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Your Wealth Luck

4 Factors That Affect Your Wealth Luck

Your wealth luck is largely influenced by personal habits and living environment, if you can not develop a good habit that attracts the God of Wealth, or your Feng Shui is not arranged to the liking of the God of Wealth, it would be difficult to accumulate wealth.

Not disciplined enough when managing money

Wealth is also a form of energy. The difference of attitude in dealing with wealth will make a significant impact on your wealth luck. For example, many people are willing to pay higher costs, in the pursuit of wealth. With a strong desire for wealth, they are able to attract better wealth luck, and thus, the wealth accumulation.

There is another type, where although eager to gain wealth, they are not disciplined when dealing with wealth, and because of the lack of respect towards money and no effort being put in, they will not get very good wealth luck. Therefore, if you want a good fortune, you must start from the small things. Such as not disregarding the small changes you get from buying things; Spending money with restraint; Develop a reasonable financial plan.

Not easy to get along

Some people pull a long face, some are proud, some people are indifference to others…Such people give the energy field of vicious and withdrawn, and thus unapproachable. Being with such people will cause a lot of problems, and so affect what we do. Therefore, it is always good to be kind and maintain a positive attitude to attract the God of Wealth’s blessing. After all, who does not like “harmony”?

Waste of Water

There is a Chinese saying “The mountain represents human and the water represents wealth”. The water that is related to wealth does not limit to river, reservoir, sea, ocean, lake, but also refers to the water at home, such as: tap water, fish tank water, drinking water, bottled water from supermarket and so on.

Some people take a long time in washing dishes and bathing; Throw away bottled water only after drinking a few mouthful. These wasting habits are losing wealth luck.

Feng Shui that Loses Wealth Luck

If the formation of your house Feng Shui has the main door directly facing the back door without any blockages in between to stop the energy from accumulating within the house, it is difficult to retain the wealth luck energy. At the same time, it will also affect the spending habits of the people living in the house, causing them to spend whatever they earn.

Feng Shui Wealth

Feng Shui Wealth Tips

To gather money is to attract money energy and there is a need to attract money. To attract wealth is one of the most important point for Home Feng Shui Wealth. A good home Feng Shui for wealth will make the family have a certain rate of increase in wealth fortune.

Secrets of Feng Shui Wealth tips for home

Master Bedroom

The layout of the master bedroom must complement with the house decoration, it should not face any windows directly, nor be too close; There should not be any beam at the ceiling top, nor facing any bedroom doors; It is also a taboo to not lean against the wall, as this will signify a lost of any backings.

Living Room

In general, the diagonal 45 degrees position from the main entrance of the living room, is the so-called “Wealth Sector”. Place items that are conducive to wealth at this location, such as a strong vitality broad-leaved green plants, evergreen, keel, Pachira, gold Ge, etc. This can add to the home lively vitality to achieve wealth enhancement effect.


In the Feng Shui, there is also a saying that the Kitchen is where the treasury of the house is. It mainly controls the internal wealth. It is best for the location of the kitchen to be in the second half of the house, so that it would be easy to hold the wealth in. The rear of the stove should not be open, so as not to affect wealth luck.


It is best to have these as hidden as possible. Do not face the main entrance of the house directly. It should not be in the middle of the house, nor should it be at any auspicious position of the house. Similarly, it should not face any bedrooms directly.

Other Feng Shui Wealth tips


In the home wealth sector, place five colors (white green black and yellow) crystals, you can increase your popularity and wealth, wage earners can also get a raise or promotion;

Qi Lin (麒麟)

Good home luck can benefit career luck. You can place a pair of Qi Lin (麒麟) at home, to enhance your home luck. Qi Lin can not only enhance wealth, it can also bring you babies. Nowadays, people are stressed and due to many other reasons, have late pregnancy, placing a pair of Qi Lin (麒麟) can help increase your chances of pregnancy. Ensure that both Qi Lin are facing outwards.

Red Carpet

For those who wants to get a promotion, a pay raise, start a business or get some money, stick a piece of red paper with the word “财” (wealth) written in Golden ink, on the north side of your home. Then move the bed head towards the South. Place a red mat below the end of bed, this can help your career and increase the effectiveness of indirect wealth.

Feng Shui money

Feng Shui Money Taboos

When people make a loss in money, they like to think that losing money can avoid disasters. Sometimes it may not be necessarily to ward off disasters, but there are Feng Shui money flaws. Below we share the top 7 Feng Shui money taboos:

Too much doors in the living room or office

This is a very common Feng Shui money flaw, many people like to make the living room accessible, and create a lot of doors or passages, without knowing that this Feng Shui will make the living room not able to gather any air or energy, this type of houses are unfavorable to the family’s wealth.

