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I Ching message

2016 Oct 30 – I Ching Message of the Day

This is the Jie Gua, 40th hexagram of I Ching 64 hexagrams.

Beneficial to move towards Southwest. However, if there are not obvious target, it is best to turn back. If there is a target to work towards to, move as early as possible.

The divination message: The thunder of the Spring is now at work, relieving the frozen earth. This signifies the reproduction of vitality.

Overall Luck: Seize the opportunity and deal with the difficulties around you quickly. It is more appropriate to seek outside help, because support is away in a distance. Moving towards Southwest as auspicious.

Career Luck: The beginning of strength recovering. Recuperate and stay quiet. When ready, action should be taken immediately. Take the initiative and do not drag. There will be success. Take care not to be insatiable. Stay away from “villains” and unite with gentlemen, relying on each other and work towards career success.

Love Luck: Take actions in a timely manner. Couples should support each other to avoid adversities and bring family harmony.

I Ching message

2016 Oct 29 – I Ching Message of the Day

These 3 hexagrams are Jie Gue, Kun Gua, Shi Ke Gua.

After lying low and letting things flow naturally yesterday, you will be receiving the help and support today. Hooray! Take this opportunity to get out of the adversity today.

Reach out to seek for help and support from others. As you are still weak from what have been going on, time to build up your confidence again and make your choices. No matter what you choose, be sure to move forward with determination.

Thank you for following us so far, please let us know if this resonates with what’s going on in your life.

I Ching message

2016 Oct 28 – I Ching Message of the Day

These 3 hexagrams from I Ching are, Ge Gua, Bi Gua, Sui Gua.

Some of you may have some reflections to do, time to reconsider your options and transform them. Look on the bright side and follow the flow. Relax and let the universe guide you to your next step. Time for you to take the back seat.

For others, it may be time for you to change your route and lie low. Wait for the right opportunity. Take a break at controlling what you want your life to be, and let universe take the lead and guide you. Follow the flow and relax. Watch your life unfold before you.

I Ching message

2016 Oct 27 – I Ching Message of the Day

This Feng Gua, the 55th hexagram of the 64 hexagrams. This signifies great achievements like the thunder and lightning. Be careful of things going the other way round, as good and bad are not predictable. It is important to stay vigilant.

The divination message: The work of thunder and lightning, an impressive display of power. The phenomenon of grand power.

Overall Luck: Best of luck. This is the time of harvesting from your hard work. Do not be insatiable, and stay contented. Prevent gossips, loss of wealth and fire adversities.

Career Luck: At your heyday. Things are going smoothly in all matters. Great achievements. But pay attention to the declining symptoms. Avoid complacency, and at the same time, do not pursue unrealistic things blindly. Work on extending the current status instead.

Love Luck: Can be successful and happy. If any one party has any doubts due to status changes, then it could lead to adversity.

I Ching message

2016 Oct 26 – I Ching Message of the Day

This Xian Gua, the 31st hexagram of the 64 hexagrams.

The divination message: Young female and Young male coming together, sensing each other telepathically. This represents marriage and interaction between the two.

Overall Luck: Auspicious goodwill. Be careful not to get distracted by improper feelings.

Career Luck: Harmony brings prosperity. It is important to treat others with sincerity and to move them with sincerity. Make friends extensively with modest comity. Establish your ambition, and adhere to your idea. Do not follow the crowd blindly. When in unfavorable situation, lie low and stand by for the opportunity to strike.

Love Luck: The chances of success are great. Both parties have feelings for each other, but the motive must be pure in order to have a happy and permanent marriage.

Lin Gua

2016 Oct 25 – I Ching Message of the Day

This Lin Gua, the 19th hexagram of the 64 hexagrams. It represents arrival. This usually signifies the arrival of help and support.

The divination message: The water from the reservoir is nourishing everything on earth. Complementing each other and growing prosperous together.

Overall Luck: Everything will be going smoothly and a successful future can be anticipated. Note to be patient and not get too hasty.

Career Luck: It is an excellent opportunity to achieve success. Be sure to pay close attention, do not lose the opportunity. Do not be satisfied with this luck, as it will soon disappear. There must be a long term plan and pay attention to lessons learned. Unite with others to explore new areas.

Love Luck: Time to step up and go all out. Both parties will treat each other in good faith, perfect and harmoniously.

I Ching 1 - Qian Gua

2016 Oct 24 – I Ching Message of the Day – Qian Gua

This first I Ching Hexagram Qian Gua, represents Heaven. In Chinese culture, this refers to heaven, celestial bodies and denotes supreme power that creates and dominates the world.

This is a good I Ching hexagram and the first of the 64 I Ching hexagrams.

The divination message: A healthy Heaven running endlessly. If you have this message, you should follow the Law of the Heaven and continue with self-improvement.

Overall Luck: It signifies that lady luck is smiling at you now, and be sure to seize the opportunity and strive for great results!

Career Luck: Good luck. All wishes coming true. Singing the song of triumph. Beware that good luck is at its peak and may decline from here. Be vigilant and careful, do not go overboard with arrogance. Maintain a peace of mind and manage things calmly. If you are able to display your full potential, success will be guaranteed!

Love Luck: Too many Yang over Yin. But toughness and gentleness complements and form a perfect ending. If the female is gentle, this would be value-added.