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I Ching message

I Ching message for week of 26 December 2016 to 1st January 2017

This is “Jia Ren” Gua, the 37th hexagram of I Ching 64 hexagrams. This is auspicious for females.

The divination message: A sign of wind blowing at the fire, enhancing the power of fire. This signifies family members coming together and working to achieve success in career front.

Overall Luck: Peace and auspicious sign. It is easy to achieve success when collaborating with others. This also signifies celebrations like marriage or new member in the family.

Career Luck: Success and failure is highly dependable on the status of the family. If there is harmony between husband and wife, success is unavoidable. It is thus important to ensure that there would not be any fire in your backyard. Career should be developed from internal towards external.

Love Luck: Harmony in the family is the foundation of all things. The wife is the root of the family. Ensure careful selection of wife to ensure family harmony and prosperity.

I Ching message

I Ching message for week of 19 to 25 December 2016

This is “Da Chu” Gua, the 26th hexagram of I Ching 64 hexagrams.

This is an auspicious sign. It signifies that you have the life of an official (in ancient time). This is conducive for wading across the river.

The divination message: The limitless sky is trapped within the mountains, signifies a small resistance to something big. Holding the Yang with Yin, to stop and nourish.

Overall Luck: Do not be too ambitious. Should be down to earth to achieve great success. Avoid watching everything disappear into thin air.

Career Luck: Be sure to have integrity, and self cultivate virtue. Should be bold and decisive, but to note the limit and never take risk. Should pay attention to absorb the lessons of their predecessors, otherwise there will be adversities. Do not go the wrong way for small profits.

Love Luck: Smooth. Based on the common diligence and thriftiness. Treat each other with sincerity and honesty will lead to happy ending.

I Ching Message

I Ching message for week of 12 to 18 Dec 2016

This is Song Gua, the 6th hexagram of I Ching 64 hexagrams.

Although profitable (to obtain prisoners), but there is a need to guard against fear. It would be auspicious in the middle and get dangerous later. It is conducive to meet with the nobility princes, but not conducive to wade across the river.

The divination message: The upper gua is “Heaven” and the lower gua is “water”. Both are moving away from each other, creating dispute.

Overall Luck: Counterproductive, everything goes wrong. Harmed by the “Villains”, should prevent traps.

Career Luck: Things are smooth and profitable in the beginning, and then got frustrated later. Be careful and cautious, avoid disputes and getting involved in litigation disputes. Instead, it is better to retreat and let people win. Seek to resolve and be content with reason, and you will be exempted from accidental disaster. Even if you win the lawsuit, there will still be something lost. It is more harm than good.

Love Luck: Although unsatisfactory, but is still a good fit. As long as you understand each other, it is not a bad idea. Both parties should deal with life in a gentle way.

I Ching message

I Ching message for week of 5 to 11 Dec 2016

This is Wu Wang Gua, the 25th hexagram of I Ching 64 hexagrams. This is the general I Ching message of the week for everyone, and you may or may not resonate.

If you have been brought to this page, it is most likely that this message is for you or someone around you. Be sure to observe and pass on the message to the right person that this I Ching message may be for.

Wu Wang Gua

Is this a sign of “No Hope” or is it a sign of Fantasy that may come true?

The divination message: There is thunder on the sunny day, allowing the Yang energy to flow. This is the meaning of truth without any meaning of fantasy.

Overall Luck: All things should be on the right path, those who harbor evil thoughts may encounter disasters.

Career Luck: It is a virtue to know your own limits. Get out from your personal reality, be down to earth and work hard, this can help prevent any adversities coming your way. Do not be calculative about the winnings or losses, pursue sincerely forward and get ready for opportunity. A successful career will be yours.

Love Luck: Treat each other with sincerity and honesty. Do not take each other lightly, nor should you be overly anxious to progress.

Let us know if this resonates with you by leaving comments below.

I Ching message

I Ching message for week of 28 Nov to 2 Dec 2016

This is Kun Gua, the 2nd hexagram of I Ching 64 hexagrams.

This may be the time to work hard at a steady pace.

The divination message: The Earth carries all things. To serve the public with virtue, as benevolent is invincible.

Overall Luck: All things should not be radical, use of static to control movements is appropriate.