Some of the offices are within the passage way, from external it does not have any walls or enclosure to “protect”, and there are aisles at all four corners, this layout will impede wealth.

Seeing safes from entrance of door

Things like the safe, cash coffers, jewelry boxes, and so on, or places where there are valuables in place, should not be seen when you are at the door, this is called exposing of money and will not accumulate money, it is a bankruptcy Feng Shui.

Open front and rear doors

In some homes or offices, there are front doors as well as the back doors, and these may be essential for fire emergency, but in terms of Feng Shui, the opening of front door must not be facing directly the opening of rear door. This Feng Shui may even make you bankrupt, we recommend a minimal spacer block, or screen between the doors.

Seeing an outward facing faucet from the door

In Feng Shui, water represents money. If the faucet is facing outwards at home or office, then it causes water to flow outside, and in terms of Feng Shui, this is a layout of bankruptcy.

Cracks in furnitures

If there is a crack in the back of the bed, this is termed as “damaged backer” in Feng Shui, and such is disadvantageous to wealth. If the wall behind the bed or behind the living room have crack lines appearing, it is important to note that this phenomenon is “main backer damaged” and wealth will be restricted.

Damaged appliances

In Feng Shui, kitchen utensils also represents wealth. If the stove, eating bowls, ladle pots, or any such articles appear to be damaged, then it needs to be replaced, as this represents a financial drain and even bankruptcy fortune.

Disrespectful to coins

Being disrespectful to coins is naturally being disrespectful to the God of Fortune. Not cherishing money, will naturally have difficulty to have good fortune in life. When purchasing things and not accepting spare changes, always losing spare changes, having spare changes everywhere on you, these bad Feng Shui are disrespectful to the God of Wealth, and naturally good fortune will be blocked.

Feng Shui for wealth

4 Feng Shui for wealth tips

Our 4 Feng Shui tips describes the importance of the balancing of energy field of a house. The harmony of the energy field has very significant impact on the wealth development of the family living in the house. When the energy is balanced and in harmony, it will bring about good mood and being in good mood will definitely make people feel energetic.

The wealth corner must be able to hold the wind and gather the air

The wealth corner is diagonally across the main door within the living room area. The wealth corner must be able to hold the wind and gather the air. Generally, this position is at the joint of the living room and the balcony. If this position is at the full window of the balcony, then wealth corner will be directly connected to the balcony, we know that the balcony is where the energy is dispersed, and in this situation, with the energy being dispersed, it means money will be lost, as it cannot accumulate wealth.

Main entrance door accumulates wealth and fortune

The main entrance door is the main entrance to accumulate air and energy, it is the only access route to the house from the outside, whether it is things or family members, they all have to get through here to go in and out of the house. Whether it is yearly career luck or the yearly luck fortunes, they all have to enter through here as well, and at the same time, it has certain influence to the health and happiness to the family. People affixed the Chinese word “FU”, which means blessing, outside the main door to attract wealth and fortune, it represents the arrival of blessings and good luck.

The living room must be spacious and bright

The living room is the most important public space of the family, it is used to welcome guests and a place for chatting or resting. It will involve your career, finance and relationships, thus the Feng Shui of the entire family fortune is dependent of this living room. The living room should be bright and spacious, by being Bright, it can accumulates Yang energy. Being spacious can hold the wind and accumulate air and energy. It should be a square or rectangular shape, as it symbolizes the family is open-minded, fair and square, so as to enhance the family’s fortune.

The bed is on the auspicious position of the yearly luck

In long term, at least one third of the time of a person’s life is spent in bed, so the bed in the bedroom is very important to our Feng Shui. If we are always in an energy field which is auspicious and attract wealth, over time as our body receive the information from the good energy field, it will certainly produce a good influence to our luck trends.

feng shui plants

Feng Shui plants

Common Feng Shui plants are Pachira, Lucky Bamboo, Kumquat, etc. Learn how to place these plants to maximize their effectiveness of enhancing wealth luck.

Living Room

The living room Feng Shui relates to family harmony and interpersonal relations, it is the most important place in the house. To place plants in the living room, you can not ignore the fact that it is a part of the decoration, so there cannot be too many in numbers, otherwise it will look cluttered. You can choose a large pot, together with two or three small pots. For Large potted plants, you can choose Araucaria or rubber trees to be placed at the main entrance to the living room.


