon Turtles

Dragons can resolve Villains and attract support and help from good people. Dragon turtles not only signify good health and longevity, but also resolve Yin evil and most importantly, attracts wealth. In general, placing the dragon turtle on the work desk can help defend against villains and attract compliments from supervisors as well as support and help from good people. You can also place the Dragon turtles at home, in the living room. For those Dragon turtles that can have their backs opened, place some tea leaves or rice in it, this can enhance its potential.

Plum blossoms coins

Place this at the back of your chair, or hang it at the wall behind your back. This can defend against the villains from acting. You can also choose to place it in the drawers, especially where you keep your important documents or files that you often used. This will help enhance your career luck. For those who just got promoted, this is the best for you to rid of the villains waiting to bring you down.

Bronze bell

This is the traditional item to resolve villains. It is usually hung on the main entrance to block against bad luck and resolve villains and ensure safety outside.

Tiger items

To avoid being attacked by villains, you can wear any items with Tiger images. Be it a photo of a Tiger, or a keychain of a Tiger’s footprint. Cartoon images of Tigers can also be used.


3 Office Feng Shui tips to avoid backstabber

There are always people or backstabber in the office, who like to pick a fight and create trouble every now and then, and as time progresses it will affect your career development. Therefore, you can use Feng Shui to change this situation.

Place a stone on the right hand side

You can put a stone on the right hand side. Some people will choose to place Cactus, but this is wrong, Cactus will create a psychological barrier in people, resulting in a mental disorder, it is a practice that is bad for self and for others.

Produce fire at the position of flying star 3

Place 9 stalks of red flowers in the position of the “three green stars” every year. Because the element of the “three green stars” belongs to wood, and red colour belongs to fire element, when wood produces fire, it will be drained. You can also place a gold calculus at this position, in accordance with the principle of Metal controls Wood, and can enhance the effect, but also prone to conflict with the backstabber.

Drape a brown jacket at the back of the seat

You can drape a brown clothing on the back of the chair, this way, you will easily gain trust and appreciation by the leaders and management, and naturally resolve the backstabber. Backstabber is someone whom everyone run away like the plague. At work, we think that putting in efforts and working hard at own duties are good enough, but there will still be situations that do not go well. To truly prevent the backstabber, we must start from ourselves, be well prepared at defense work, and not give the backstabber an opportunity to exploit. The best approach is to be able to keep a low profile psychologically, keep low-key attitude, low profile actions, low profile interactions, high profile thoughts, high profile details, high profile innovation, with the 4 low-keys and 3 high profiles approach, you are guaranteed to have a smoother career path, and backstabber will not even be able to hurt you.

Office Feng Shui

9 Office Feng Shui Tips for year 2016

With the transition into the new year of 2016, the auspicious and inauspicious sectors in the different directions of the Office have also changed. Take a look at how you should layout your office Feng Shui to gain the best of luck this year!

1. East Sector of the Office Feng Shui

In year 2016, the star of “9 purple” flew to the East, This star is in charge of celebration of marriage, wealth, relationships, children, career and other auspicious matters. This East sector of the Office promotes personal fortune, if owners can combine their birth charts with the Office Feng Shui, and with proper use of the “9 Purple” Star layout, there will be promotions, success in creation of businesses, and other happy events in quick succession, wealth and peace, and maintain good relationships. Therefore, in this East sector, you may place plants with red flowers, or set up a prayer table, to boost the energy of the “9 Purple” star.

2. South Sector of the Office Feng Shui

In year 2016, the star of “6 white” flew South, and this star is one of the three lucky stars. If your office desk is in the south sector of the Office, with use of proper Feng Shui layout, it will bring you good marriage, promotion, good fortune, success and many other opportunities. Otherwise, you will have accidental damages, dental and other diseases of the heart. Put a white crystal ball at your office desk or aquatic plants, this will get you support from others, and most beneficial to wealth.

3. West Sector of the Office Feng Shui

In year 2016, the star of “4 green” flew to the west. This is the star in charge of wisdom. If you place your office desk in this sector, combined with the birth chart of whoever will be sitting there, you can make full use of the energy of this West sector. Place fish tank, Feng Shui wheel, crystals wisdom pagoda, lucky bamboo for Feng Shui layout, this will help the owner to gain support, increase the communication and sales ability. The training and sales department of the office will be able to increase their luck trends with this layout.

4. South-West Sector of the Office Feng Shui

In year 2016, the star of “8 white” flew to South-West, this star is the luckiest star of the 9 stars, with news of promotions, pay raise, career development, coming in quick succession. If the office desk is in the South West sector of the Office, he/she will be able to absorb the energy of star “8 white”, and can inspire potential energy, and gain great opportunity in this Monkey year 2016, as well as prosperity and wealth. In this position, hang the Red Chinese knot behind the seat, this is particularly good for real estate. It will also be a good help for good health and marriage. You may also place a lucky cat to stimulate the positive energy of this position.

5. South-East Sector of the Office Feng Shui

In year 2016, flying star 1 flew to the South East, this star is in charge of career, fame, and if you are doing business in this sector, you will gain good career luck, and it will also be great help to career development and learning of technical abilities. To increase this energy, you may place the wisdom pagoda to enhance career development, reputation and everything will go well.

6. Center Sector of the Office Feng Shui

In year 2016, flying star 2 flew into the center, this inauspicious star is known as the star of illness. If the office desk is in the center of the office, you will not only provoke lawsuits to happen, and would also cause sickness, terrible disasters, and this should not be underestimated. You may place six protective copper coins or copper bottle gourd, if not working in the center sector of the Office, you may put metal products, copper bell, and other metal elements to discharge the energy of this star. This year, this sector is the worst place to put Feng Shui fish tanks, aquatic plants, because these items will boost the energy of this sector and give you a hard time.

7. North-West Sector of the Office Feng Shui

In year 2016, flying star 3 flew to North West, this star is in charge of controversy and lawsuits. If it coincides with your desk, you would appear emotional, angry, and will not listen to advice, often quarreled with leaders; and there will be confusion, headache and so on. If you do sit in this North West sector of the Office and could not move anywhere else, place a white crystal ball on the desk, this can stop the ominous things from happening.

8. North Sector of the Office Feng Shui

In year 2016, flying star 7 flew to North, as this year is in the luck of period 8, it means that the luck of period 7 has already gone, any office layout is improper in this North sector, as they will hinder the career development, caused you to be betrayed by friends and colleagues, loss of money, may get injured or sick, lawsuits; Be aware of the “peach blossom” raid that will cause nuisance, avoid disaster caused by money. You can hang Red Chinese knots to reduce the energy of flying star 7, this will not only resolve the evil phenomena, but will also boost wealth luck.

9. North-East Sector of the Office Feng Shui

In year 2016, flying star 5 flew to the North East. In Feng Shui, this is called the “5 yellow killings”, when not in luck, this is the worst and most inauspicious star. This star represents, diseases, blood, disasters and accidents. As this “5 yellow” star fly to the North-East, whoever happens to be in this position, needs to place Feng Shui layout according to the Feng Shui theories, otherwise, he or she will provoke lawsuits, and conflicts with leaders, such as estrangement, this is not ideal for the whole of year 2016. Hang a copper bell or a six inch crystal ball, not only can this defuse the energy of five yellow, but it can also increase the volume of business orders for this Office.