Career Luck: Desired results can be achieved. But things are looking to decline and there may be troubled signs. Take note not to move ahead rashly and be extra cautious with words and actions. Do not take risks alone. It is important to get the support and help from friends.

Love Luck: Yin thrives in this hexagram. Controlling the strong with gentleness. Beautiful marriage.

I Ching message

I Ching message for week of 21 to 27 Nov 2016

This Gou Gua, the 44th hexagram of the 64 hexagrams.

The divination message: The wind is pervasive. Whereever it is, it will be exposed within the object it passes through. It has the meaning of encounter and coupling.

Overall Luck: More Yin than Yang. Be careful with troubles with the opposite sex. Act cautiously when all things are halted.

Career Luck: Things are going in a timely order. Be careful of potential crisis. Be sure to rely on those with authority and power, to prevent the “villains” from benefiting. Always be prepared and waiting for the opportunity, once the time is ripe, action immediately.

Love Luck: Strict inspection of the other party’s character and background to prevent a “love triangle” dispute. For married couples, treat each other with sincerity, and the relationship may turn for the better.

I Ching Message

I Ching Message for week of 14 to 20 Nov 2016

This is Zhong Fu Gua and Pi Gua.

These hexagrams signify the importance of treating others with sincerity and honor your words, to prevent undesirable results. Believe in yourself and maintain your confidence. Lie low for now, and things will soon turn for the better.

Remember, when things reached the extreme, they have no where to go but only to turn back.

Pi Gua

I Ching Message for week of 7 to 13 Nov 2016

This is the Pi Gua, 12th hexagram of I Ching 64 hexagrams.

This hexagram signifies the estrangement of Heaven and Earth. All things are obstructed and cannot be progressed smoothly. When viewing this gua, it is advised to go into seclusion and not fight for any official positions. This Gua advocates frugality to avoid disaster, and not to show off what you have.

The divination message: There are no harmony between the upper and lower levels. Everything is blocked and not going smoothly.

Overall Luck: It is important to be patient and know that when things reach the extreme, it will have to turn back. Good luck will follow soon after.

Career Luck: You may have been stuck in an undesirable situation. In the face of adversity, it is important to stay on the right course and avoid the partnering with the “villains”. Unite with the like-minded, protect yourselves and wait for the opportunity. Maintain self-confidence, do not contain any fear, things will turn for the better and you will reach career success.

Love Luck: Prone to complications, frustrations and even misfortune. If both parties can maintain confidence in the relationship, things will turn for the better.

I Ching message

I Ching Message for week of 31 Oct to 6 Nov 2016

This is Tong Ren Gua, the 13th hexagram of I Ching 64 hexagrams. This is an auspicious sign.

The divination message: Two people with one mind, a sign of treating others with sincerity and harmony.

Overall Luck: Auspicious sign. People working together. The authority and the people working closely together. Getting the help and support from the elders.

Career Luck: Smooth and safe, especially in collaboration with others, things should be very successful. Start to establish extensive contacts and network extensively, to overcome the narrow view of things. Take care of everyone’s interests, seeking overall agreements and keeping small differences. Adhere to the correct principles, and you will be able to achieve great success.

Love Luck: Passionate and sociable. Know many friends of opposite sex. It is necessary to make careful selection. Pay attention to maintaining relationship and family harmony.

I Ching message

2016 Oct 30 – I Ching Message of the Day

This is the Jie Gua, 40th hexagram of I Ching 64 hexagrams.

Beneficial to move towards Southwest. However, if there are not obvious target, it is best to turn back. If there is a target to work towards to, move as early as possible.

The divination message: The thunder of the Spring is now at work, relieving the frozen earth. This signifies the reproduction of vitality.

Overall Luck: Seize the opportunity and deal with the difficulties around you quickly. It is more appropriate to seek outside help, because support is away in a distance. Moving towards Southwest as auspicious.

Career Luck: The beginning of strength recovering. Recuperate and stay quiet. When ready, action should be taken immediately. Take the initiative and do not drag. There will be success. Take care not to be insatiable. Stay away from “villains” and unite with gentlemen, relying on each other and work towards career success.

Love Luck: Take actions in a timely manner. Couples should support each other to avoid adversities and bring family harmony.