Balcony is relatively open with good ventilation, and a place lit with daylight, it is suitable for display of a variety of flowering plants, but for Feng Shui functions, you will need to carefully select. Feng Shui plants are roughly divided into “producing or boosting” and “defending or averting” disasters. If you look out from the balcony and see tangible “killing” energy, like pointed straight corners, straight streets towards the house, chimneys, big trees, hospitals, etc., theses are considered the “killings”, for these inauspicious signs, you can place cactus to resolve.


The bedroom is where people rest, and it is a relaxation room. It is suitable to place some scented plants that can help sleep quality, such as calla lily, lily, spider plants and the likes. These plants not only look good, but also add to the warm and peaceful atmosphere of the bedroom.

Corridor of Entrance / Porch

The principle of placing plants at the porch is to have a large plant, preferably a plant with leaves, such as Pachira, etc., not only does it represents excellence, it is also safe to place. Some prickly plants such as cactus, roses and others are not suitable to be placed at the entrance, as they will get people easily hurt. Another point to note is that, the plant at the entrance must be replaced if wilted.


Usually people do not put any plants in the kitchen, firstly, it is because of the limited space in the kitchen, secondly the kitchen is an oily place, and do not know what type of plants are appropriate. In fact, in this place with soot, the more we should place plants to freshen up the air. If the kitchen is located in the south, placing plants can contribute more to savings. Conversely, if the kitchen is in the West, place daffodils or violets to bring wealth.


The moisture, temperature, and odor in the bathrooms are stronger than any other places, placing appropriate potted plants will not only be beneficial for the plant growth, but also beneficial to the health of the family as well as fortune. The most important role of the toilet plants have to absorb air pollution, and ferns are most suitable.

how to get rid of bad luck

How to get rid of bad luck in money

Everybody wants to have good wealth and money luck, but not everyone will get taken care of by the God of Wealth. So how to get rid of bad luck and change your fortune, and let money come rolling in? Start from creating simple home layouts!

Sunlight can increase wealth and money luck

If sunlight can penetrate into the house, it will bring good fortune, and good fortune here refers to the effect on human health. In terms of Feng Shui, Sunlight represents the population, and health of the population, and only by having good health, can you have the ability to make money. Therefore, it is not recommended to have thick curtains at home, as this will block the Sunlight, and block the good luck; And of course, it is not recommended to have curtains too thin and light, as it will form the Light Killing.

Good flow of air and energy, will bring good money and wealth luck

In Feng Shui Studies, the flowing of air represents the flowing of money and wealth luck, the air inside the house should be able to flow freely and smoothly to achieve good wealth and money luck. In general, when you open the windows, the wind coming from the outside should not be too strong, instead, it should be gentle; In other words, the wind should follow the seasons, it should cooling during summer and warm during winter.

Attracting and Accumulating of wealth and money at the wealth and money corner in the living room

It is commonly said that the wealth and money corner of the house, is the 45 degree corner from the main entrance inside the house. In general, if this money and wealth corner is not well taken care of, and full of rubbish or things in a mess, then the people living in the house is weak in managing money, and have no limits in their spending.

Therefore, apart from ensuring the wealth and money corner of the house is spotting clean, it is best to also place a “treasure pot” in this corner. The “treasure pot” will not only accumulate wealth, but also bring in endless of money sources and attract wealth and money and enhance your wealth and money luck.

Keep money and wealth with Kitchen Layout

The Kitchen, in Feng Shui studies, is also know as the treasury, and is in charge of internal money luck. It is recommended to have the Kitchen at the end of the house, as this will make it easier to keep wealth and money. The refrigerator and the places that store food have the meaning of “treasury”, as such, these places should not be empty and they must be filled with food all the time, and there should not be empty spaces behind the stove as that will affect wealth and money luck.

easy money

How to improve your easy money luck in 2016

Great opportunities of easy money, wealth and riches belong to Indirect wealth in Feng Shui terms. So how do you boost your Indirect wealth luck to get easy money, wealth and riches, this Chinese New Year 2016?

Be more active in the Indirect Wealth corner

In year 2016, Flying star 6 (Indirect wealth star) flew to South, therefore, South is the Indirect Wealth corner in year 2016. It is best recommended to be more active in this corner, study or work or rest or sleep in this corner, can help improve your indirect wealth luck to get easy money.

Selection of right items and colours

Wear the appropriate colours or items according to your birth chart, to improve your wealth luck. For example, People who are born with Day Master as Wood element are suitable to wear the colour yellow, people who are born with Day Master as Fire element are suitable to wear white, and people who are born with Day Master as Earth element are suitable for black, and people born with Day Master as Metal elements are suitable for green, and lastly, people born with Day Master as Water element are suitable for red color, these can increase their wealth luck.

Display or wear Pixiu

The simplest method is to place the Pixiu in the house or wear your own Pixiu. Pixiu, as Feng Shui item, is in charge easy money, and is considered as a prestigious level of Feng Shui item. It is only suitable for the financial industry, where people do not have a stable income and it will work miracles for them. When placing Pixiu, it is required to have the head facing towards the door or window, enabling easy money, frequently touch it with your hands will make it better (touch its luck ass, do not touch the mouth). If it is worn on the hand, ensure its head is facing outwards. You can also wear fish-shaped jewelries to bring good luck.

Renovate or repainting the house for change of luck

If luck has not been good for people, such as always losing when playing cards with others, it is recommended to refurbish the stoves at home, doors and Windows as well. At the same time, place some thriving green plants or hang paintings in the house, these can suppress your bad luck and change for the better.

The living room must be able to hide the wind and accumulate the energy

If the living room is empty and open, with openings in the front and back, and a sign of wind blowing from the front straight out to the back, this is a sign of not able to accumulate wealth. It is recommended for those with a huge living room or with both living and dining room attached, to put some furniture in the middle, to form partitions, so that you will be able to keep the money when your wealth luck is here.

Find the right “backing” accurately

In Feng Shui, it is very important to ensure that there is a “backing” behind you, windfalls and easy money often come through special relationships, if you do not have support or unexpected helps, then you are not destined to have any windfalls or easy money, therefore, always check your sofas, beds or Office seating, do they have the standard “Backing” behind?

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Feng Shui tips for money

5 Feng Shui tips for money

There are several common methods of Feng Shui tips for Money, and here at Tulipa Xanadu, we share 5 simple and effective ways.

Water represents wealth and money

Make good use of water and increase your money luck. One of the easiest method, is to place water plants on the left corner of your office desk, or keep Feng Shui fish at home, and so on. Restaurant owners can use Feng Shui wheels to boost money luck.

Select sectors beneficial to yourself to help boost the luck of wealth and money

Go to direction beneficial to you will improve your fortunes and luck. This require the study of your birth chart, and base on overall generic view of Feng Shui to improve your finances. To put it simply, this is accordance to the Feng Shui sectors of your yearly luck to improve your wealth luck.

Boost the luck of wealth and money through numbers

The most common method is the use of number 8 at the end of a string of numbers, to help boost the luck with money and wealth, because in Feng Shui, the period 8 consists of 2004 – 2024, and therefore, the number 8 will bring good luck. However, professionally, it is best to follow your favourable and unfavourable according to your birth chart. If your favourable element is wood, then it is recommended to use the ending numbers with 1, 2, but in general, the number 8 can be used as well.

The method of “Borrowing” luck

Hang out together more with people who have more wealth luck, or people who are favourable to you in your birth chart, so that you will gain more wealth and make a fortune. In real life, when someone make a fortune, it is usually because they hang out with the right person, and the cause of bankruptcy is often dragged by someone else, and this sort of thing is very common in life.

Wearing of items to boost wealth luck

This method requires more attention as there are no generalised patterns. These boosting of wealth luck method is usually through the use of natural mascots to make up for the lack in your birth chart, usually with the use of the magnetic field of Crystals or lucky items to make up for the elements that are lack in your birth chart. For example, if you lack of “Chen” in your birth chart, u can wear a jade dragon to fill this up, and this can increase wealth.

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2016 money

2016 Money sector: Where and how to boost its energy

Money sector is also known as the wealth sector is a sector where wealth or money is accumulated. Through reasonable layout, the occupants will not only prospered, but also increase career and house luck, these show the importance of the wealth & money sector. But money sector changes its position every year, so this Monkey year, where exactly is this 2016 money sector? Let us explore below:

1. Where is the money or wealth sector in this Monkey year 2016?

This year, “Tai Bai” star flew to the South West, and therefore, the wealth or money sector falls in the South West this Monkey year 2016. The element of “Tai Bai” star is Earth, and Fire produces in to Earth, so this year, it is recommended to use more Red and Yellow colored items in the South West sector.

However, in year 2016, the South West sector is also a sector that conflicts with “Tai Shui”, and thus, need special care. People born in the year of Monkey, Tiger, Snake and Pig, should not stay too long in this sector, as it is easy to lose money or even bankruptcy. You may wish to place some Feng Shui items on this sector to hold and appease the “Tai Shui”, so that your money sector will good and help in wealth luck.

2. How do we decorate this money or wealth sector in this Monkey year 2016?

a. It is best to keep this sector clean and bright

If the money or wealth sector of your birth chart or yearly luck is messy and filled with dirt and dust, without any lights, it will be bad for your money sector, even the God of Wealth will turn his head away.

From the perspectivevs of Feng Shui, a clean and bright money sector is good for wealth luck.

b. It is recommended to sit or lie on the money sector

You may shift your bed or sofa to the money or wealth sector, as sitting or lying for a long period of time at the money sector can bring you good wealth luck. Note that people who are born in the year of Monkey, Tiger, Snake and Pig should not stay too long in this sector.

c. Placing of real plants at the money sector

You may place plants or ornamental plants with big pieces of leaves at the money sector to make it lively, but do note to not have it too big, usually bonsai and gold Ivy, rubber tree, money tree, and so on, avoid a vine type plant. You can also place some Lucky items, like Fu, Lu and Shou, the God of Wealth, and so on, these help your money luck.

d. Inadvisable to suppress the money sector

The money sector should not be suppressed by large appliances or large home furniture, otherwise, the money sector will be suffocated, and will be difficult to bring in the wealth energy. Also, do not place fish tank, water plants, or water dispensers, and so on, as this has a meaning of “Wealth vaporization”. If there is one, replace it as soon as possible.

e. Avoid the inauspicious positions

When you want boost the energy of your money or wealth sector, you want to be careful to avoid the wrong star, such as, the flying star 2 in the center palace, flying star 5 Yellow in the North-East, flying star 3 in the North-West, flying star 7 in the North. These positions are inauspicious and should not be boosted, it should be kept clean and quiet.

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Feng Shui Items

7 Feng Shui items for Wealth Luck

Peace and prosperity, endless growing of wealth are on everyone’s wishlist. So what are the items that are good for attracting wealth? Below we share some of the popular Feng Shui items in details:

1) 貔貅 (pixiu)
This auspicious item with ferocious expression is best for display, but only for those who do not have a stable income like, sales. It is especially effective for those who have fluctuations in their income.

2) Fish Tank
Water represents wealth, and fish tanks are the most effective in attracting wealth. But as in any matters, there are two-sides to everything. Water is also a double-edged sword, if not used properly it will cause great loss of wealth and even affect the descendants. Therefore, any placements of Fish tanks are recommended to be advised by Masters.

3) God of Wealth
There are 2 types of God of Wealth, The Martial God of Wealth (武财神) and Literature God of Wealth (文财神). The God of Wealth, if used properly can help attract wealth for the whole family and business. If not used properly, it will cause a great loss of wealth. Especially, the Martial God of Wealth, who carries a big broadsword, it will not only cause great loss of wealth but also, cause injuries. It is usually recommended to place the Martial God of Wealth facing the entrance, and for the Literature God of Wealth, it should avoid facing the entrance.

4) Yun Cai Tong Zi (运财童子)
As the name suggests, it is used to attract and bring wealth. It is most effective if the house is filled with single men. Married couples should avoid using this item. This item is best placed in the bathroom, as water represents wealth. You can also choose to place this at the top of the bed. This item should not be used by females. Keep in mind that this item can only be used for a year, it will lose its “power” after a year.

5) Crystal
There are 2 types of crystals, natural and man-made. Natural crystals work best, always try to use Natural crystals. Crystals are usually placed at “illness” sector, You can not only disperse illness but also convert illness to wealth.

6) Bronze Lion
The function of this item is used to block disasters and adversities. It is usually placed facing the entrance. Suitable for those who have road clashes at the front door or lamp posts.

As Bronze is Metal element, it can control Wood element. Suitable for those who have big trees in front of the windows. If the people in the house belongs to the water element, then this item is best for attracting wealth. As metal produces water.

7) Golden Toad
Best item for attracting wealth and fortune. This item has 3 legs, Big Dipper on its back, 2 chains of ancient coins at the mouth, Tai Chi at the top of its head, and a mountain of gold ingots at it feet, with “Zhao Cai Jin Bao” (attract wealth and fortune) written on it.